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🌷— favorite blogs !

@pjkook — sienna has one of the nicest aesthetic + bts blogs ive ever seen if im being honest!! also her gifs are amazing like !!!

@2molang — they have a really nice aesthetic blog and i really love the look of it, its so nice !!

@wonhoslovr — iris is really cute and i love her blog, although the aesthetic clashes with mine all of it is just really nice !

@lunah — oohh her blog is so nice its got a nice aesthetic mixed with anime theme going on its great!!

@9each — ahhhh i really really love eunji’s blog !! its so nice and shes so sweet, so it’s a double win !!

@stan-bts — they’re a really close friend of mine and they have nice reblogged content and just in general a nice blog !!

@grndm — another close friend, their blog is super nice despite the fact they think they’re always ruining it


Sienna Skies - Part With Pride


Sienna Skies - Part With Pride (Live)