This never gets old though.

Tristan Farnon Quotes III

Siegfried: Could never work out why they didn’t give me that job you know.

Tristan: Couldn’t have anything to do with the fact you got blind drunk and wiped the windshield of your car with a dead chicken I suppose?


Siegfried: She’s younger brother’s latest conquest!

James: Really? I hadn’t heard.

Tristan: Well, I’m not one to natter on about my personal life, others do that for me!


James: Well since one good turn deserves another…

Tristan: *indicates empty glass*

James: Yes, you’re going to need a drink! I’m afraid you’ve drawn the short straw.

Tristan: You mean Siegfried’s drawn it for me?

James: Got it in one.

Tristan: So what’s the latest demonstration of brotherly love then?


Tristan: I know that dawn is the traditional time for settling these matters of honour but, I’d never get up in time!


Tristan: I think this is what’s known as collective responsibility. Siegfried loses the cat and everybody else has to find her.


James: Tristan, everything I ever try and do for Rowan Garth [his house] goes wrong. Everything Helen does goes right. Why is that?

Tristan: It’s one of the immutable laws of the universe: she’s a woman.

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Tristan Quotes II

Tristan: You know I’d do anything for you James?

James: Well of course.

Tristan: Anything at all!

James: That’s what I thought!

Tristan: Except for one thing. I’m not going back in the car with that cat!

James: *unamused look*


[About the war]

Siegfried: When we get back, to whatever horror there is, I mean if the worst has happened. And I think it will have done. I want you to promise me one thing.

Tristan: What?

Siegfried: Don’t do anything damned foolish.

Tristan: Me?

Siegfried: I mean, don’t be a coward but don’t go in for any empty heroics.

Tristan: Well I’m not likely to.

Siegfried: On the contrary, it’s exactly the sort of damn foolish sort of nonsense you are likely to do and…well just don’t that’s all!

Tristan: Nor you Siegfried


Siegfried: Now, one other thing, I must insist we all carry our gas masks with us at all times?

Tristan: At all times?

Siegfried: Yes!

Tristan: Could be a bit difficult eh James?

Siegfried: Tristan, James really! There are ladies present!

Mrs Hall: I don’t know what he’s talking about!


Siegfried: I’m sorry, I’m not at my best at the moment.

Helen: I think you’re at your very best, *kisses him*, and I wouldn’t have you any other way.

James: Oh, I agree.

Tristan: Go on then, prove it! You kiss him too!