Double Double - Sidney Crosby Short Imagine

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Sidney’s POV

“Hi Welcome to Tim Hortons can I take your order?” I spoke into the mic clearly “um can I please have a medium double double?” the female voice on the other side of the mic shocked me, I covered the mic and turned to Nathan “it’s Y/n” his eyes widened as he smiled “ask her to name a west coast player”  he whispered covering his own mic I nodded in agreement.

“um Ms. sorry for the wait but we have a promotional deal going on” I paused waiting for her response “great so free coffee?” she asked “yeah the only requirement is; can you name a west coast player?” I chuckled covering the mic “that’s so easy Sidney Crosby” the pride in her voice was magnetic “anyone else?” I pressed “Nathan McKinnon” she giggled “correct drive up please” I laughed some more.

“Imagine her face when she realizes it’s you” Nathan piped up laughing I smiled at him grabbing the coffee heading to the window as the doors opened I wore a wide grin “hey babe” Y/n was surprised “Sidney? oh my god I thought it was you” she laughed “why didn’t you say anything?” I questioned “cause I was like that cant be him why is he at a Timies” she blushed.

“Promotional stuff you know” Nathan pushed to the window “oh hey Nate” she waved “hey” he smiled “any ways” I paused pushing Nate to the side “I’m almost done come ‘round front and I’ll be out soon” I winked at her “okay” she smiled taking the coffee from my hands driving off.

Man I love her.


Sidney Crosby - Liar!

Hey can you please do #24 with Sidney Crosby? Thanks:)) - “liar, liar, pants on fire!” - “Seriously, you’re worse than a kid.”

“Hey, Y/N have you seen my sweatshirt?”

“Ummm…no.” You said as you quickly shoved his sweatshirt under the bed as you heard his footsteps.

“Are you sure?” He asked eyeing you with a smirk on his face.

“Yessss.” You smiled as you batted you eyelashes at him.

“So, what’s under the bed then?”


“Liar, Liar, pants on fire!!” He sang as he began to tickle your sides.

“Oh my god Sid!” You giggled until he stopped tickling you as he reach over and grabbed his sweatshirt from behind you. “Seriously, you’re worse than a kid.” You huffed.

“I AM!” He laughed. “You’re the one hiding my clothes.”

“That’s because I miss you when you go on road trips.” You pouted.

“Well, what if I leave you, my favorite shirt?” He smirked as he attacked you with kisses.


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NHLers and the Olympics (hypothetical)


Alex Ovechkin goes to the Olympics. No one questions his many carry on bags, or why one looks suspiciously like Nicklas Backstrom.

The NHL is curious as to why Henrik Lundqvist has been playing so poorly for the Rangers during the time of the Olympics. Joel Lunqvist must be feeling off too..he called in sick to work all month. 

Carey Price builds a small wall in his net, then leaves and goes to the Olympics. No one notices the difference. 

Sidney Crosby wants to go to the Olympics but he does not want to let down the Penguins or break the rules. Fleury and Letang put melatonin in  Crosbys PB&J. He wakes up on the Plane next to to Jamie Benn. 

A displeased Jamie Benn is duck taped to a giggly Tyler Seguin. 

Brent Burns smuggles  Joe Pavelski to the Olympics in his beard. 

Shea Weber fires a fake slap shot. It fake hits Markov, Plekanec and Pacioretty. They are all out for the month  with fake and vague injuries. They get fake beards and go to the Olympics under fake names. 

Erik Karlsson is very handsome. He tells the league he is going to the Olympics, they are distracted by all the handsome and tell him its fine.

No one wants to have to tell Tuukka Rask he cant go to the Olympics, so no one does.


When Pens winger Phil Kessel arrived at Ricoh Coliseum for Pittsburgh’s optional practice on Friday, he was met with a surprise.

Instead of finding his gear in a locker stall, it was set up on a chair outside of the locker room, complete with a case of Coke-a-Cola, cups for coffee, some signs and a big sign above it all reading “The Phil Zone.”

The prank was the brainchild of center Evgeni Malkin and head equipment manager Dana Heinze.

The backstory is this. On Thursday the Pens were playing against the New Jersey Devils at Prudential Center. However, there were only 24 locker stalls available and 25 players in attendance.

Heinze approached Malkin out of respect and asked if he would mind being placed in a chair, since he was not playing that evening against the Devils. Malkin, of course, was fine with it.

Heinze set out to find “the nicest chair possible,” and set up his gear on the seat. As the team arrived for the morning skate, Kessel began chirping both Heinze and Malkin. He even tweeted a pic of the seat saying: “Pigeon couldn’t even get a regular stall.”

So Malkin and Heinze put their heads together for some payback.

“It wasn’t my idea. It was Dana. He said we need to answer,” Malkin said. “I wanted to answer today and Dana helped me.”

04/07/17: Phil Kessel gets pranked + Inside Scoop: Payback for Phil