sieg zeon!



MSV-06K Zaku Cannon

1/144 Vintage Kit

Completed the vintage kit of what is probably one of my favorite Zaku variants, the cannon type! This was built from an original issue (still had the old little tube glue in the box!). Resculpted the waist and the posing to make it less stiff (the old kits come out of the box with the expressiveness of Lego men). First time making my own trees for the base, used the technique of twisted wire like model railroaders do. Lots of hidden work with styrene sheet and epoxy sculpt, especially in the feet and waist. Painted with Gaianotes Tank Color, enjoy! And thanks for looking… almost at 600 followers, I’ll be doing something special when I hit that number!




If you’ve been bored/tired of all the Ma.K/SF3D stuff I’ve been doing, well you’ll be pleased to know that I got a good quantity of Gunpla on my Japan trip and I’ll be working on Gunpla related projects again (the Origin HG line is amazing!).

Here’s my Zudah Thunderbolt Sector Type, I sculpted the “soft” joints over the kit joints with Epoxy sculpt and I added the requisite fuel tank. The Zudah was already covered in lots of thrusters so it fit the Thunderbolt look quite well. Destroyed colony base made from styrene junk and cork board.

I’ve got a big project in the works that I’m going to be unveiling soon! A little book on combining military modeling techniques with Gunpla/Mecha models! Thanks for your readership of this blog and look forward to it!