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You haven't posted any stories in a while. Do you still ship at all?

Well I’m still working on my next big ass podfic …and true I haven’t written anything lately but I still sail some ships.

Kaner/Tazer, Kazer, Peekaboo/Captain Serious whatever you name it. Jonny and Patrick. I ship them so fuckng hard.

Just look at all this love


Sid/Geno, The captain and his goon, from Russia with love or whatever, I ship them hard as well.

Some hockey players are smiley:

Some are short:

Some are tall:

Some are inked and tatted:

Sometimes they can be aggressive:

Sometimes they get injured:

But they can be really silly:

Some are amused by Cabbie:

Some really like food….:

Sometimes we are just left to wonder about them….:

But there’s a lot of emotion in all of them no matter what team:

And it’s kinda nice.

NHL players get figure skating lessons!