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Hey babe! What NHL couple do you think is getting serious and will be next up to get engaged this year?

ohhhh dude, I don’t know. I’m just gonna go off the cuff with this

sidney crosby & kathy

jonathan toews & lindsey

pk subban & lindsey (mayyybe)

my first initial thought was jamie benn & katie, but it looks as if they’re no longer together );

YOU GUYS, TSN DID A THING! Well they posted a thing another person did. Hockey players with old time haircuts in old timey cards.

What NHL players would do at museums: an incredibly niche meme.

A handy reference guide:
Row 1: Zdeno Chara, Sidney Crosby, Dougie Hamilton
Row 2: Tyson Barrie, Johnny Gaudreau, Marc-Andre Fleury
Row 3: John Tavares, Colton Parayko, Carey Price
Row 4: Andre Burakovsky, PK Subban, Mitch Marner
Row 5: Tyler Seguin, David Backes
Row 6: Taylor Hall, Auston Matthews
Row 7: oh come on you definitely know who this is


Tim Hortons: The Away Game (extended)


««  But with all the accolades and accomplishments the two are still missing something – a catchy nickname.

“That’s for you guys to decide,” Crosby said. “I’ve never made a nickname for myself. I’m not going to start now. I’m sure whatever they come up with is fine.”

The team’s broadcast tandem of Paul Steigerwald, play-by-play, and Bob Errey, color analyst, coined the term “two-headed monster,” a polycephalic reference straight from the pages of Homer. Malkin gave the moniker his approval.

“I like it,” Malkin said with a grin. “It’s good.”  »»

In case you needed your heart squished further, Benard Azegere, captain of the Kenya Ice Lions, who said “I can’t hold back my tears,” at the sight of “Sidney. Seeing my favorite player coming through the door, wearing our jersey, I feel like I was in heaven…”

…has, what looks to be “To B, [great] to meet you! Your friend, SC87″ autographed over his heart.