raymond holt/kevin cozner fic recs

I’ve just made a list of my favourite fanfictions on ao3 for this ship,, it’s in no way complete yet!!

A Series Of Dry Questions About Police Work by secretsofluftnarp (luftie)

- amazing  kevin and holt backstory
- one of the best b99 fics i’ve ever read
- characterisation and headcanons!!
- beautifully nsfw at some points
- “hello, here is my $13.78 for the grocery bill, i’m gay.”

Classical Allusions by ljs 

- cheddar pov
- classics references
- cheddar is their son
- domesticity
- post ac/dc

Sustenance by siggen1

- short and beautiful
- “you sustain me”
- forehead touch almost
- dialogue
- post boyle-linetti wedding

A Well-Placed Comma by lalalalalawhy, secretsofluftnarp (luftie)

- nsfw
- quoting classic texts
- dialouge
- “and i know you’re trouble”

It’s the People That You Hate Together That Make Marriage a Joy by katiemariie 

- “that’s why I left classics and started applying derrida to spongebob squarepants”
- holt and kevin share a hate for cretins
- dialogue
- spongebob + sex

Distance Makes the Heart Resourceful by lalalalalawhy

- i want your tongue in…. my ass..
- cinnamon roll jakey
- “my prometheus”
- kevin’s characterisation!!

In Essence by siggen1

- 100% nsfw
- amazingly detailed
- characterisation
- “you’re impatient”
- “and you’re impossible”

Could Be Worse by Missy 

- “i love it when you use slang”
- wholesome
- descriptions of the squad
- characterisation
- “it’s not just kindness that drives me, darling”

The Way Lovers Do, With The Puzzle by sanguinity

- script structure
- nerds
- “inordinately pleased to be corrected”
- solving puzzles in bed is romantic
- kevin and ray’s equivalent of stripping

where we stood was holy ground by possibilityleft 

- they deserve this
- kevin has a work life too
- characterisation
- “mindless fluff”
- excited holt

that launch’d a thousand ships by Kindness

- bonding over the oxford comma
- gertie
- kevin characterisation
- “raymond holt is no ordinary man”
- the beginning of a blessed time

A Little Brighter by FifteenDozenTimes

- supportive kevin
- domestic bliss
- house hunters
- save holt from his evil coworkers and job
- “known him long enough, studied him long enough, loved him long enough”

When It’s Right, It’s Right by FifteenDozenTimes

- dialogue
- beautiful intro
- drunk kevin. keep jake away from him
- holt finally has good coworkers
- “i, am irresistible”

Unbuttoned by FifteenDozenTimes

- 690% nsfw
- characterisation
- “exquisite”
- pwp
- cute kevin

Moments from the Domestic Life of Black Tom Selleck and White Sidney Poitier by jesshelga

- multi chapter
- cheddar origin story
- “lightly stabbed” aftermath
- storyline
- “eye colour of suspect is upgraded to aquamarine”

Ham and Cheese by thinlizzy2 

- kevin and his croque monsieurs
- multi chapter
- characterisation
- anniversary!!
- holt and kevin’s different opinions of food

Classical Allusions Redux by ljs

- characterisation
- fluff
- supportive husband alert

Influence by VivaRocksteady

- holt and kevin are beautiful fathers
- kevin’s the caring one basically
- jake and doug judy!!
- characterisation. beautiful
- domestic family fluff

and that’s it (for now)! these aren’t in a specific order, and this list isnt complete.

Sidney Crosby #2

shalanos said: Could I request a Sidney Crosby imagine where he, and y/n, who works for the team, supposedly “hate” each other, and don’t get along, but they both actually really like each other, and they don’t confess that until they get into a huge argument, and they end up kissing? Thanks, love 💕

A/N: apologizing for the wait on requests has been my thing as of late, but hey i got to like all of them!!! so sorry but thanks for another request! i’ve been loving them :) hope you liked it!

Word Count: 2,078

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“Do you ever get day off?” Geno asked you as you were going through your purse to find your lipstick that was unfortunately wearing off between each video being recorded. You chuckled at the large Russian, who’s broken English always managed to put a smile on your face, but you were quick to shake your head in response. 

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Right Kind of Wrong 11/?

Previously: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1013 - So this is the second of the 3 parts I hadn’t reposted. It immediately follows part 10.

Losing the gold medal game sucks in more ways than one. Not just because they lose to Canada, and to Claude – and fucking hell, his captain is going to be a complete troll next season. More than usual, even. Fuck.

Losing also means Zhenya doesn’t get to see Sid until October again—maybe September if he can be convinced—which would have happened anyway, but would have hurt less if Russia had won.

That’s what he tells himself.

(The lie never makes him feel any better.)

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Chinese rugby player 'kicked man in face after he was called 'chink'
Sidney Chan (pictured) is accused of kicking Stephen Kent in the face twice and claims the victim abused him when they left the bar at London’s prestigious Imperial College.

“The assault left the Kingston University student with a fractured nose and eye socket and a heavy concussion.”

This is not 1964, get fucked up if you want to YT.  😘


This week Amanda and Laura discuss: Geno slowly morphing into Sid, his pimped out segway, our new assistant coaches Gonch and Recci, the Espy’s, and Amanda gets ragey again (must be the heat) this time at Nashville’s anthem singer while still being ragey over McDavid’s contract. We also answer asks and give some of our podcast recommendations.  

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Kyle Hyde and the main cast of Hotel Dusk / Last Window.

I love all of these characters a lot! I could go on at length about this, but I’ll leave my comments under the cut.

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Alice! I will follow you forever!!

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