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More Hogwarts AU!Long Exposure.
Me and @pondwriter1300
Head canoned that Jonas and Sidney would bring in the “broom board”. They would magically glue those boards to their broom and cruise in the air.
Sidney would practice to broom board with out the board, and fail multiple times, but practicing for a couple years, she got the hang of it.

We also thought that Sidney would join the Gryffindor quidich team, while Joan’s would join a much calmer and safer club. Like the band.

We so think that they (mostly Sidney) would skate board in the hallways for fun and watch the purebloods stare in confusion.

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The ‘problem’ of reading too much- you have too much thoughts in your head. not so practical thoughts . Many people don’t appreciate  it, but as far as i’m concerned, they can go to hell.
—  a bookworm.

((As it’s just hit midnight here in Florida, Happy MASH Fanart Day from me!

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I NEED THE HP WORD VOMIT AU. You are seriously my favorite writer ever and everything you post is gold.

IT’S REALLY CHEESY it’s like 1D rpf superwholock crossover level like i said I’LL PUT IT UNDER A CUT so im less embarrassed please don’t laugh at me 

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ID #21531

Name: Chantel

Age: 22

Country: Canada

Hello, my name is Chantel, but I would prefer you call me Elizabeth if you don’t mind (my middle name). I spend majority, if not all, of my time on the internet when I’m not in classes; I’m currently Upgrading. I’m socially awkward, I’m very shy in person, and I enjoy reading and binge-watching TV shows/Movies. My hobbies aren’t anything interesting; I go hiking on the weekends, I read with what free time I have, study up on conspiracy theories and documentaries, and spoil my dog. It would be nice to have someone to discuss a variety of topics, someone who won’t get offended when we have different opinions, someone who IS a Grammar Nazi (maybe you can help me with my English course lol), and someone who likes;


Marilyn Monroe,

Harry Potter,

Sidney Sheldon and V.C Andrews

Poetry and any other literature,

Enjoys music immensely,

Greek mythology,

Ancient Egypt,

Documentaries (aliens, conspiracies, sharks, etc..),

Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, Suits, Game of Thrones, Ancient Aliens, Top5’s, and Strange Mysteries (Don’t worry, there’s a lot more)

And Wine

It would be cool to have a pen pal in a different country, so we can talk about our cultures and/or history. But anyone within Canada would be cool too. Let’s have a fun experience that also involves learning 😊

Preferences: I don’t really have an age or gender preference; anyone is welcome, as long as you’re respectful and open-minded and are older than 16.