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Loving insanity pt. 7 {{Jerome Valeska x Reader}}

Author Note: two parts in one day!!! I’m so proud of myself😂😂😂 hope y'all like this!!!
Length: medium
Requested: request/collaboration
Warnings: None

A few weeks had passed and still no Jerome. You heard the circus had left town and you assumed he went with them. You knew you needed to get over it but it was hard.

In better news you had your first day on the job as a Psychiatrist in training at Arkham. You were currently being given a tour of the facility. It was huge. You had 3 other friends that had also been accepted here, but only Sierra stayed with you. Anastasia was going on a tour of the counseling sector which was a hallway away from the Psychiatrist hallway. Madeline was on a tour of the med bay.

The lady took you into one of the offices. She stopped and turned to you.

“There are basic things in her already such as a lamp, book shelves, a desk, a computer, a desk chair, a couch, file drawers and a chair for patients. You can not get into these rooms without a pass. There will be a beeping noise when someone enters and exits. The rooms are soundproof and there are no cameras do to keeping confidentiality on the patients. There are buttons in every room that can be used to signal security.”

You and Sierra were both given files. The guide looked at the both of you and spoke up.

“Go through the files. Now you can choose to be a Personal Psychiatrist or an open Psychiatrist. Both of you will start out as Personal. Pick 3 files of patients you wish to attend to personally. Report to us when you decide. You have 5 days to set your offices up and decide.”

She handed you both your passes and guided you to your rooms. You waved to Sierra then entered your room. You looked at a smaller desk across your room.

“Shiela’s tank would fit on there.”

You walked over to the bigger desk and sat down. You set the files down on your desk and started to go through them.

You already had two picked out which were old time friends of yours. You read through their files anyways.

“Name: Blake Morrison
Age: 19
Mental stability: low but improving
Reason: uncontrollable anger issues
Threat: low
Cell: solitary |current|
Sentence: until solution is figured
Medications: none yet
Psychiatrist: none yet
Counselor: Ashley Trevor
•Angered easily
•only let around others when eating”

“Name: Allison Riley
Age: 18
Mental stability: on the line
Reason: murder of parents
Sentence: 20 years of rehabilitation due to claiming it was in self defense
Threat: medium
Cell: normal
Medications: none
Psychiatrist: none yet
Counselor: none yet
•can be violent if she feels threatened”

She sighed. She remembered when those two were living normal lives. She met Blake in high school and Alli in 5th grade.

She set their files aside. she kept going through when a name caught her eye. It was the last thing she expected to see. But there it was, the file for Jerome Valeska. She quickly opened it and started reading:

Name: Jerome Valeska
Age: 18
Reason: violent murder of mother, threat to others
Mental stability: Insane
Sentence: life
Threat: high
Cell: normal
Medications: none
Psychiatrist: none yet
Counselor: none yet
•very dangerous
•not afraid to attack authorities"

You couldn’t believe it. This couldn’t be real. You refused to believe it until you saw him yourself. You grabbed the three files and went to the director. You knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

You walked in and sat down.

“I found the patients I would like to talk to.”

You set the files on his desk and he looked through them.

“You are approved for Mr. Morrison and Miss Riley but are you sure about Mr. Valeska.”

“Yes I am sure.”

“He won’t be easy.”

“No one here will be.”

He sighed.

“I just don’t know if putting him in the hands of a new employee is a smart idea.”

“Please sir, I want to work with him. I know that I will be able to handle it.”

The director looked at you before sighing.

“Fine you can have Mr. Valeska. Now when would you like to see your patients.”

“I would like to see Miss Riley and Mr. Morrison on Thursday and Friday. As for Mr. Valeska I was hoping to see him tomorrow.”

“I’m sure I can arrange some things. I will have their updated files on your desk tomorrow morning.”

You nodded and left the room. You walked back to your room lost in thought. After weeks of thinking he left you…. You find out he’s here….. Why did he kill his mother? Yeah she was a bitch but still. Why didn’t your father tell you? Why didn’t Jerome tell you? Would he be happy to see you? Would he be angry?

All you knew for certain was that tomorrow… All your questions would be answered.

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Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

Sunrise at Sand Harbor — Lake Tahoe

To celebrate my milestone birthday today, I started the morning on a mini-photo adventure, as the sun was coming over the mountains!  Although it was freezing, it was *really* special to have a quiet moment on this incredible stretch of Tahoe.  What a perfect way to start this year!

