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best friend:
first kiss:
asks you out:
shares a foxhole with you:
lets you borrow their raincoat:
too shy to tell you they like you:
gets wounded while saving you:
misses you after the war:
who you marry:

How They React To You Joining the Company

Anon:  Could you do the Pacific reactions to being a female sniper with a high kill count? Like what you did with BoB and Generation Kill?

Anon:  Reaction to you joining the company for The Pacific?

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Merriel “Snafu” Shelton: You can’t help but feel like he hates your guts whenever you see him. In reality, he doesn’t hate you, he just doesn’t like the idea of a woman being on the front lines with him, no matter how talented she may be with her sniper rifle.

Eugene Sledge: He’s awkward around you, and he doesn’t exactly believe in you, either. There have been multiple times where he has tried to pull a Superman and save you when you really didn’t need saving. It’s frustrating but you know he’s doing this with the best intentions.

Romus “R.V.” Burgin: He doesn’t mind having you there. In fact, he kind of likes the fact that there’s a woman on the front lines, because you keep a lot of the guys in check. He also acknowledges that you’re an incredible sniper, but he doesn’t like having you somewhere where you could be vulnerable.

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A comprehensive list of the “Sledge is totally in love with Sid” moments from The Pacific:

- giving Sid a copy of his favorite books before he leaves
- quoting from that book in his letter to remind him of it
- his repeated use of the term “greaser” which indicates he actually thinks Sidney Phillips–SIDNEY PHILLIPS–is a cool rebel
- his delight at finding Sid on Pavuvu
- his awkward non reaction when Sid talks about losing his virginity
- conversely, Sid playing down the loss of his virginity (knowing Sledge doesn’t want to hear about it?)
- his disappointed face when he realizes Sid gave away his gay gift
- his SMILE when he sees Sid at the train station
- his stunned reaction when Sid says he’s getting married; he doesn’t smile, and there is no happiness in his voice, for the first two sentences
- having no desire to have a (female) dance partner and gently mocking Sid for dancing with Mary
- his response when Sid offers to find him a dance partner. “No…” (sad smile, shakes head “No.”
- Sid respecting and understanding that decision without teasing him about it

In conclusion, Eugene Sledge has a big gay crush on his best friend and it’s simultaneously the cutest and saddest thing ever.

“ All the neighbours started coming in to visit that evening. Sid and I were standing in the living room trying to talk to all of them and he got me over to one side and he said, ’ Kath..will you go with me up to the drugstore?’ and I said, ‘sure.’ He said, ’ I had to get outta there. I haven’t talked to adults in so long I’ve just gotta get away a little while and get myself back together.’ ”

- Katharine Phillips talking about her brother Sid’s return home from the war

gosh I love this scene where Sid visits the Sledges and lies his ass off and they somehow believe him


this is his “not worried” face. are you kidding me.


this is one of those moments that I could watch over and over again…

the way sid practically beams at leckie as he plops down next to him, the fact that leckie uses a nickname for sid, and sid’s face as he realizes leckie remembered his request for someone to save an orange for him. 

and then leckie’s little satisfied smile as he looks away. 

leckie and sid couldn’t be more different, but there’s such fondness between them, it’s incredible, and so important.