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During F.E.A.R., the player is able to make use of a slow-motion ability that allows them to make much more accurate shots and movements during a short period of time. In order to emphasize this, the game makes use of a ton of feedback (explosions starting up, blood erupting from bodies, glass breaking apart in pieces) to make every shot made in this mode feel that much more incredible.

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The Sierra Chair by Croft House

The Sierra Chair is a Scandinavian and Japanese minimalistic interpretation of a classic lounge chair with a Californian summer twist to it. It is designed by the Los Angeles based Croft House company, who carefully selected the materials that give this beautiful piece of furniture its light wight and comfortable summer appearance. They also took great care in selecting the Los Angeles based craftsmen, who hand make all parts of the chair and put it together.

Yosemite National Park  in Northern California, covers an area of 747,956 acres and reaches across the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Designated a World Heritage Site in 1984, Yosemite is internationally recognized for its granite cliffs, waterfalls, clear streams, giant sequoia groves, lakes, mountains, glaciers, and biological diversity. Almost 95% of the park is designated wilderness.


Casa Cruzada

Located in the upper part of a residential area on the outskirts of Murcia, stands this unique cross house. The longitudinal stacked blocks are rotated with 35 °, so that the ends of the upper element seeks guidance and create more favorable views.

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Source: Clavel Arquitectos


The neckline of Christine’s wedding dress bodice, for @christinesphantomblog

  1. Sierra Boggess, Broadway
  2. Rachel Barrell, West End
  3. Claire Lyon, World Tour
  4. Elena Bahtiyarova, Moscow
  5. Maria Bjørnson’s design (detail)
  6. Teri Bibb, US Tour
  7. Sarah Brightman, Broadway
  8. Elizabeth de Grazia, Toronto
  9. Anne Görner, Essen

(not represented: the narrower, rounder neck openings, like the one seen on Tamara Kotova in Moscow)

Model: Carolyn Murphy | Photographer: Santiago & Mauricio Sierra | Fashion Editor: Francesco Sourigues | Designer: Dior Pre-fall 2014 | Publication: Cover for Vamp Magazine #1 SS14

“The Vamp Magazine First Issue yet though the images are as racy as any fashion photoshoot, this publication is meant to focus on ‘women on top.’ In this case, the inaugural issue is themed 'Being the woman you’ve always wanted to be.”