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He’s leading the league in goals and that’s not by accident. Getting the puck on his stick is never a bad thing. We’re going to try and do our best to keep him on pace and make sure he has a chance at that (the scoring lead).

I grew up watching him, so to be on his line is special. He tells me to play my game. I’m trying to make the most of it. 

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When Sid is filming his James Bond movie Geno is on his summer break so he spends the whole off season following Sid around Europe and spending most days on set with him. The issue comes when Sid has to film any "romance" scenes and Sid doesn't understand because normally Geno doesn't care because he knows it's what sid does but Geno is like "see in person very different from on TV. Actually have to watch him kiss you in front of me and not punch him in face"

“I love you,” Sidney–no, Sidney’s character says, as his character, not Sidney, definitely not Sidney, tears up. “I love you, please–please don’t go so far.”

“I’m sorry,” the love interest says, caressing Sidney’s face like Sidney’s something infinitely precious. It’s disgusting. He’s way too close to someone else’s husband for Geno’s liking, and Geno kind of wants to murder him. “I’m so sorry.”

“James, please.” Sidney’s voice cracks on the last word. 

“And cut!”

Someone yells for the actors to take five, and Sidney and the Bond actor separate, laughing and chatting normally again. Then Sidney notices Geno out of the corner of his eyes, and his face lights up. 

“Geno, what are you doing here?” Sidney excuses himself then bounds over to his husband. “I thought you said you were gonna go on that sightseeing tour–”

“Isn’t it better to visit husband instead?” Geno says, pulling Sidney in and kissing him with a bit more tongue than usual. Sidney melts into him, just like he’d expected, Geno thinks smugly. 

A few cast members whistle, and Sidney pulls away, reddening. “You’re eager today.”

“Happy to see you.”

“Are you staying for the rest of the shoot?”

“Of course. Not miss for world.”

“You sure?” Sidney asks. “I thought you hated watching me do love scenes.”

Geno shrugs as casually as he can. He’s seen Sidney in romantic comedies kissing girls. It’s fine. “Is whatever. Is your job. Go break leg.”

“Okay. That’s usually for theater. Also it sounds kind of scary when you say it,” Sidney says. He leans in for a kiss. “I’ll see you in a bit!” 

He trots off, and damn, does Geno love to see him go.

Ten minutes later, Geno realizes that love scenes aren’t scenes where Sidney verbally declares his love to 007, but ones where Sidney straddles 007 and grinds down as he flings his shirt across the set. When Sidney’s love interest flips him onto the bed and appears to bite down on Sidney’s neck, Sidney lets out a noise that makes Geno spits out his coffee and starts coughing uncontrollably as he wheezes, “What the fuck.” The director throws Geno a look that would have killed lesser men as she yells “Cut!” And really, Sidney shouldn’t have the right to look that adorably confused, given that he’s half-naked and straddling some middle-aged guy pretending to be a secret agent. 

(Sidney tells this story at the next Pens holiday potluck, and Flower laughs so hard he hard snorts into his beer and has to sit down for a solid two minutes, not unlike Geno back on the set.)