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anonymous asked:

Hazel! Since you mentioned that you're still working on your fic, would you mind sharing another little snippet of it with us? I'm so excited for your fic!! (Not to pressure you or anything! Just wanted to express my support and excitement :))

Sure! Here you go XDD

It takes four line rushes, seventeen minutes, and one exploding stick for Coach Sýkora to decide that Sidney should never attempt to play wing, ever.

“You’re a fucking disaster,” Coach snaps at him, and Evgeni is so busy laughing at the insulted look on Sidney’s face he’s not even bothered by having to surrender the centreman position.

He’s played wing before, and besides, it’s not as if Evgeni is going to complain. He will accept whatever role they give him and play his best hockey. And then they’ll see.

Practice is hard, like always. Having Sidney there makes it simultaneously better and worse.

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