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Awe, Avery being terrified when he hears Geno and Sid really fighting for the first time, bc of Sids terrible ex, and he runs in to protect Sid, and then everyone cries and Geno promises to not yell, and keep his cool, and to never hurt them

Oh God, little Avery running in front of Sidney during a fight like he’s trying to shield Sidney as he squeezes his shut, screaming, “You can’t hit my dad! You said you wouldn’t be like him!”

Geno immediately stops shouting. Sidney looks mortified. He’d never told the extend of what his ex had done to him. Geno looks like he wants to crumble into bits.

“Oh, no,” Geno says, backing away. “No, no, Avery, I’m never–never do that. I wouldn’t–”

“You can’t hit him!” Avery yells again. Geno looks like he’s been punched in the gut. 

“Honey, he’s not going to,” Sidney says, crouching down. “It’ll be alright, Geno and I were just talking.”

“That’s what you said before,” Avery says, worrying at his lower lip, still staring at Geno. “And then you got a black eye.”

“That was before,” Sidney shushes, brushing back Avery’s hair. “It’ll be okay, baby, go back to your room.”

Avery stares at Geno distrustfully, then sulks down the hallway. Geno gapes at Sidney, looking like he’s trying to shrink.

“Sidney,” he says, his voice broken. “Sidney, you know I never–”

“I know,” Sidney says. “I know. I’m not afraid of you.”

“You didn’t tell me that–” Geno swallows, trying to control his anger. Sidney sees that his fists are balled up and shaking. “Didn’t say–I’m kill him, I’m really kill–”

“Let’s not talk about it,” Sidney says wearily. “Can we…put this on hold for a bit?”

“On hold?” Geno repeats, frightened. “You mean…you mean us? On hold?”

“No, no,” Sidney soothes, resting his head against Geno’s shoulder. “The argument. We can talk about it later. I’m sorry for getting frustrated so easily.”

Sidney,” Geno says, carefully wrapping Sidney into a hug. “Never be sorry, you not do anything wrong. I’m loud, stubborn a lot, sorry for yell, too.”

Geno stands in the kitchen, holding Sidney until Sidney stops shaking so much. 

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Hello, I enjoy your writing and was wondering if you are still taking prompts? I was wondering about an AU where Sidney runs into a lost and barely English speaking Geno who lost his tour group?

This one’s been almost done for about a month and I haven’t gotten to post it til now, oop. (crossposted here on AO3

Zhenya was going to die in this cruel, cold wasteland.

Or, not die, maybe. He’d probably just wander around and stress eat his way through most of his spending money until Sasha found him- but, he was cold, and it was very, very cruel of Sasha to ditch him like this when this whole trip had been his idea in the first place.

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SHY SID IN THE MOB AU!!!! something I never knew I needed until this moment Mob! Geno starting out super angry/scary when he realizes his Sid is gone (maybe he saw the swap? He knows this is Not His Sid) but when he realizes he's traumatizing this new Sid he's like... it's not mine, but how could I ever hurt it? And being extra gentle around this new Sid Meanwhile, Mob! Sid is like GENO I CAN KILL A MAN WITH MY BARE HANDS IF YOU ASK ME IF I'M OKAY ONE MORE TIME-!

omGOD YESSS. Just…shy sid very quietly sipping his mug of tea and looking at a pacing mafia boss geno through his lashes, and immediately averting his gaze when Geno looks back at him.

“Are you afraid of me, Sidney?” Geno asks, sitting close to Sid, but leaving a few inches of space between them. This Sidney feels so…breakable.

Sidney nods and does not meet Geno’s eyes. Geno sighs and hopes his husband isn’t traumatizing the other world


(meanwhile in the other world, Sidney has knocked out three guys at a bar who tried to touch his ass, and Geno is holding him back

“Touch me one more time,” Sidney is screaming. “Touch me one more time and my husband’s cutting off all of your fingers and shoving them up your ass!” 

“I’m not do that!” Geno yells, pulling Sid back, and saying to the bar, “So sorry, we go now, sorry, sorry.”

I’m going to empty your skull and make it a cup to drink out of,” Sidney yells in Russian. “Teach you to touch me one more time!” 