So last night was probably one of the most memorable nights of my life. When I arrived to the stadium, there was a block party with a bunch of different music and radio stations. It was pretty cool but I ran to the line because I was determined to be one of the first people at the Taylor Nation booth so I didn’t have to wait a while 😂 and I also really wanted to get my gift to Taylor. When the doors opened and we got done with security and were handed our wristbands, I sprinted and left my mom behind me. She soon caught up though, don’t worry! Then she went to pick up my merch while I stood in line. I met up with a few people who had seen my costume on tumblr and I had seen theirs, and it turned out I have known one of them for a while since my neighbor and her were friends when they were in kindergarten! So that was really fun to talk to them. I only had to wait like about 30 minutes until I got to the front of the line and I was like Kevin and Sierra omg. Kevin waved me over and he said “welcome! you’re outfit is adorable! How you are you?” Then I just said “thank you! I’m good, how are you?” So then we introduced our selves and KEVIN ACTUALLY BOWED TO ME WHEN HE SAID “NICE TO MEET YOU JILLY” LIKE WHAT?! So then I took the picture and he said “that turned out really cute” and then I said thanks and told him how I always see him on tumblr and he laughed and said oh yeah and then added well I never see your face so now I’m gonna have to look out for it! I was internally screaming guys. Then I went to Sierra and omg she is so sweet and so kind and I loved her the instant we hugged. We talked and then I said “I have a question for you” and she said “shoot” so I held up the bag with the gifts for Taylor and said “are you able to get this present to Taylor for me?” And she smiled and said of course! So I just explained to her it was a candle and a notebook I made with a bunch of notes in it. I then went further and got to tell her how it was my thank you gift to Taylor and I explained to Sierra about how I was in the car accident back in 2012 and the second time I was in it WANEGBT came out and I felt myself truly smile for the first time in months. After I said that I could’ve sworn Sierra had tears forming in her eyes. She then said “you are such a sweet little angel” then hugged me and asked “are you here alone?” I responded with “no my mom is somewhere by the picnic benches.” She nodded then asked “what section are you sitting in?” At this point I was like what is going on. So I told her section 137. Then she nodded and said “how would you like to sit front row?” I was in shock and said “really? Are you sure?” She nodded and pulled front row tickets out of her pocket and said “here is your upgrade.” I felt the tears coming and said “oh my god thank you. Thank you so much.” And hugged her then she said “stay that sweet little angel okay?” I nodded and we said bye and I started sobbing as I went over to my mom and explained it to her. The concert from front row was life changing. Like I never thought I would ever be able to say I sat front row to see taylorswift at the 1989 world tour. I got to hear the clean speech live and she said something she had never really said before about things that left a scar: “a loved one who you never thought you would lose to the worst way possible.” When she said that I start crying again because I felt as though she was just talking to me telling me everything was going to be okay. It was just such a surreal night. Taylor, if you see this please thank Kevin and Sierra for me. And thank YOU for teaching me everything you endure in life makes you stronger and you can’t let it be a controlling factor in your life. I love you Taylor 💚.

Breaking waves and rocking boats on the blue – Tahoe Vista (June 2014)

The past two weeks have been a blur…

Bake sales and momentous finish line victories; long talks over coffee; walks around Tahoe; glorious, juice-running-down-your-hand Farmers’ Market produce {apricots, plums, peaches}; community pride; deep breathing (and long naps); first boat outing on the lake; sunset appreciation; lots of love.

…and then coming back east this weekend:  airport laps; warm welcomes; late-night unpacking and talking; errands in perfect weather…

It is *so good* to be back.  Lots of love; waiting; positive news and floods of relief; endless support; good-for-the-soul dinners; wishing for speedier recoveries; rolling-on-the-floor laughter and hashtag brainstorming for epic adventures ahead…

Very grateful.


{Note: Tumblr friends — sorry for the absence - expect some catch up in the days ahead!  Sending good thoughts…and thanks to all for the love and support!}

Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour!

