sierra rd

Modern Times - 1936

The end of the silent era, a good-bye to the tramp and the last word “spoken” - Smile, which became the name of his iconic song and quite apropos.

Charlie  Chaplin held out 13 years after the first commercially successful talking film “The Jazz Singer” in 1927, not making a full talking film till 1940 “The Great Dictator”

This was filmed on - Sierra Hwy & Penman Rd Santa Clarita, Ca.

I would love to take a pilgrimage to this iconic site, they claim it has not changed very much.


MODERN TIMES -  FEBRUARY 5, 1936  - The Silent Era Ends

The ending came with little fanfare on Sierra Highway near Agua Dulce, California. The only people on-site to witness the finale were the stars and crew of the film Modern Times, who were there to film the iconic final scene.

“Sierra Hwy. & Penman Rd., Santa Clarita, California, USA”

Surprisingly that area has not much changed, I don’t believe there is monument or plaque acknowledging this iconic scene. This is on my bucket list…to walk the same path.