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Do you know that cliche with boys wanting to have an original way of proposal? Like hiring an orchestra or putting a ring into a drink. How do you think suitors would do that to make it on their own original way?

What about - suitor’s proposals gone all wrong?!? Lolol

Sid - does the ol’ ring in the wine glass, right? But then he forgets and dares MC to chug it and she almost swallows the ring, so then he’s gotta do the Heimlich maneuver and she ends up spitting out the ring and hitting some other patron with it…

Alyn - tries to take MC on a romantic carriage ride for a proposal, but the horses get spooked and it becomes a runaway wagon ;)

Byron - takes MC to the beach to propose (he was going to write it out in the sand, hue hue) and places a beautiful picnic on a blanket in the sand - but they get attacked by hungry seagulls… ay ay ay…

Nico - he loves a surprise, so he hides in the dark and jumps out with the ring one night when MC comes home- but she freaks out and hits him with her purse and knocks him out.

Rayvis - sticks it in a cookie for MC to bite into - but Luke eats it… then he’s gotta wait for you know what to happen… he just can’t after that… he’s gotta get a new ring… ergh.

Albert - made a whole extravagant scavenger hunt for MC to do for a proposal (so she’d fine the ring at the end), but then Nico moves some of them and they can’t find them and then Albert is sweating bullets cuz he can’t remember where the ring is…

Robert - tries to ask MC one night over a game of Pictionary with friends, but she’s so confused, and so Nico just ends up blurting out “will you marry me?” to MC and she thinks he’s asking and says yes…fml Robert..

Giles - was going to serenade her with a song and a proposal over dinner, but the small orchestra he’d hired couldn’t make it so they sent their punk band friends instead… punk is not Giles’ style…

Leo - he was going teach Sebastian to ask MC for him and cook her a wonderful dinner, but he ends up burning dinner and screaming “you f*cking piece of sh*t” (to the oven) and so later he asks Sebastian if he has something to say to MC…

Louis - leaves it in a little box in his pocket, acts weird all day to everyone because he’s freaking out, runs into Sid, Louis stumbles to one knee and grabs the box that’s about to fall out of his pocket- Sid thinks he’s getting a proposal XD

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no one has mentioned the fact that jack does the awkward hands in pockets! sid!!

ahhh there are so many reasons why jack is sid! i mean, if sid’s life were a lot harder haha. in a public livestream, back when we had those, ngozi said her inspiration for jack was basically “what if i ruined sidney crosby’s life?” and that will never not be funny to me

there is a post in my 400+ drafts of detailing some of the things sid and jack have in common. if i can find it, i’ll link it here!

edit: found it!

i also just remembered this article from 2005 when crosby was drafted, and i’m pretty sure ngozi just like copied 80% of this verbatim for jack’s characterization haha


Shortly after my arrival at the legendary Atlanta haberdashery Sid Mashburn, I ran into this gentleman while trying on dress shirts. As it turns out, we’re from the same hometown down South–he went to the same prep school I did. We even had some of the same teachers. Even better, he’s just as big a fan of Alden tassel loafers (shown here in tan suede) as I am.