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“I like to think about the life of wine…. How it’s a living thing. I like to think about what was going on the year the grapes were growing; how the sun was shining; if it rained. I like to think about all the people who tended and picked the grapes. And if it’s an old wine, how many of them must be dead by now. I like how wine continues to evolve, like if I opened a bottle of wine today it would taste different than if I’d opened it on any other day, because a bottle of wine is actually alive. And it’s constantly evolving and gaining complexity. That is, until it peaks, like your ‘61. And then it begins its steady, inevitable decline.”

On this day in 2004, Alexander Payne’s Sideways was released into theaters.

Virginia G. Madsen (born September 11, 1961) is an American actress and producer. She made her film debut in Class (1983), which was filmed in her native Chicago. She soon moved to Los Angeles. In 1984, David Lynch cast her in the science fiction film Dune as Princess Irulan. Madsen was then cast in a series of successful teen movies, including Electric Dreams (1984), Modern Girls (1986), and Fire with Fire (1986).

She is most known for her role as Helen Lyle in the horror film Candyman (1992); and for her performance as Maya in Alexander Payne’s film Sideways (2004), for which she received numerous awards and nominations, including nominations for the Golden Globe and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Her other film appearances include Long Gone (1987), Gotham (1988), The Hot Spot (1990), Ghosts of Mississippi (1996), The Rainmaker (1997), A Prairie Home Companion (2006), The Astronaut Farmer (2007), The Haunting in Connecticut (2009), Red Riding Hood (2011) and All the Wilderness (2014).

Currently, she stars as Kimble Hookstraten in the ABC political drama Designated Survivor.

Born Virginia G. Madsen[1] September 11, 1961 (age 55) Chicago, Illinois, United States


Actress · producer

Years active 1983–present

Spouse(s) Danny Huston (m. 1989; div. 1992)

Partner(s) Antonio Sabàto Jr. (1993–1998)

Children 1

Parent(s) Elaine Madsen (mother)


Michael Madsen (brother) Christian Madsen (nephew)


One of the The Originals writers asked the last question for the panel which was, ‘which animal is your spirit animal.’ Daniel Sharman’s answer and Michael Trevino’s reaction to his answer was HILARIOUS! ENJOY!

Sorry, I had to film sideways to get all three of them into the shot and YES this is MY video, please don’t claim it as yours.


It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here–Matt and I want YOU to watch our super-fabulous marauders-fanfilm Q&A Response video series!

PART 1: Matt and I fight Tom Cruise, start a truly idiotic running joke, get harassed by mysterious off-screen voices, and introduce a large plastic horse. Featuring fan questions from prof-remus, gandalfthegreywarden, caspasta, and aryagotgendry!

PART 2: The gloves come off and Matt’s wig comes on in Part 2, as the actor playing Dorcas Meadows is finally revealed, I mispronounce URLs, and Matt and I say “bruh” more than necessary. I also ramble on about Regulus Black a lot. Featuring fan questions from Anonymous and schokokuchenstuff, and with special guests Sawyer (Severus Snape), Sara (Anaideia Avery), and Tori (our producer)!

PART 3: In this explosive final episode of the epic trilogy, I confuse Matt by talking about the greatest OC of all time, Coldsteel the Hedgeheg; Matt tries not to giggle as I describe a character as “firm,” the actor playing Peter Pettigrew BLOWS OUR MINDS, and we have a most-likely-copyright-infringing Beatles singalong. Featuring fan questions from Anonymous and stylesstilinski, and with special guests Sara (Anaideia Avery), Mac (Evan Rosier), Caroline (Marlene McKinnon), and the Tumblr-less Jez (our wardrobe supervisor/Beth Watson) and Leo (Peter Pettigrew)!

A huge thank you to everybody that sent in questions, all our friends that participated, and of course, the phenomenally talented and attractive datvikingtho, for editing all my incoherent rambling about Shakespeare into a wonderful video series. Can’t wait for you all to see the finished film!

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“Sorry, I’m freakishly tall,” Cam tried to joke.

This was nice, proximity but still the safety of being clothed. It was comfortably intimate, their legs entwined at their ankles, one of Cam’s arms loosely slung around Sam’s waist.

He couldn’t help but ask, though. “Es et okay fer ye? Ef et’s not- uh-”

“You’re like a bean pole.”

Sam had to think about that one. Was it okay? The only person he was really close enough to cuddle with was Sebastian, but spooning with Cam was something very different. He was watching the film sideways, the arm under his head was starting to go a bit numb, but he was warm, and he felt… safe. That was the word. Safe

“No, it’s… it’s good. I like it,” he murmured, slipping his hand down and over Cam’s. “Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever spooned. It’s… nice.”