So, the NHLPA website seems to be having an internal server error. (I can’t imagine why.) A wild guess tells me it’s this, presented as it appeared on my dash. (Glad to have Tumblr validate my reaction!)

At which point, my face did something akin to this:

After which, my dash proceeded to do this:

A chain of posts/reblogs I took to indicate that hockey Tumblr, collectively, read Sid’s Q&A and reacted like this:

Our Sidney, who art in Penguins, Crosby be thy name. 

Thy rink come, thy will be done, on Flyers ice as it is in Pittsburgh. 

Give us this day our daily goal and forgive us our penalties, as we forgive those who score against us. 

Lead us not into Chicago, but deliver us from the Blackhawks. 

For thine is the puck, the stick, and the goal. Forever. 

In Mario’s name, Amen. 

*Malkin, who leads the Pens with 28 points, is riding a 6-game scoring streak totaling 11 points (2G-9A). He also has points in 8 of his past 9 games (2G-11A).

*Crosby, who leads the team with 17 goals, is on a 5-game scoring streak totaling 8 points (3G-5A), while posting 11 points (5G-6A) in his past 7 games.


“Fuck you, what the fuck are you yelling at me for.”