    Imagine having the amazing opportunity to go to a Taylor Swift concert at Ford Field in Detroit-a magical land where perfect melodies and harmonies grace your ears and countless sparkly costume clad dancers run across the enormous stage. A place where Taylor becomes the most epic performer, singer, and even motivational speaker. Now imagine standing in the pit next to the stage and dancing along with Taylor and screaming every lyric at the top of your lungs. This is how I spent my Saturday night with my best friend. There is one more “imagine that” that I must add. Imagine meeting Taylor Swift before her concert in a locker-room-turned-New-York-Loft setting. 

    When my best friend and I heard that we would be meeting one of our idols and role models we decided that we needed to do something special, and original. After thinking of enough plans to fill a notebook and endless screams of the phrase “YES WE NEED TO DO THAT”  we came up with one idea that stood out among the rest. We decided to serenade her with her song “Welcome to New York”, but change the lyrics to say “Welcome to Detroit”. 


    Before the show we spent a lot of time practicing our song and making sure it would be perfect. When we inevitably got stuck in traffic on the way to the show we leaped out of the car with t-shirts thrown over our heads to protect our hair from the downpour of rain. We assumed that we would be totally late and miss the entire meet and greet so we started running. When we actually got into the stadium we realized that we needed to run around the ENTIRE THING to get to where we needed to be. Our high-heeled-shoes ended up in our hands and we finally arrived, completely out of breath, to the meet and greet. Little did we know that we were in store for a whole lot of waiting. 

    In order to actually get to the meet and greet location we needed to wait in a total of 4 spots. The first was where we got to see a graffiti artwork done by a Detroit artist in honor of Taylor’s show.

(Photo courtesy of
    After practicing our song for Taylor next to the artwork a few more times we were taken to go and wait in the second location. By the time we made it to the third waiting location the security guards were there and we were told that we were not allowed to bring anything in with us to meet her. We had to leave my ukulele out on a table along with our phones, purses, and letters to Taylor. While we were devastated that we couldn’t perform for Taylor we were still beyond excited to even meet her at all! Nothing could stand in our way of making the most of the short time we had to speak with her! 

    As the line dwindled down to the fourth location, we began to catch glimpses of her through a curtain and hear snips of her cheerful voice. Finally, we were next in line. We opened the curtain and there she was. She is stunningly beautiful and has legs for days. When we walked in, she immediately complimented Sierra, telling her that that she was so tall and beautiful.  I then joked that I am super short (a whopping 5′2″!) making us all laugh. Taylor then confided that she had quite a few tricks up her sleeve and surprises during the show tonight!

    Next Taylor said that we both looked super familiar so I told her all about THIS SPECIFIC BLOG! I said “I have a blog” and Taylor started asking me what it was. I told her that it was called “Swaggie Maggie’s View from the Pit” and that I wrote about music, bands and concerts. She thought that the blog was really cool and asked if I wrote about all sorts of music to which I answered YES! I told her that I was super into rock and metal and she laughed and said “Which is surprising because you look like a dainty ballerina!”. Taylor asked if she followed the blog (wink wink taylorswift if there’s even a chance that you’re reading this). She doesn’t, but I’m hoping that she stumbles upon this post one day.

     The time came for us to take a photo together an it turned out great! I feel like we all look like best friends and that this photo is the definition of squad GOALS! I love that she has her arms around our shoulders, and is leaning into Sierra. It looks so natural, like we have known each other for years. After taking the photo we both hugged her again and our time was up.

    We left the meet and greet feeling lighter than air! Her mom was standing outside the room so we skipped over to her-giddy from meeting Taylor, and struck up a conversation. When she asked us what grades we were in we both told her that we are Seniors in High School and that we are both going off to college next year. I will be at Michigan State while Sierra will be at Notre Dame: Her son Austin’s Alma Mater! After hugging Mama Swift we left the Loft.

    We made our way to the Left Pit to claim our spots for the show. Vance Joy (aka James) was just beginning his performance, and since we were front row we had the perfect view of James and he was absolutely breathtaking. In between two of his songs Sierra screamed  “I love you James.” We could visibly see that he was surprised that someone knew his real name and looked over at us. We both waved and Sierra even blew him a kiss. His set was great! He even covered Bruce Springsteen’s song “Dancing in the Dark”. I am a HUGE Springsteen fan so I freaked out…I’m pretty sure I was the youngest person who knew the song. He ended with Riptide since it is his most popular song. I swear for an entire chorus he made eye contact with us and we died. We literally just died!

