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beverly + clothes headcanons
  • so it starts out w bev stitching up the boys clothes at first right
  • little things like holes in the seams and knees right
  • then she makes matching hoodies for the group for christmas saying ‘the losers club’ but with a red v because of eddies cast
  • then its all out from there. the boys all ask her for clothes
  • mike gets a new jacket that incorporates some of his old jacket into the new one (it was his dad’s jacket) ((mike cries when he realizes it))
  • ben gets all the sweatshirts his heart desires, and for one of the school dances she even makes him a full tux
  • eddie gets fannypacks and polos and “accidentally” a crop top.
  • he freaks out and then realizes it’s cute af and rocks the hell out of it
  • (the squad cant handle how cute he looks at all)((esp richie shhhh))
  • RICHIE GETS THE UGLIEST HAWAIIAN SHIRTS OH MY GOD THEYRE ATROCIOUS. He loves them so much and wears them into adulthood
  • bev makes bill all these slightly big clothes like plaid jackets and hoodies and sweaters
  • but she makes them all in blues and black and greys???? and bill is so confused??????? but figures bev just feels that color fits bill the best
  • its all fake
  • she makes all of these clothes KNOWING stan is gonna steal them
  • and after the first time stan steals bills jacket or sweater he gives bev this L O O K
  • she makes other things for bill and stan but THE JACKETS/SWEATERS/SWEATSHIRTS ARE FAIR GAME
  • bill has no idea and just goes w it like a puppy 
  • bev makes their prom outfits as well and they all match in style

An incomplete list of people whom I love


I get a lot of questions about my off the wall workouts, so I created a “full body workout” video so you can sample one of my workouts :)

I hope you enjoy!

My legacy house is still under construction, so in the meantime, I’ll be playing the first spare of my ISBI challenge! 

After barely graduating college with a degree in Political Science, Sierra and her long-time sweetheart, Gomez, scraped together all of their savings and moved into this beautiful home. It wasn’t the wisest financial decision, but they think it’s worth it. This is their dream home, where some day soon (she’s already pregnant) they will raise a lovely family.