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Siel: Part One

Authors Note: I have no idea how long this will be but…yeah. Sam and Lyria are twenty-two in this fic, making Ciel nineteen. Ciel is coming to stay with the Rowaelin family for a while, getting trained up by Rowan and Aelin.

“What are you doing in my bedroom, Twin?” Lyria said, coming in the door.

Not looking up from his novel, Sam said, “Reading.”

Plopping down on her bed, lying next to Sam, Lyria said, “Why don’t you ever read in your room?”

“Because my room is a mess and yours isn’t?”

Lyria turned her head, looking at her twin, “Don’t you ever clean, or have a maid do it, or something?”

Putting the book down on his stomach, Sam looked at his twin, the feather braided, dangling, she was in black leathers, and filthy “But then I wouldn’t know where anything was.”

Lyria snorted, “Ciel is coming over. He’ll be here for a while. His father want’s to have him taught by the Fae as well as the witches.”

Sam sighed, “How long is a while?”

Propping her head on a fist, Lyria slowly smiled, “why do you want to know?”

He glared at her, willing the rising heat in his face to remain hidden. Changing the topic, “Why are you wearing fighting leathers?” He widened his eyes. “Oh no.”

Rolling back onto her pillow she said loudly, “Yup. You forgot training. Again. Father is going to kill you.”

Sam groaned.

“Not to worry dear Twin, I saved your ass, yet again!”

“She really did,” came a voice from the doorway.

Sam jot up, his book falling onto the floor.

His mother was leaning on the door frame, arms folded.

“Mother, I um-”

“Forgot training, again?”

“You should thank your twin. She ended up doing twice the training, covering your ass.”

Sam looked at his sister, she was filthy, she even had twigs in her silver hair. “I’m sorry twin. I’ll make it up to you.”

“You can make it up to her by training with Ciel this afternoon,” said Aelin.

Lyria and their mother gave each other a secret smile. Sam rolled his eyes. Women.

Asterin’s Birthing: Part Five


Authors Note: I present unto you, the conclusion

In the hallway, Sam healed himself, five slender scars ran around his forearm. He was proud of these scars. Sitting cross-legged, three inches next to the door, he held baby Connellie. She was so cute and pudgy. Sam poked her cheek. She was a squish.

“You’ll really like Aunt Asterin as your mom, Connellie. She is the best person in the world. She will love you and cherish you and your sister.”

With Connellie’s hand in his, he used his fae hearing to listen to what was happening inside.

“I name you Samaentha. You are named after a fierce young male who didn’t shy away from my scars …

At the testament, tears spilled from his eyes. Of course he didn’t run from her scars. It was like his mother said. Everyone has scars.

His aunt.. She loved him. He loved her. She was as much as an aunt to him as the queen was his mother.


“What are you doing up so late, Lyira?” Gavriel asked.

Because you overgrown house cat, my twin senses are tingling.” Lyria said, pirouetting in her white night gown, long siver knotted hair flinging out behind her, “Sam needs me.”

Gavriel smiled, escorting Lyria to her twin and Asterin’s rooms. The young princess was a living snowstorm. Wild and bound to nothing but her honor, her twin, and her crown.


Looking up, Sam saw his twin twirl down the hallway with an amused Gavriel following her.

There is something about them, he thought. They have a bond of some kind. Much like me and Ciel.


“Tell Sam he can come in. And Lyira,” Asterin said, holding Samaentha close to her chest, “I’d bet good coin she’s made her way down to her twin by now.”

Coming into the room, Lyria, bedhead and all, said, “And you’d win that bet!”

Coming in behind her, Sam gave Connellie to Fenrys and made his way up to Asterin. His turquoise eyes solemn and swimming.

“Thank you, Aunt Asterin. I will try to live up to being the namesake that you and Samaentha deserve.” he hung his head, blonde hair falling past his shoulders.

Asterin smiled and handed Samaentha to Manon, pulling Sam into a fierce hug.

“You already live up to it, Sam. Just by being my friend.”

Siel: Part Fourteen


Lyria shifted and flew towards the flames. Sam was standing barefoot and bare-chested.  His arms spread wide, flames licking off his skin. She shifted back, holding back a sob.”Sam.”

He slowly looked at her slowly. His eyes were pure gold his hair radiated fire.

He was in thrall of his magic, summoning her ice, to keep her from burning, she stepped closer to Sam, her hands on his shoulders, “Sam! Sam, stop. They’re dead. You’re going to burn out. STOP!”


Ciel whistled. Abraxos flew in. Ciel mounted Abraxos and flew to the flames. He could feel the bond slowly unravel. No. no. no. no. He was going to burn out.

He knew mates couldn’t hurt each other. He might be the only person who could get Sam to stop if Lyria couldn’t.

