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Meet Sidney Crosby, a young hockey player who wants to share his love of hockey with the world. When his sister suggests he start a Youtube page, he starts out by rehashing his latest games, giving tips, and his opinions on hockey. He goes on to make weekly videos about his life, playing for Shattuck St. Mary’s and Rimouski, as well as his hopes and dreams about one day playing in the NHL.  At the WJC, he catches the eye of a young Evgeni Malkin, intrigued both by the boy’s smile and makeshift flip-flops, he does some research and stumbles across Sid’s video channel.  As Geno watches each one, he becomes more and more charmed by the enthusiastic Canadian boy.  When Sid gets drafted to the same NHL team as Evgeni, he finds himself on a plane to Pittsburgh, desperate to meet his new teammate.