sierra nevada blindfold


Sierra Nevada “Blindfold”

87 B+

Blindfold is a “Black IPA” belonging to a mix-pack called “4 Way IPA,” which contains Torpedo, plus three other novelties from Beer Camp. Aromas reveal dark roasted malts resembling dark chocolate and coffee. Hops are expressed like a shadow of mint with orange peel.

The palate begins as roasted malts deliver flavors of black barley, chocolate, and dull caramel-like sweetness. Hops upswing into a body of semi-sour citrus that bursts into earth-tones with emphasis on grass and pine. A dab of hop oil wraps things up with resolute bitterness, while remnants of roast continue to linger. Mouthfeel features a standard medium-body, semi-oily, somewhat astringent, a little dry, a little wet.

I really do love this fusion style, but that’s because the stout and IPA are two of my favorites. I prefer the bold options, so something about the combination of bitter hops and bitter roast is particularly agreeable. As for Blindfold, the hops take a firm upper hand, so it doesn’t turn out very balanced. This tastes as expected in its shallow complexity, but it was enjoyable. Regardless, this is still my favorite from the box. This year’s Beer Camp is worth checking out if you’re a hop head. I recommend it.

Known Hops: Summit, Chinook, Cascade, Mosaic

Known Malts: Two-row Pale, Carafa III


70 IBU

Chico, California