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So, Single Dad AU thoughts: Sidney takes Avery and moves to Pittsburgh for a fresh start after his partner leaves them. Slowly, he's able to form friendly ties with the people around him -- he gets along really well with Nicky, who runs the clinic at the elementary school he teaches at, and Alex, his zany neighbor who is apparently the go-to for babysitting/pseudo-nannying in the area (maybe despite or because everyone suspects he might've been part of Russian Special Ops) -- romance, (1/4)

however, is a different beast entirely. He takes care of himself and Avery, he knows how complicated it would be to fit another person into his carefully structured life, and thinks that, at least for awhile, trying to love somebody new would be more trouble than it’s worth. But wouldn’t you know, he’s just so exhausted and he’s been searching the grocery store for what feels like hours, trying to figure out where the peanut butter is, when a very tall and very attractive Russian man (2/4)

comes up to him, asking, “You need help to look for something? You walk down same aisle four times, and while view is great for me, I thought I should ask.” And Sid is so tired and the man is so hot so he accepts the offer and later gives the guy his number. I’m just imagining Sid eventually realizing that the man who wants to date him is Evgeni Malkin, Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and freaking out about it to Ovi when he goes to pick up Avery. Ovi leans in close, so none of the (¾)

twelve kids running around his house can hear him tell Sid, “Well, I say, see where it goes, fuck a lot in the meantime, and I cut him up and throw him in the Allegheny if he disappoint you, da?” “yoU’LL WHAT?” (4/4)



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What about the Prince Consort visiting a boy's orphanage that's been overtaken by a horrible illness, and having to argue with the Matron (who calls him "the Whore of the North" and says his presence among children would be an abomination) before being able to kneel by the children's bedsides, soothing them and casting healing spells until he's too exhausted to continue. The boys do survive, and never forget that it was His Majesty, Consort Sidney, who held their hands, told the most (1/2)

enchanting stories, asked them about their simple lives, and chased the infection from their bones. Then, about eight or so years later, Sidney is walking with the servants to bring supper to the newest recruits of the Royal Guard – who exist to protect the King, Prince Consort, and the inhabitants of their castle – and when he sees them without their helmets, he realizes that they’re the boys from the orphanage all those years ago. (and yes, i’m imagining them as the baby pens) (2/2)


“Our best and brightest,” the general is saying, as he guides Sidney down the mess hall of bright-eyed, chattering boys. “You need not fear anything happening to the kingdom with them at your side, Your Majesty.”

“I should think my magic is enough to protect me,” Sidney muses, watching a new recruit, not yet 18, stuff his mouth full of bread.

“Well, yes,” the general falters, stammering to correct himself. “What I mean is that Your Majesty should be able to worry less.”

“How kind of you,” Sidney says, stopping in front of a couple boys who’d stopped eating to stare at him. “Good morning, boys.”

“Sid,” one says, in wonder, until another boy elbows him. He clears his throat. “I mean–good health to you, Your Majesty.”

His delivery is sloppy and unpracticed, but Sidney is charmed by how he keeps sneaking excited glances at Sidney. “You seem eager to see me,” Sidney comments. The boy shrinks back in embarrassment, but Sidney lays a hand on his shoulder. “It’s far better than the alternative. Gods know I get a lot of that.”

“You saved my life, Your Majesty,” the soldier says, looking at Sidney earnestly. “I–we would’ve died if not for you. We’re so thankful–we’d never be disrespectful.”

Two more boys look up, shy and curious. “It’s so good to see you again, Your Majesty,” they say, and Sidney recognizes them with a start.

Conor,” he recalls, fond and happy. The boy preens, reddening. “Olli and Jake, was it not?”

“Yes,” Jake says. “Sid–Your Majesty–I–”

“Sid is fine,” Sidney says, settling down next to them. 

“Sid,” Jake says, awed. “Sid, with the stories about the Northern Kingdom and the ice giants that live there. Was–was it all true?”

“Of course it was,” Sidney says, in the same, soothing voice that Jake remembers from his fevered dreams. “One slumbers in the Northern Plains right now, tamed by my sister, the current Commander Taylor.”

Sid descends into more tales, asking questions and laughing at the right time, and the boys feels as though it’d been so recent when Consort Sidney had been kneeling by their patchwork rag of a bedsheet, feeling their flushed foreheads with no hesitation despite the sick that lingered about like a storm, became a loved one when no one else dared to reach out, and murmured healing spells on top of comforting words: “You’ll be just fine, sweetheart. You’re so brave. Would you like another story?”