Ciel summoned ice, grafting it to his skin, and put his hands on Sam’s shoulders, willing him to look at him. “Sam come back to me. You’re going to burn out! Sam please. Come back to me. There is no me if there is no you.” His voice cracked, “Please.”

Ciel did the most reckless thing he had ever done. He took Sam’s face in his hands and kissed him full on the mouth.

He tasted like fire and light and dreams made flesh. The flames started to die down around them leaving cinders and ash.


Sam felt himself start to become more aware. His magic was letting go of him, and he was kissing Ciel. Ciel. His mate.

He pushed his mouth harder onto his. He tasted like ice and darkness and nightmares. And he was his.


Gavriel had run the mile to the site when Ciel left with Abraxos. Shifting, he stood facing Sam and Ciel. Lyria watched then with a faint smile on her face. But for a flash of a moment she looked at him. Her green eyes vibrant and open and for a moment he asked himself a question he never voiced, that he never dared think.


Lyria caught herself watching Gavriel. He watched her with an intensity that she didn’t understand. She knew he was her mate but did he know she was his?

She had known since she was eleven years old. When they were ambushed and he took a stabbing protecting her from a set of assassins.

She never told him. She never told anyone. But perhaps it was time to do something about that.

Siel: Part Thirteen


The witch took the blade and cut into her forearm, deeply. Sam blinked. What the hell?

“I owe a life debt to the Crochan Queen. I am paying it by saving the life of her son’s mate.”

What?” he blurted out.

“Wait twenty minutes after I leave. I am disarming the wyrdmarks around the cave. You will be able to summon your flame Prince. When you see Manon Blackbeak Havilliard, you tell her my debt is paid.”

The witch cut through the wyrdmarks, Sam instantly felt his well of magic filling.


Ciel had never seen Lyria so cold. Her ice was radiating out around her. She was on a warpath. And he was with her. They would ice over the world and start it over for Sam.

Hekabe left the princeling in the cave and covered her bleeding arm. She took a route through the mountains. There shouldn’t be anyone along this path, she thought.

Almost out of the range, she hears a voice from behind, “You.”

Gavriel looked at the witch in front of him, Sam, and Lyria. He could smell blood coming from the witch. It isn’t Sams. “Why are you retreating?”

She lifted her chin, “My debt to the Crochan queen is paid.”

Before he could hold him back, Ciel had his claws around the witch’s arm, “What the Hellas does that mean?”

Her blue eyes bore into him, “Petrah Blueblood spared me when the rebels raided the Witch Kingdom.”

“That was when Marion was born.” Lyria said.

Ciel snapped his head back at the witch, fury coating his veins, “You attacked my aunt, who was pregnant?”

“No. I didn’t. If you are going to kill me then do it.”

Lyria stepped up to the witch, “Give me a good reason to let you live. You have murdered hundreds of people. Attacked pregnant women. Killed children. Why should you live?”

“I shouldn’t.”

Gavriel studied at the witch, “You have honor, witch.”

Lyria looked at him, something shifted in her face, and looked back at the witch, “If you kill another defenseless person. I will kill you. If you attack any pregnant women, I will kill you. If you harm any children, I will find you and I. Will. Kill. You. Ciel, let her go.”

Ciel released the witch, she bowed her head, and retreated.

A mile in the north, a wave of blue wild fire erupted from the mountain. Sam. He was alive and he was going to need their help.

Siel Part Five


Ciel packed his bag. Witches were gathering on the border. His shoulders tightened. His people have been trying to hunt down the rouge sects of witches who wouldn’t accept the treaty between Adalarn and the humans for decades.

He would bet good coin that the sects were being led by Iskra Yellowlegs’ coven. It had been decades since her death. She had sided with the Dark Lord Erawan, the fool. She should have sided with his mother and Queen Aelin.

“You got your brooding face on, my friend.” Lyria said, leaning against his doorway wearing her usual fighting leathers and hair loose.

Ciel snorted, “Do not.”

“Sure you don’t.” she said, coming up beside him, sitting on his bed.

Rolling his eyes, “Is Sam ready?”

Slowly smiling at him, “Not yet, he’s getting his things out of the pigsty he calls a room.”

“Your brother is a slob.” Why does she smile like that whenever he mentions Sam? It drove him nuts, “quit smiling like that, you swan.”

“He makes up for it by being the smartest person I have ever met and I can smile however I choose, you bastard.”

With a hand to his chest, “I thought I was the smartest person you’ve ever met,” he said, with false hurt.

“We both know you are all pretty hair and reckless decisions.”

“You wound me, Princess” he said.

“Come on you bastard, Sam is probably at the door wearing a hole in the rug.”

Shouldering his bag, he bowed mockingly, “After you.”

Lyria rolled her eyes but lead the way.

Marion played with her dark hair waiting for Ciel and her princess. She hoped her friends would be okay against the witches.

They have killed before, she told herself, both of them.

