siege turtle

Terrapin soldiers

I had an interesting conversation with @edwardjunart regarding animal based armor and thought I’d try to design a Chinese siege soldier with turtle armor

The unsung siege unit of ancient china, they were deployed exclusively during siege operations that involved high numbers of archers on high walls.
the turtle carapace they wore on their back provide adequate protection against projectiles so all they needed to do was just duck and wait until the arrows stop before charging at the walls again. the unit is mainly comprised of foot soldiers and bombardiers, with the bombardiers being heavily protected as they carry all the explosives to take out the wall archers, often in the form of black powder canons or small catapults used to fling black powder-filled bolas.

the unit was so effective in breaching forts and walls that when the new emperor overthrew the old government and rose to power, he ordered the destruction of all the terrapin armors, no traces were to be left as the emperor doesn’t want anyone else to adopt this tactic to overthrow him. all the soldiers of this unit were effectively executed immediately, and lastly, an order was made to hunt down the giant terrapins where this armor came from to extinction and destroy any traces of their existence.
hence any evidence of one of the most formidable units of ancient china was lost through time and never heard of again

In Vloxen Excavations, and what do I see?

A siege turtle summoned by dear Citri.

She moans and complains, but to no avail,

That siege turtle completely ignores her wail.

He follows her around, until death do us part,

She will always be in his heart.

Even though she hates him, his big butt follows,

Down into the chasms and hollows.

But then it comes, that great big aggro,

They chop off limbs that it can’t regrow.

Citri cheers! The turtle is dead!

We summon a Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh instead.