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I had to tell you that when hiddleshit ended I literally screened out loud while I was eating lunch. 😂 I freaked out some poor girl I was sitting across from

Girl, it was 1:45pm on a Thursday I was walking to my screenwriting class listening to hallelujah in front of a building called Sierra towers and deja aka @thewarblerette sent me a tumblr message saying hiddleswift is dead while the chorus of hallelujah blasted through my ears.
It was a good day

2.3 - Fight

They went inside again. The fortress was dimly lit, and there were more puzzles waiting.

Sean had to guide Jack up onto a tower, and Sierra then climbed his tail. “It’s a very good thing that you have a tail,” Sierra had said, “but doesn’t it weird you out that I’m on your butt? ‘Cause it’s weird to me.”

Sean shrugged. “Just don’t think about it for too long.”

“Granted,” Sierra continued, “It’s not like you can wear pants. How would that even work- oh, goodness!” Her feet slipped, but she quickly regained her balance. “Okay, b-r-b. Imma go open the gate.”

Sean followed after her. “Okay, so there’s a barrel over here…”

At the mention of barrels, Jack perked up. He looked up at Sean as his eyes turned yellow again.

“Not yet, buddy. Get her attention?” Sean asked.

“Jack? What’re you seeing over there?” Sierra asked. She ran across to where Sean was floating. “Oh! Barrel! Wait, how did you see it? Did you smell it, maybe?” She asked.

She brought the barrel over to the gate and pulled the lever. Jack hopped over the abyss, while Sean flew over the path Sierra had taken. Flying over empty space made him feel exposed, for some reason.

Jack grabbed both the barrel and Sierra and pulled them into the next room.

Their new path forward was a simple one: stairs. They made their way down into an open room big enough for multiple Tricos- or in this case, Trico-taurs.

Sierra hopped down again and started running. “Come on, Jack, let’s-”


Four guards sprang to life and lumbered toward her. One began throwing magic at her. Symbols swirled through the air and stuck to Sierra. Sean remembered that they would confuse the boy and make fighting significantly harder.

Curiously, Sean put himself between a spell and Sierra. The spell stuck into his side and fizzled out, but other than that, nothing happened.

Maybe he was useful after all.

Sierra snapped out of her trance and started running back to Jack. Jack hopped down and grabbed a guard. He pulled it apart, leaving nothing but odd blue smoke.

“Jackaboy! Dang, you’re scary.” Sierra exclaimed. She climbed up onto his back and nestled herself between his wings. She was in less danger of falling off of Jack while he fought, and Sean could stand over her and block the guards’ magic.

Jack made quick work of the guards. Sierra simply rubbed his back where she was. It didn’t take long for her to calm him down.

“Those guards are awful. They’re all Billies!” She giggled.

They continued on, only to find themselves in a watery corridor full of more guards. Sean continued to fend off their magic.

One of the guards squeezed itself into a corner, and aimed a spear at Jack. Jack couldn’t turn around to get at him.

The guards seemed to have no interest in Jack, just Sierra. Sierra understood this, and hopped down from Jack’s side into the water. The guard attempted to hit her with his magic, but Sean was already there, blocking it.

Jack swiped the guard up and pulled his head off with his teeth. He threw the empty armor to the ground, then glanced at both Sean and Sierra.

“You okay, big guy? You don’t usually like fighting…” Sierra whispered.

Jack rumbled and walked up to her.

They hopped up through a hole in the floor, and suddenly they were in a long corridor. Sierra stepped inside first, looking around carefully.

Along one wall was a set of caged off areas with chains in them. Sierra shuddered. “That’s… what are these for? Was there another one of you chained down in here? I’m getting nervous.” But Sierra continued on, Jack and Sean following behind her.

That is, until Jack stepped on a pressure plate, and a gate fell down on his tail.

Both Jack and Sean howled. Sean didn’t have a tail, but he could feel whatever Jack was feeling. The pain affected Sean’s entire back, and he felt paralyzed. “Ahhh!” He fell to the ground at Sierra’s feet. He opened his eyes and saw Sierra looking horrified.

“I’ll find a way to release that! There’s gotta be a way…” She ran off around a corner.

Sean tried to follow her, but he had barely gotten a few feet when Jack swiped him up. “What do you want?” he hissed. He didn’t hear Jacks reply, though, because Sierra screamed.

