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I’m sorry but “they” IS plural. The rest, yes, it’s stupid. But they is a plural word. As of right now, English’s best…

you capitalize like this is some kind of well-accepted rule lol

actually, singular “they” has been used for hundreds of years by the most respected of linguists and writers, and only in the modern era of hyper correct grammar stiffs has anyone ever had a problem with it.

most style guides strongly advise against using “he” for gender neutral situations (for obvious reasons), and many modern day linguists and professors advocate for the use of ‘they.’ Style guides differ on the subject, but the very fact that there is a debate precludes the notion that this is somehow set in stone. And that’s just formal writing. informal writing and informal speech is a whole nothing thing.

But the main point is if you’re going to go out of your way to refer to someone in a way that offends them or makes them uncomfortable simply because of some grammatical principle that isn’t even a steadfast principle, that’s kinda meh

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Do you think we'll ever finally come to a time where a person's dress style isn't taken as an indicator of sexuality? (ie: short haired girls are obv lesbians, well-dressed guys are obviously gay, etc.)

yes i do. soon being gay and being trans and being intersex and being whatever is going to become widespread and normal and people will be forced to rethink their preconceptions.