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You know when I was 12 or 13 I went through this stage where I dressed like a dude. No real reason I just thought I was being “alternative” by wearing baggy, dark clothes and sideways baseball caps and saying I hated dresses. I grew out of it in a year or so. Anyway I’m so glad I didn’t have a Tumblr back then because this hellsite would have convinced me I was “greygender” or some shit.

anonymous asked:

Did you know tangles makes pens and keychains?

I’ve seen the keychains, anon, but I hadn’t heard of pens!

There’s actually a few different types of keychain Tangles, too, so I’ll include a bunch of links that people might like to check out to see the difference in attachments. They’re all out of print Tangles, so Tangle collectors might like to check out the below links as well:

Amazon: undecorated Tangle with a silver ring attachment ($6.50 USD, doesn’t ship to Australia).

(Also listed for $4.95 USD on Star Magic. I can’t tell if this website ships internationally, but only half the site loads for me because of my GIF blocker. It could be that I’m missing information.)

Amazon: sea-ceature-themed Tangle with a silver dog clip ($8.99 USD, does ship to Australia).

Amazon: red (I think superhero-themed) Tangle with a silver dog clip ($4.95 USD, doesn’t ship to Australia).

All Amazon links have limited amounts, so I probably wouldn’t delay over choosing whether or not to purchase. The bottom two look absolutely fabulous!

After some searching, however (and the sincere belief that I wouldn’t find these pens, since searching “Tangle Jr” and “pen” got me nowhere) I found the Tangle Pen Palz. The first pen under this name is a twisted, chunky pen made from textured (and I think oversized) Tangle pieces, $8.95 USD on Star Magic:

[image description: a twisted, curling pen made in curved, textured Tangle pieces: aqua with narrow ribs, mauve with bead-like sections, yellow with raised dots and light blue. A round yellow ball sits on one end of the pen with an aqua cap and pen clip. The clip is curved, mimicking a length of Tangle, and has the text “Tangle Pen” written in the old-school Tangle logo with curving white letters surrounded by a black outline. A strip of something that might be paper extends sideways from the aqua cap covering the yellow ball.]

The second pen under this name is an entirely different pen, $5.99 CAD on Toys Tools and Treasures. It’s made from bright Tangle Jr-styled textured pieces, it’s narrower and it has a human-like orange piece “head” on the top with oversized green Tangle Jr-styled arms capped in white gloves.

(Note: the website won’t let me save the image and I’m feeling too tired to screenshot and Photoshop the screenshot. Apologies.)

So, anon! Thank you so much for pushing us on a journey of Tangle discovery! I’m sure folks will enjoy checking out the Tangle oddities, and hopefully a follower or two will purchase one of these awesome pieces.

- Mod K.A.

Chav Request

Goggletann Reply:

Not British but i did my research and found out that Chavs are loudmouthed, lower class, cocky motherfuckers who wear there’re caps sideways or backwards. Theyre into sports brands, track shirts and looking as loud as they most possibly can.

Not sure why you wanna be a Chav but i can see some aspects of it that may be appealing. And lucky for you ive got some clothes that were donated to me by 2 British dudes that match your descriptions of a Chav. Swapping your body with either one is not a problem.

Problem is choosing which one to give you.

First Set of clothes:

First set i got is a track suit. Comes with both pants and jacket.

Apparently this guy is pretty upper middle class and from the looks of it, pretty good looking with great physical features. 

Of course he doesn’t dress like this all the time. And why should he? He’s got all the goods to show. And he isn’t afraid to flaunt it. He fits your description of a typical Chav, Cocky, arrogant and thinking the world revolves around him. But then again he was born with the right to be the center of attention.

I mean, only someone like him can pull off wearing a sexy sleeveless muscle top with that pompadour hairstyle looking as Alpha as he does.

Occasionally he decides to be generous and gives the public a sneak peak of his incredibly Adonis built body glistening in the summer sun.

I also did some research and realized the reason why he isn’t in the lower class bracket is because he earns more than the average British person a month. What does he do you might ask? 

He basically sits back relax and let fags lick his feet clean. Of course he charges extra for the honour of touching his godly cock. And if you beg real hard he might let you suck him off for paying a few thousand more pounds. 

Ok, so he doesn’t fit the description of a lower class stereotypical Chav, in fact he is almost too rich to be one. But he makes up for this shortcoming by being loudmouthed, cocky and flashy enough to be one doncha think? Plus he is trying real hard to speak with a lower class accent. 

We cant blame him for being rich since everyone is so eager to worship his feet right? He’s job in life now is simply to look good. But then again his genes do most of the work so he’s just living the Chav life….


Second Set of clothes:

Second set i got is a track pants and burberry chav cap.

Now this guy is a pretty good fit for a Chav as you requested. He is a lower class white guy who is as loudmouthed as it gets with a strong Liverpool scouse accent.

He usually dresses like this most of the time as he is secretly a pretty self conscious guy. I wouldn’t want to show you his body. It might make him feel like a weak girl. So lets just let him be.

But he is sure to make up for his shortcomings (literally, he’s only 5′4″) by being a cocky little punk. I mean just look at him! Now that i’m taking a closer look at him i have come to realize that he might be the perfect Chav body for you to swap with!

He wears his cap sideways to make up for his skinny body and make himself look as gangster as possible.

And when he doesn’t wear his cap, he makes sure he uses as much hair gel as possible to spike himself up. He knows he aint no Alpha but he makes up for it by being extra intimidating and fierce looking. And i guess his hair does look kindda Alpha now!

He has a big mouth and enjoys talking loudly in public and tries to intimidate others smaller than him. Even when taking the public bus he would blast loud music from his phone just to show everyone how cool he is. And if you were to ask me this is the perfect Chav attitude to have. I honestly think he is one of the best Chav bodies to swap with.

Plus he’s been unemployed for a year and will prolly be stuck as a lower class Chav for some time! 

But who cares about working when you get to live the Chav life like him right?


You know what, i really can’t decide which body to give you. They’re both perfect Chavs! Cocky, flashy, attention seeking loudmouthed motherfuckers. But they both got they’re downsides. One is far too rich to be a chav and the other has self conscious issues.

I’m just gonna flip a coin. Heads you get the first set of clothes. Tails you get the second set.

I don’t have a coin with me right now tho. Can someone flip a coin and comment if you got heads or tails? 

Thanks to @untitled26946 for the request

Imagine seeing Woozi’s baby pictures and cooing at how cute he was ((and still is))

BONUS: When you’re so preoccupied with the pictures, you didn’t notice a pouty Woozi at the corner of the room, planning ways to try to take his pictures away from you.

olenezorin  asked:

What made you come up with your icon character?

One day I doodled a really smug face in my class notes. But the expression was really wide, so I needed an equally ridiculously broad head to fit it.

The way things were shaping up, it looked like some stereotypical 90′s cereal mascot, so I gave it a sideways cap. I took a liking to the design, so I ended up drawing and refining it a lot. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what body to give it, because everything looked stupid. I got a little fed up, so I gave it the least fitting body I could think of- really tall, thin, and lanky.

And it worked.