Do you like attractive and adorable Englishmen? Do you like puppies? Do you like WWII era dramas? Do you like dry humour and snark? Do you like quaint and rustic countryside? Do you like awkward yet somehow charming romance? Do you like goofy pub scenes and parties gone wrong? Do you like cows that can wink? Do you want to learn about a dog named Tricki Woo? If so, All Creatures Great and Small is probably the show for you.


This never gets old though.

Young Siegfried Farnon and his baby brother Tris. Ink, watercolor pencils, and digital background.

“Not an easy thing, being somebody’s brother. Especially when you have to be a father at the same time”

Siegfried gives up smoking, Tris doesn't

However the uncomfortable fact remained that his crusade  hadn’t had the slightest effect on his brother. Tristan smoked almost continually but never coughed and his digestion was excellent.

Siegfried looked at him now as he contentedly tapped off a little ash and took another blissful suck. ‘You smoke too many of those bloody cigrettes!’

'So do you.’

'No I don’t’! Siegfried retorted. 'I’m a non smoker and it’s time you were too! It’s a filthy habit and you’ll kill yourself the way you’re going!’

Tristan gave him a benign look and again his words floated out on the fine Woodbine mist. 'Oh I’m sure you’re wrong. Do you know, I think it rather agrees with me.’

Siegfried got up and left the room. I sympathised with him for he was in a difficult position. Being in loco parentis he was in a sense providing his brother with the noxious weeds and his innate sense of propriety prevented him from abusing his position by dashing the things from Tristan’s hands as he did with others. He had to fall back on exhortation and it was getting him nowhere.


Some people are so talented they make me sick. And this guy is one of them. :\