sienna bennett


“penny, c'mon…we’re gonna be late.”

(with flippant calm) “calm down, i’m coming.”

(quietly, to david) “we’ve been having this same conversation for an hour…you might just want to go without us, i don’t think she’s going to –”

(still calm, but with quiet intensity) “don’t talk about me like i’m not here. i said. i’m coming.”

SIENNA: (sees penelope) hey penny..
PENELOPE: hey s, you okay? what the hell happened? (lean over to hug sienna)
SIENNA: n-nothing. i just hit a fence is all. sun got in my eyes again.
PENNY: you sure? police said you made a phone call minutes before it happened..
SIENNA: i wasn’t on the phone when the accident happened, and besides it was just evan.. (thinks of their argument on the phone) i’m fine, swear
PENNY: .. okay. everyone’s outside waiting to come in and see you

Beautiful Dirty Rich, 2.10 C'est la douleur

C'est la douler (That’s Pain) is a play of off C'est la vie (That’s Life)