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Siela, my mianitesona! Basic backstory― made a deal with the Shadow and now uses the power she got out of the deal for her own greedy needs. She’s pretty hidden/unnoticed until she takes off her hood.
 Everyone seems to have forgotten about the Shadow… 
They are definitely coming back. I’m just waiting.


Well, honestly saying, when considering whether if I should or not buy Siela, I was eager to imagine my beautiful girl in boy clothes. That idea sticked strong and played a big part in my final decision. Really, I always always love to dress my girls as boys XD. Thus today, while sitting with my good friend Himiko and Ciel, her first doll, I couldn’t help but snatched his wig and clothes to give Siela a nice try.

Hm…. well… you know, it’s always easier said than done. More often the pictures in our head didn’t turn out vividly as they should… this time was no exception. I thought she would be a very handsome boyfriend… well… that’s what I thought… Elven concept is still the best for her TT_____TT

Sorry for crappy photos.


Šiltą naktį plačiai praveriu langą. Atsirėmusi ankūnėmis į palangę pajuntu vėsų, švelnų vėją. Nesusilaikau ir iškeliu ranką aukštai, kiek tik galiu, judinu pirštus, glostau orą, lyg nematomą medžiagą.
Taip tylu, atrodo girdžiu kiekvieną lapą ūžiant. Ir užsimerkus akimirkai mintyse iškyla jūra.
Ir jautiesi gyvas kaip niekad. Skausmas smelkia tave kiaurai, jauti kiekvieną dūrį ir kiekvienas atsiminimas degina. Laikas sustoja. Ką tau toliau daryti? Kaip gyventi? Prisieki būti stiprus, nesubyrėti. Sunkus oras slegia plaučius. Pasižiūri aukštyn. Kodėl aš nežinojau?

Bet tik tokiom naktim gyja siela.

About Siela

So, some Mianitesona back story here? I really like fxreuk’s so I made my own :o

It was freeing, at first, to see the life others and their style, their praises, and their love for other Gods. Even though Dianite had been dead for a few years, she still encountered small pops of worshippers, speaking with them of Dianite’s ideals to learn more. Some also hailed the name of Ianite, who Siela found to be worthy of her prayers. It was known she would jump around a lot between Dianite and Ianite, finding peace between both of their ideals.

While Siela loved these new gods, she wished to share them with those at home, showing them how they could change. A preacher, possibly. These laws were deemed by her to serve the people better. To see a new light. Siela wanted to present the opportunity—and gain some fellow worshippers. Instead, she was pushed away, said to be a horrific child of Dianite, proof since birth until her age of nineteen, all because of her skin. Tainted. Hated.

Anger and resentment caused her to go far away, and at one point, stuck emotionally. There, the Shadows were encountered. Siela made a deal with them, asking for things neither Dianite nor Ianite could offer for her exchange. To gain access to people’s thoughts and manipulate their reality, to change how they thought; Siela went on with her journey, a piece of the Shadows stuck within her.

She was never alone, and was but another spokesperson for the strongest being in the word.

All Hail the Shadows.


Teaser for “Siela” unplugged session made out my photos. Edited and presented by