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“Never thinks things through,” v “I’ve plotted every move of this day.”

While a general disadvantage for Zuko, Zuko’s inability to properly plan sometimes gives him room to adapat to changing situations. 

Likewise, while it’s generally advantageous for her, Azula’s need to constantly plan out events so that they unfold just as she desired leaves little room for change and flexibility. Thus, when things don’t go as planned, it’s an assault to her perfect record, and Azula can’t just be almost perfect. 


“You were wrong.” My voice was steady, but doubt rustled in my heart. The Darkling shook his head. “You cannot lie to me. Do you think I could have come to you again and again, if you had been less alone? You called to me, and I answered.”
I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing. “You … you were there?”
“On the Fold. In the palace. Last night.”
I flushed as I remembered his body on top of mine.
Shame washed through me, but with it came overwhelming relief. I hadn’t imagined it all.
- Siege and Storm (The Grisha Trilogy) by Leigh Bardugo


books read in 2017: siege and storm, the grisha trilogy

“so many men had tried to make her a queen. now she understood that she was meant for something more. the darkling had told her he was destined to rule. he had claimed his throne, and a part of her too. he was welcome to it. for the living and the dead, she would make herself a reckoning. she would rise.- leigh bardugo

I love reading, but I hate when I finish a book and there’s that empty feeling you get. It’s like you lived a life that you loved so much and it ended and now you have to find a new life, but don’t want to leave your old one. Does anybody else feel this?

…Does anybody else understand the mix of absolute frustration and excitement all at the same time? Because this new book cover is lovely, but because I’m a book snob I have to buy the first one with the new cover (lucky for me its just under $6) I’m still really excited to read this trilogy though! I just want to finish Stalking Jack the Ripper and The Bear and the Nightingale first