Coming down the corridor, with an arm around Ciel’s shoulder, Lyria’s head was tipped back. Laughter was echoing down the way.

“Hello, cousin, I’ve missed you” Ciel winked at Marion.

Marion gave him a hug, his arms wrapped around her, taking up most of her back. Ciel was like a brother to her. Although he was older than her, she was always chiding him for being so reckless. If his mother knew the stunts he had pulled, gods save him.

“Princess, do you have all that you need?” Marion asked Lyria, stepping out of the hug.

Exasperation plain on her face, “Marion,” Lyria said, “I have told you to stop calling me that. I do have a name.”

Marion fidgeted with her hair, “It would be improper.”

Ciel snorted, “Lyria is anything but proper.”

Lyria smacked him, “ Shut up Ciel.”

Siel: Part Twelve


Hekabe made her way to the mountains. She still owed the Crochan queen a life debt. And she had a chance to pay it. She could let the princeling go. If he was indeed the Crochan Prince’s mate, she could release him and pay back her debt through her son. 

Petrah Blueblood should have ripped her heart out, then she wouldn’t have been in this mess.

Lyria, in her shifted form, flew up ahead of Ciel and Gavriel, scouting for witches.

After two hours, she finally found one. Instead of waiting for the others, she flew down and shifted behind a blond haired- green eyed witch.

“Make a sound and I’ll slit your throat,” she whispered into the witch’s ear, Sam’s hunting blade against her pale throat.

The witch slowly turned around to face her, “Do you understand?”

The witch nodded.

She lowered Sam’s blade, frost lining her green eyes. “Tell me where my twin is.”
The witch curled her lip. “No.”
Lyria gave the witch a frozen smile and iced one of her fingers over.
Tell me where my twin is.”
Raising her chin, she shattered the finger, leaving a bloody stub in its place. The witch screamed, echoing off the mountains around them.
“Tell me. Where my twin is.
Breathing heavily, “N-No.”
She froze another finger, “Please,” the witch begged.
She shattered the second finger.
“Tell me where my twin is.”
She iced over the rest of the witches fingers.
Tears streamed down witch’s face, “I don’t- I don’t know where he is!”
Her gaze bore into the witch. She was telling the truth. “Well then I have no use for you.”
Lyria froze over the witch, turning her into complete ice, and shattered her.


Sam opened his eyes. In front of him, the blue eyed witch had a finger to her lips. He lowered his eyebrows but said nothing.

The witch took a blade out. He tensed. Trying to reach into his well of power to summon his flames. They were still extingushed.

Is this it? Is she going to finally kill me?

Siel: Part Four


Authors Note: Get ready peeps. its coming.. Prepare for Siel..

If Lyria was going to be honest with herself, she felt like a third wheel at this dinner. She looked at her twin. He had changed clothes and bathed, thank the gods, after the sparring match where he and Ciel decimated fifty yards of the plain near the forest.

She loved her twin and her friend but by gods they were blind. It is so obvious to everyone but them that they had a thing for each other. If she was going to be honest, she thought it was much, much more than a thing but she wasn’t dumb or arrogant enough to call out to it.

Ciel leaned back in his chair, an arm over the back, “How have you been getting him to train, Lyria? We actually tied out in the field.”

Sam glared at him, pointing at him with a knife, “I may read alot, but I can fight just as well as you.”

Her mother looked down at them all, a secret smile, one she herself has been using, was on her lips, watching Ciel and Sam fight.

Ciel slowly smiled at Sam, Lyria wanted to lock them in a room together, just so they got over themselves and just bone already. Gods know it’s bound to happen.

Before she could knock some sense into her twin, the doors burst open. Elide, Lady of Perranth, barged in, followed by Lord Lorcan and Marion, who glanced at her worriedly. Lyria tightened a fist, ice coating her finger tips.

“There was a skirmish at the border. A rebel unit of Ironteeth are gathering.”

Her mother’s smile vanished, “Does Manon know?”

Elide winced, “She does. She sent out a unit of witches to deal with them, but she has asked for your assistance.”

Ciel’s smile vanished, he stood, “I was sent here to learn fighting from the Fae, but with your permission your majesties, would you permit me and the twins to deal with this unit? We are small enough that we could go undetected and are magically equipt. We could have this solved in a number of days. Hours even.”

It was barely perceptable, but she could tell her mother didn’t want them to go. The sconces adorning the walls were growing brighter.

“We would be fine. We are trained and lethal.” Sam urged.

“Mother, we are three of the most powerful people in the world. Let us go,” Lyria said boldly.

Her father put his hand on her mother’s shoulder, the sconces started to dim.

Her mother’s face hardened and said to Ciel, “You come back with them. Or don’t come back at all.”

Looking at her and Sam, Ciel said, “Trust me, your highness. I would sooner yield my life than come back without them.”

Lyria had a bad feeling he had somehow just challenged the Gods.