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Title: Communication

Author: Billowsandbreeze

Rating: T for kissing

Pairing: Jaal Ama Darav x Sierra Ryder

Summary: Jaal and Sierra come together at last.

Author’s Notes: This takes place immediately following the romance scene at Jaal’s home (Jaal and Sierra HERE). I’ve talked about my headcanon of Resonance a bit before, but I do mention it briefly here from Jaal’s POV. To put it simply, it is a convergence and synchronization of two (or more) Angara’s electromagnetic currents when they are intimate with one another. A sharing of themselves to become one in a really emotional and profound way.

I hope you enjoy! Oh, and a special thanks to @intergalactix and @saarebitch for their constant support and advice. Love you two so much.

“My mother is going to love you.” Jaal’s smile turns quickly toward a humorous grimace. “I’m…sorry.”

Sierra’s fingers squeeze his own and her quiet laugh fills his ears.

“She’s wonderful,” she whispers.

Turning his gaze, Jaal looks at her—awash in blue light and surrounded by the galaxy of his youthful imaginations—and his breath catches. She is wonderful, better than anything he could have imagined as he dreamed under his created stars. Happiness. So complete. So undeniable. He feels shaken to his very core.

She eyes him with a playful smile and squeezes his hand once more. “Credit for your thoughts?”

It’s another idiom, he knows, but he can guess its meaning well enough.

Rolling onto his side, he draws in a slow breath and lets his hand reach out to touch her, lightly tracing the striking curves of her features—the smooth expanse of her brow, the rising line of her nose, the tempting pliability of her lips.

“I am excited,” he whispers, unable to contain the eager edge in his voice. “You are…mesmerizing.” He draws his finger along her jaw and down her throat to the thin jut of her collarbone peeking out from beneath the edge of her shirt. “I wish for this feeling to never end.”

It’s true. He could lay here forever, with just the softness of her skin beneath his touch, exploring the feel of her within his arms. His current rises higher at the notion. Sliding it gently across her neck, he revels in the tiny moan of pleasure it elicits from her mouth.

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I’ve seen like two tumblr famous blogs post controversial statements without any context, who then seem to get surprised when those things are taken badly. It’s true that tumblr can misinterpret what bloggers say even if they’ve explained themselves well, but like why save the context until after people are upset?

Nadie escribe de lo hermoso del invierno, ni del placer de oír llover. No he leído ni por error, a alguien dedicándole sus letras al desorden, o a la noche. Ni al vacío, ni a lo perdido. Nadie escribe de lo improbable, ni lo inalcanzable. De las palabras que el viento trae, ni de los silencios que uno usa para arroparse. No he leído ningún escrito de las cicatrices como adornos, ni de lo difícil que es soltar. Siempre hablan de sus primaveras, de la espalda en la que dejaron sus poemas. O de lo que le dicen indirectamente. De lo majestuoso del atardecer, o del encuentro entre dos almas.  Jamás mencionan que las nostalgias tienen belleza y que hay ausencias con las que uno se siente completo. Nunca leí ni por casualidad alguna frase que resumiera el placer de echar de menos, ni lo bonito que es decir te extraño. No dicen tampoco lo mágico que es desaprender con alguien, ni que los desencuentros también nos cambian la piel del alma.  ¡Cómo me gustaría leer una poesía que esté llena de llantos de alegrías y de gritos de placer! ¡Cómo me encantaría que prestaran más atención a eso que nadie ve!
—  M. Sierra Villanueva |