YouTube AU: Sidney Crosby is a fitness and well-being guru on YouTube. Evgeni ‘Geno’ Malkin is a popular vlogger and notorious prankster. Nobody thinks anything of the pair until they film a series of challenge videos together and Sidney starts appearing in many of Geno’s daily vlogs. Their fans become suspicious of their relationship status, leaving the comment section a constant mess of “are they dating???!??” and “i ship it!!!!” until finally Sidney uploads a video that gives them an answer: The boyfriend tag. 

Malkin was so distraught with his Olympic experience that he skipped the closing ceremony, retreated to Moscow and returned to Penguins teammates wondered what they could say to lift his spirits.

Crosby was the teammate who eventually reached out. Their conversation was the best indication I’ve seen of how their relationship has evolved into a close friendship.

“It’s been nine years,” Crosby said, smiling. “I think when you’ve been teammates for that long, you have to know each other a little bit.”

Crosby has discovered “there are more similarities than you probably think.”

Indeed, Crosby is not as serious and Malkin not as silly as snapshot postgame interviews often suggest. The captain can prank with anybody, and his top alternate takes losses harder than everyone.