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Dark Skin Casting Ideas for Riri Williams: Sierra McClain, Diamond White, Skai Jackson, Coco Jones, Keke Palmer, Gracie Marie Bradley, Riele Downs, Reiya Downs


“We are lost. We are not gone”                                                                                                                                                                D o l l h o u s e    (2009-2010)


ALL hair sets drawings I’ve made since 2011 chronologically? I’ve tried (the change of quality tho)

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to be continued??

for @kittyboo8015 for the writers prompt, Parent Eruri :) I will be using @winglyfandom and I’s kids from our actor au RP ^-^

Story time in the Smith household is a wonderful thing, Levi is helping Sierra into bed one night pulling her duvet up to her chin to make sure he teddy is warm too. Levi lays a soft kiss on her forehead and stands up slowly, Sierra looks up to her daddy with great round eyes causing Levi to pause for a moment. “Please can you read a bedtime story?” her lip quivers and she flutters her eyelashes hoping her pleading will make Levi crumble, and it does. Levi; exhausted, tied and jet lagged but he cannot say no to his little princess and so with a tired sigh and a small smile he nods. He grin blooms across her face as she throws he duvet off crawling from her bed. “Hold on!” she shouts as she runs across the corridor to her older brothers room, pushing the door open quickly. “Ace Daddy’s is gonna read a story! come on!” 

Ace and Erwin both look to Sierra a little startled at the outburst but Ace recovers quickly pulling on his Pyjama t-shirt quickly and scurrying to his bedroom door where sierra grabs hold of his hand and pulls him excitedly to her room. “What about William?” Ace calls as he and sierra enter her room. 
“William is already asleep, but tomorrow we can read to him.” Erwin ruffles Ace’s hair as he makes his way into the bedroom, both children clamber into the single bed covered in plush toys. Erwin groans as he lowers himself next to Levi who has taken a seat on the small crayon chair. Erwin rests his arm on Levi’s knee as his husband begins The Emperors new Cloths. The children already giggling as the events of the story. 

quickly with a high pitched voices Erwin joins in with reading the story causing Levi, Ace and Sierra to burst into laughter. 

Levi has been away filming for a few months now and his heart was torn to pieces, he remembers the pain he suffered being away from his family for so long. Through exhaustion he and Erwin finish the story, both children slowly falling asleep. Erwin gathers Ace in his arms and takes him to his room. 

Levi meets Erwin in the corridor as he pulls his son’s bedroom door shut. Erwin approaches Levi wrapping his true love in a tight embrace as love seeps through their very bones. “thank you, Levi.”

Eruri Ramble Fic

I am no writer. I am pretty shitty. I really wanted to write this down. I wanted to express what I have dealt with when it comes to people with dementia/ Alzheimer’s. I have decided to use mine and @theforbiddenworld actor AU Erwin and Levi to describe the situations. Their children are Sierra (oldest), Ace, and William (youngest).


Erwin stared out the window as music played in the background. The tune was a sonnet from one of Beethoven’s works that was being performed by a group of young visitors. His mind was captivated by birds playing in the yard.

“Mr. Smith.”

A voice pulled him out of his own mind and turned his attention to a young woman standing before him. Her golden hair was tide back tightly into a bun with piercing blue-eyes and a bright smile. “You need to finish your diner Mr. Smith.”

Looking down he noticed that there was a plate filled with pierogis covered in bacon, onions and a side dish of sour cream. He didn’t feel hungry all. There was a deep sadness eating at his soul.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Mary and I am a student nurse. Is there anything I can get you instead?”

Erwin shook his head. “I am not hungry?”

“May I ask why?”

Erwin shook his head as he turned his attention back to the window with tears in the corner of his eyes. “Rather pathetic isn’t?”


“Jon.” Mary calls her preceptor. “Mr. Smith won’t eat his diner today. I am thinking of going to the kitchen to get him another meal.”

“The meals that Mr. Smith receives is specifically selected by his family. There is nothing else he will touch. If he doesn’t eat that, he won’t eat anything else.”

“Should I inform the family?”

“The family is already aware. But, you can make a note in his progress notes and there is a meeting with the family next week. It is something you can bring up if it continues.”

“Is there anything else I can do?”

“Unfortunately, no. When a client refuses food and they are perfectly capable of eating for themselves, we can’t force them. But, there is some apple pie that I know is in the kitchen. If you heat it up you can add ice cream.”

“Thank you, I will try.”


“Hello.” Erwin turned his attention to the young woman with blond hair pulled back tight into a bun and was wearing a dark blue uniform. She had bright blue eyes and a friendly smile.

“Hello.” The girl replied, placing the piece of pie in front of the man. “I have brought you something to eat.”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Mary and I am a student nurse. I have brought you something to eat.”

