sierra nevada snow wit


Sierra Nevada “Snow Wit”

86 B+

Snow Wit is a “White IPA” brewed with an addition of Belgian yeast, spiced with coriander and lemon peel. This belongs to a mix-pack called “4-Way,” which contains three fusion IPA’s in addition to Torpedo. Aromas predominantly focus on the sour, citric end of the hop scale with notes reminiscent of lemon. Malts come across like yeasty sourdough and saltine crackers. Grass, flowers, and herbs rest below. Yeast adds hints of banana with a trace of coriander.

The palate begins dry and sour with a crisp, biscuit-flavored malt, quickly consumed by a white sugar sweetness (crystal malt). Suddenly, citrus approaches like bitter orange rind, followed by an highlight of lemon on the upper register. Suggestions of star fruit fill the middle. Herbal hops gently wind down with flavors of earth and grass, carrying soft bitterness with a discrete 40 IBU’s (international bitterness units). The mouthfeel is smooth, crisp, and semi-dry over a medium-light body.

This is a relatively new fusion style akin to the Belgian IPA. Obviously, a White IPA has a greater abundance of hops, and less emphasis on yeast. The balance is out of whack, where sourness takes the lead, followed by sweetness, and bitterness shuffles in last. This was probably the most interesting selection in the mix pack, in part due to the yeast. To be honest, if this were sold individually, it’s highly unlikely I would buy it. If you’re an IPA fan, this mix-pack is still worth checking out. I recommend it.

Known Hops: Summit, “experimental dwarf hops”

Known Malts: Two-row Pale, Wheat, Unmalted Wheat, Acidulated


40 IBU

Chico, California