“Why are you Unseelie?” I have been asked. “You don’t seem like a bad guy.”

I see so many things saying all Unseelie Fae and Sidhe are are ruthless, cold-blooded, evil creatures. I get told I am too nice to be Unseelie. I am not this way.

But I am. Only toward those who deserve it, though. I do have friends, but I also have enemies. My enemies are the ones who get the brute of my Unseelie nature. That is how it was in that life and that is how it is in this life.
Not all of us are evil at first glance, at first actions. Some of us are kind up until a point. Not all Unseelie are evil, as the tales like to depict us.

Fae and electronics

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always broken electronics by just being near them.  My frequency is too much for them to handle.  Even computer sensors in my car fuck up. My phone restarts every ten minutes. Alarm clocks go berzerk. CD players can’t read the CDs.

Anybody else experience this?

Update on MythiCalia (California 'kin gather, September 28-30)

There’s now about 8 weeks left until the gather. Registration will go up from $45 per person to $55 per person on August 15! (Not for profit; just to help me recoup the cost of reserving the site.)

The more detailed schedule is beginning to shape up; you can see it here: The same topics mentioned earlier such as entering the mythic world, aspecting, seelie and unseelie courts, etc. are still there and some have been expanded on; also there have been a couple of additions such as a faery gate experiment and a possible scrying workshop.

A reminder that, though the official dates are Friday-Sunday, subject to availability you can also book one of the sites separately on Thursday night (if you are willing to pay the cost - there may also be someone to split with). I didn’t book all the sites Thursday because I didn’t think we’d use them, but I would be great to see more folks on Thursday.

So far we have 7 people registered and I think there will be 3 more soon (I have an email in my inbox I need to answer). I think we’re up to 5 cars out of a limit of 16 (due to the site arrangements), so if you want to come, I encourage you to register as soon as you can to ensure a spot. It’s OK if you can’t pay right away when you register; so long as I *do* get the reg fee eventually it’s all good.

Lastly, I’ve added an RSS feed for the news page: It’s a tad primitive as I am hand-coding simple XML for it, but it seems to work, at least.

MythiCalia update, Sept 6

With three weeks left until MythiCalia, I would like to mention that next week is the deadline for us to cancel any unneeded campsites. Baxil was kind enough to help me reserve the sites in the first place by putting two on his credit card, but if I cannot guarantee that we will have enough separate parties to have at least one occupant per site (right now we have several small groups each sharing single sites, rather than solo folks split up across all the sites), I need to tell him soonest so he is able to cancel those two and get a refund. That in turn will lower the cap on attendance and number of vehicles.

So! If you have been holding off, while registration is technically open until September 23, I encourage you to register soon, by September 11 at the latest, to ensure that there is a space available for you. It is OK not to pay the registration fee right away - that can always wait until you have your next paycheck or whatever. It is the registration and commitment to attend I am most concerned with.

Hope to see you fae folks (etc) there!

Main site:

To register:


Things I have done today:

  • Joined forces with my burning demigod partner to conquer an attacker.
  • Cuddled my sweet kitty who always watches the astral plane for me.
  • Showered for the first time in a week.
  • Put on makeup for the first time in two weeks
  • Put on a dress for the first time in a month.
  • Detangled my faerie star/Lilith/tincture necklace and armed myself with it.
  • Made a coconut custard pie for Father’s Day

It’s been productive.