    Finally, Taylor took the stage wearing one of many dazzling outfits. The crowd (myself included) went wild and the show began. Having to run on a stage through a room filled with 51,000 screaming fans and dancing as if her life depended on it, it’s hard to believe that her vocals sounded as flawless as they did! I have said this before and I will say it again: Taylor Swift is not only a talented singer, but she is an amazing performer! She sang every single song off  her new album as well as putting new spins on songs from previous albums such as “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. My dad got tears in his eyes when she performed “Love Story” because that was the song I sang for my school’s talent show when I was in 6th grade!

    Those surprises that Taylor hinted at? She was telling the truth! Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons made an appearance to sing Radioactive, even though he is currently on tour! We all went crazy and had, as Taylor calls it, a Rage Fest! Then during “Style”, Taylor’s two friends Martha Hunt and Gigi Hadid came out and walked the runway! The three of them had the biggest smiles plastered on their faces and we could really tell that they were having the best time. I only hope that they realized that the fans were having the best time as well.

     I loved every second of the concert and writing this blog allowed me to relive every glorious moment! I have quite a few more fun blogposts lined up for this summer, so stay tuned!

-Swaggie Maggie

(co-written by Sierra Mayhew)

(Pink!) February sunset; nature’s celebration of love — Lake Tahoe

Fierce gradations of pink radiated through the clouds for a few fleeting minutes during tonight’s sunset.  Standing on the beach to capture the moment was a perfect ending to an invigorating start of the week.  Energizing friendships, lucky catches, and new experiences…feeling very thankful!

Meeting Cam's Family

“Babe, I don't know if I can do this” I say biting my lip. Cameron looks up at me with his chocolate brown eyes. “Don't be so nervous” Cameron says smiling. “What if they don’t like me? I mean you’re basically their whole world” I admit, I'm not wrong. His mother and sister both love him like crazy. “Don't worry, they will love you. I've talked you up enough” Cameron says making hand gestures.


The ride to Cameron’s mom’s house was probably the longest ride of my life. I gnawed on my lip, it’s a nervous habit, I've had the habit for as long as I can remember. Cameron looks over to me from behind the wheel and smiles, “You ready?” I shake my head slowly while looking out the window to my right. If they don’t like me it will ultimately break our relationship. We pull into the driveway and the nerves really set in, if before was bad this is a whole new level of nervousness.


Cameron opens my door and takes my hand while smiling, he gives me a quick kiss before walking to the front door. Before we get chance to open it two beautiful women open it with smiles stretched across their face. “Cameron!” they both say warmly with arms wide open. Cameron embraces them briefly before introducing us. “This is my beautiful girlfriend Y/N, Y/N this is my mother Gina and my sister Sierra” Cameron says smiling ear to ear. “Nice to meet you, our little Cam Cam says such good things about you” Sierra says pinching Cameron’s cheeks.

“Nice to meet you” I say nervously. “Oh sweetie, don’t be nervous, we’re actually very nice” Gina says opening her arms to me. I giggle for a moment before meeting her embrace.


“So where did you say you two met again?” Sierra asks placing her glass on the table. “Actually, this is embarrassing” I say smiling, it really is such a terrible way to meet someone. “Oh now I have to know!” Sierra says leaning forward in her seat. “Well, I was at a red light one day and my foot slipped off of the brake while pedestrians were crossing, and it just so happened to be Cameron walking. I didn’t hurt him, but I was so scared that he would sue me. I jumped out of my car, I put in park of course, and began asking him if I should call the ambulance, or whatever he needed. He just looked at me like I was insane, he said the only thing he wanted was my number, so here we are” I say exhaling.


Both of their faces turned bright red because of how hard they laughed. Cameron’s handsome face smiled at me the entire time. “So can I keep her?” Cameron asked his mother and his sister once they quit laughing. “Oh I wish you would” Sierra says smiling at me. “Yes, please do” Gina says.


We all say our goodbyes and out to the car, Cameron opens my door but before I have the chance to get in Sierra calls my name “Y/N, do you want to have lunch sometime this week?” “I would love that, I’ll call you?” I say back to her. “Alright, bye guys” Sierra says waving before closing the front door.

I look at Cameron with a smile on my face that almost kind of hurt. “What did I tell you?” Cameron asks smiling. “Thank you, I had a great time” I say giving Cameron a quick kiss on the lips. “Now, let’s go home” Cameron says letting me in and closing the car door.