Erwin looks down at the pie that had a strong fresh smell with a topping of vanilla ice cream melting down the side. “I already ate.”

“No, Mr. Smith, you didn’t have any diner. Therefore, I brought you a snack to eat.”

Erwin picks up the spoon and swirls the ice cream around upon the plate. “Are you sure? I thought for sure I ate.”

“No, you have not. But, I hope you enjoy this.”

“Thank you.”

Erwin picks up the spoon and continues to swirl the ice cream around till he cut a piece of the pie to scoop up into the spoon and slowly eats it. “Levi will like this.” Looking around he sees faces that are not familiar. Most of the other residents that were with him in the room had white hair, aged wrinkled skin and wearing clothing too small for their frame. Half were in wheel chairs and others pushing around a walker. There was no recollection of who they were or where he was.

“LEVI!” Erwin calls out as he scans the room to spot the short man with raven-haired streaked gray from age.

“LEVI!” Erwin calls out again, placing his spoon upon the plate. “Where is he…”

“Mr. Smith.” A woman with brunette hair approached him who is wearing scrubs covered in ducklings and a smile that caused her wrinkles upon her face to appear more prominent. “Time to get ready for bed. Will you finish that?”

Erwin looks down at the plate before him on the table. “No, I am full. I already ate. Though, I am looking for my husband.”

“He is not here. Come now, it is time for bed.”


“Hello, Mr. Smith.”

Erwin blinked several times when the lights within his room was turned back on. He had been starring up at ‘Starry Night’ that had stars that glowed in the dark.

“Hello, Mr. Smith, I am here to give you your night time medication.”

Erwin smiled at the girl with blonde hair tide back in a bun but it was clearly already falling apart, wearing dark blue scrubs. “Who are you?”

“My name is Mary, I am a student nurse, I am here to give you your night time medication.” She presents Erwin with a cup. “I mixed it all together for you.”

“Thank you.” Erwin drinks the substance that has a strong after taste of orange. “May I ask, where is my husband?”

“He is not here.”

“Where is here?”

“You are at the British Care Center. You were not feeling well.”

“I see. What about my children? Are they here?”

“No, they are not. You are at a Care Center till you are better.”

“Thank you.”

Erwin reaches for his cell phone that was sitting upon the night stand. He starred at the other side of the room for a few minutes as if something was supposed to be there.

Erwin typed in the familiar numbers and placed the phone against his ear.

/You have called the number of ‘Levi Smith’ please leave a number after the beep/

Erwin smiled at the way Levi recorded his name and there was the sound of dog in the background.

“Levi. I miss you. You are probably asleep right now. I wish you were here. Love you.”

Erwin hangs up the phone and places it upon the nightstand.

“Sorry, Mr. Smith, I forgot that the doctor ordered a new medication.”

Erwin blinked at the girl. “Who are you?”

“Sorry, my name is Mary, I am your nurse, I am here to give you your medication.”

Erwin took the medications from the girl swallowed them with ease.

“May I ask, where is my husband, Levi?”

“He is not here.”

“Where is he?”

“He is at home. You are at a Care Center.”

“What of my children?”

“They are not here either. But, I can leave a message for them.”

“Thank you.”


“Hello, Jon.” Mary sits down beside the other nurse and sighs from exhaustion as she slumps into the chair. “I was speaking with Mr. Smith. He was asking for his husband. Also, called for him early today.”

“Levi died over a year ago. He lived with Erin in the same room when Erwin’s mind started to go. Levi’s own health was failing.”

“Same room? It is a single room.”

“They could not be separated. They had to be in the same room. Levi would shut down without Erwin and Erwin would wonder the halls till he found Levi. Though, after his last static pneumonia, he lost the strength to walk.”

“If he asks for his husband what do I say?”

“Ace, the middle child, has Levi’s phone. He deletes the messages to prevent the answering machine from getting full. Usually, when he wants to talk to Levi he will phone. Though, he will also phone on his own.”

“Does he know Levi has passed?”

“No. I known Erwin for over six years and he does not even remember my name. He use too. I think that was because of Levi. Levi made daily reminder booklets for Erwin to read. After Levi passed, Erwin lost the interest in any reading. Even though he does not realize Levi is gone. I think a part of him does. Also, the family has stated not to tell Erwin.”


It’s an amazing and really powerful thing to be celebrated for who you are. I think there’s a lot of girls that actually don’t feel that in their whole life and I want to spend my life honoring those people, making them feel seen and heard” - Hayley Williams

Girl in the Tower
Chris Brayman & Mark Seibert
Girl in the Tower

Girl in the Tower” is a song from the soundtrack of the computer game King’s Quest VI

When King’s Quest VI was first released on floppy disc, a pamphlet was included with the game listing various radio stations to which the song had been sent. Buyers were encouraged to call in and request that the song be played, but this campaign was unsuccessful.[citation needed]