sierpenski triangle

Believe in a Smiling God

My submission for the Night Vale Secret Santa. The prompt was: Your Headcanon on the Smiling God. So I guess some caption is in order. 

My take on the Smiling God is a purely supernatural force, with the ability to co-opt people into its organization. However, for best results it requires some tenuous form of consent of the person it takes over. The people with “Crowns of Light” are people who have one way or another joined the host of the Smiling God at which point a piece of it will always be with them, subtly directing their actions. Kevin, the most stubborn of Radio Hosts, never let the Smiling God take him over and so it had to force matters, in the process burning out his eyes and destroying most of what made him a person. He is now a puppet/prophet of the Smiling God.

The silhouettes seemed the only appropriate way to do art for Night Vale, but I think I am most proud of how the Smiling God turned out. The design–half Coyote from Gunnerkrigg Court and Half Sierpenski triangle–came to me in a fit of tiredness last night and I am pretty sure it was divinely inspired and I should get that checked out because Oh no. Anywho,

Happy Smilemas, @lieseldbscientist