She reappeared from around the corner with about four guards behind her. “DON’T WORRY, I HAVE A PLAN!” She shouted.

Jack growled and set Sean on the floor again. Sean looked up. Sierra led the guards in a circle and ran back the way she came. The guards started blowing magic at her to get her to stop, but she ducked and fought it off as best she could.

Jack snarled, but the guards were already out of sight.

Suddenly Sierra was in the caged-off area nearby. She gripped one of the chains and started pulling.

The door came up, just a little, and Jack shot forward. Sean was still on the ground, breathing heavily. Relief flooded through him.

Sierra was standing in front of him. While Jack bashed the guards, she was leading them.

Once the guards were out of the way, Sierra led the way outside, where the sun was setting. Sean wasn’t feeling 100% just yet, so he caught hold of Jack’s tail and let himself be dragged along.

Except suddenly, Jack sprang forward, and Sean couldn’t help but get thrown forward into the fight. He was suddenly face-to… entire body with an angry Jack.

Sean ducked away as Jack swiped at him. There was a loud CLUNK and Sean and another guard flew. Sean flew through a wall, then sank down to approximately where the floor was. “Woah.” He was dizzy and his ears were ringing. It was pitch-black inside the wall.

By the time he had recovered and found his way out of the wall, Jack and Sierra had vanished into seemingly thin air.

Sean sat down, thinking through how to find the two. Being a ghost meant he could go anywhere, but where to go?

The tower. That was where. He could fly up to the top and wait. See if he could follow marching guards to track them. It was perfect.

Sean flew up, over nothing, in hopes of getting to the tower. He was a decent way up when he suddenly felt a tug somewhere in his gut.

It was the same sensation that he had felt in the ice room. He couldn’t go any further, for some reason. The first time, he had chalked it up to the ice room’s possible magic, but now he wasn’t so sure.

“I must be tethered to Sierra. Maybe the ice room has different rules, so it makes sense that I couldn’t go inside. I’ll go back to her, then.” Sean said.

He dropped down just as Sierra ran out of wherever, followed closely by Jack. The sun had set while they were gone, and the moon cast a silvery glow on Jack. His feathers and hair seemed to glow.

“Wow!” Sierra exclaimed. “You’re really pretty in the moonlight! Okay, since you’ll take my commands now, let’s go that way!”

Sean frowned. Jack was doing commands now?

She climbed up on Jack’s back and pointed. “Over there, and then we can stop for tonight. Okay?”

Jack gauged the distance and hopped over. Sierra immediately got his attention.

“Jack! Give me a boost!” She exclaimed. She pointed up to his face. Jack complied, lifting her up and dumping her in his hair.

Sierra immediately began scratching around his horns. He stretched out and yawned, then laid down. He rested his chin on his arms and closed his eyes.

“You did good today, buddy.” Sierra said, breaking the silence. “I mean, I’m still kind of mad that you ate me, but it wasn’t you, so that shouldn’t count. You’re not nearly as scary as you used to be, you know? I guess these tattoos make it easier to be brave around you. Not dying and all that.”

Sean sat down next to her. “You’re pretty brave to begin with, kid. And I think I’m finally coming to terms with… this.” He motioned to himself. “I think I can protect you now. And Jack can protect you, too.”

Sierra hopped off of Jack’s hair and landed on the ground. She crawled under one of Jack’s hands. His fingers were curled lightly and Sierra laid down on them.

“Goodnight Jack.”

Sean sat down on the outside of Jack’s hand and crossed his legs. “Goodnight, kid. I’ll be the the lookout.” He sat back and thought about everything he had encountered here. The tower, the guards and their magic, the other taur. Who was that, anyway?

The one thing he was most curious about, however, was that Sierra was completely able to see him when the resonator activated. So if they found another resonator, could they see each other again?

He wasn’t sure whether that was a good thing or not.

He missed YouTube. He missed his home, and his friends, and he missed Signe.

Maybe he would find her later. Maybe she was the second Trico-taur.

Girl in the Tower
Chris Brayman & Mark Seibert
Girl in the Tower

Girl in the Tower” is a song from the soundtrack of the computer game King’s Quest VI

When King’s Quest VI was first released on floppy disc, a pamphlet was included with the game listing various radio stations to which the song had been sent. Buyers were encouraged to call in and request that the song be played, but this campaign was unsuccessful.[citation needed]