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Did you know tangles makes pens and keychains?

I’ve seen the keychains, anon, but I hadn’t heard of pens!

There’s actually a few different types of keychain Tangles, too, so I’ll include a bunch of links that people might like to check out to see the difference in attachments. They’re all out of print Tangles, so Tangle collectors might like to check out the below links as well:

Amazon: undecorated Tangle with a silver ring attachment ($6.50 USD, doesn’t ship to Australia).

(Also listed for $4.95 USD on Star Magic. I can’t tell if this website ships internationally, but only half the site loads for me because of my GIF blocker. It could be that I’m missing information.)

Amazon: sea-ceature-themed Tangle with a silver dog clip ($8.99 USD, does ship to Australia).

Amazon: red (I think superhero-themed) Tangle with a silver dog clip ($4.95 USD, doesn’t ship to Australia).

All Amazon links have limited amounts, so I probably wouldn’t delay over choosing whether or not to purchase. The bottom two look absolutely fabulous!

After some searching, however (and the sincere belief that I wouldn’t find these pens, since searching “Tangle Jr” and “pen” got me nowhere) I found the Tangle Pen Palz. The first pen under this name is a twisted, chunky pen made from textured (and I think oversized) Tangle pieces, $8.95 USD on Star Magic:

[image description: a twisted, curling pen made in curved, textured Tangle pieces: aqua with narrow ribs, mauve with bead-like sections, yellow with raised dots and light blue. A round yellow ball sits on one end of the pen with an aqua cap and pen clip. The clip is curved, mimicking a length of Tangle, and has the text “Tangle Pen” written in the old-school Tangle logo with curving white letters surrounded by a black outline. A strip of something that might be paper extends sideways from the aqua cap covering the yellow ball.]

The second pen under this name is an entirely different pen, $5.99 CAD on Toys Tools and Treasures. It’s made from bright Tangle Jr-styled textured pieces, it’s narrower and it has a human-like orange piece “head” on the top with oversized green Tangle Jr-styled arms capped in white gloves.

(Note: the website won’t let me save the image and I’m feeling too tired to screenshot and Photoshop the screenshot. Apologies.)

So, anon! Thank you so much for pushing us on a journey of Tangle discovery! I’m sure folks will enjoy checking out the Tangle oddities, and hopefully a follower or two will purchase one of these awesome pieces.

- Mod K.A.

Too Late Pt.1 (Usnavi x Reader)

Word Count:3,023

Warnings: Alcohol, Swears, Angst

Authors Note: I’m pretty sure the person who requested this wanted fluff, but apparently I couldn’t do that. The first part of it is fluff so you can read that and then check out my other fluffy Usnavi Imagine here if you want ITH fluff. I got carried away in the angst. Sorry anon if it was not what you were looking for! Also sorry this took so long to upload. I had no idea where this story was going to go, so I just let it happen all in one sitting, which is why the angst happened. Let me know if you guys want a part two!! LOVE YOU GUYS, AND BE SURE TO GIVE ME FEEDBACK

Request: Hey can I request a Usnavi x Reader and y/n moved there from France and is constantly flustered around her and begs Benny and Sonny for help

Manhattan was not the cheapest place to live… Heck it was more expensive than anything you owned for a small closet sized apartment. This was why you had settled for a much more reasonable location. Washington Heights. It was just uptown, and a beautiful neighborhood recommended by Google. You didn’t know why you had to fall in love with New York, one of the most expensive places to live, but you couldn’t deny your heart. Visiting New York once when you were a child, you had been planning your trip back into the city the day you left it. It was so different from France. Everyone was in a hurry, minding their own business. Something you wanted but never had growing up in a small town in France. Deep down you knew New York would love you too.

The taxi dropped you off in front of your new apartment complex. You didn’t bring much, only what you could bring in a suitcase looking for a fresh start. Dragging your suitcase to the elevator you rode to the 5th floor. Once inside your new apartment, your stomach growled loudly. You had forgotten that you hadn’t eaten since the plane ride. Looking outside your window, you saw a small corner store, and because you were on a budget you knew you would have to live off of cup noodles and chips for a while. You headed to the bathroom to see how you looked after a 7 hour flight. ‘Not too shabby’ you thought. Opening your purse, you pulled out a silk square scarf tying it around your neck and adjusting it so that the knot was facing the side. One thing you would miss about France was the fashion. You had saved up a full summer’s work paycheck to buy the scarf you had been eyeing at a French boutique. Pulling on your oversized sunglasses, you left for the corner store.

Usnavi was busy cleaning the counter as you walked in barely looking at you to greet you. Heading to where the noodles were, you put a bunch in the basket along with some chips and bottles of water. You made your way through the store eventually reaching the register. “That’s going to be $25.10” Usnavi said punching numbers into the cash register. You handed him a twenty and a five. Frantically searching to see if you had a dime on you. Noticing what you were doing, Usnavi looked at you and gave a sincere smile. “Hey, 10 cents on me” he said winking. You looked up at him, relief flooding over you. “Thank you so much” you said with your thick French accent which took Usnavi by surprise. “You’re new here, aren’t you?” he said making small talk. “That obvious huh?” you said slightly giggling. You pushed your sunglasses to your head. Usnavi froze, taking in your face. You were the most beautiful person he had ever seen. “Are you ok?” you asked waving a hand in front of his face. He snapped out of it flustered. “Umm- uh- yeah-” he said, face turning red. “Thanks for the 10 cents” you said heading for the door. “WAIT!” he practically jumped over the counter trying to stop you. Surprised you stopped mid step turning around. ‘Shoot’ Usnavi thought as he realized he hadn’t thought this through. “Want some coffee?” he asked as his safety question. “Um, I literally didn’t have 10 cents, I don’t think I can pay for a coffee.” you said laughing. “It’s on the house” Usnavi said desperately. “Can’t turn down free coffee” you said heading back to the register.  He poured a full cup of his famous coffee “I’m Usnavi by the way” He said sticking out his hand, knocking over the cup. The brown liquid went flying landing on your face, clothes, and scarf. The hot liquid burned as you yelped.”Merde!” (Shit) “OH MY GOD” Usnavi said handing you napkins. You pulled off your scarf to see the damage done. It was quite bad. Usnavi watched you look at your scarf, face falling every time you found a brown spot.”I’m sorry…” he said wanting your name. “Y/N” you said bitterly turning around to leave the store. “Let be help” he said chasing after you. “I think you’ve done quite enough.” You said leaving him to look at you helplessly.

“Yoooo, have you seen the new chick?” Benny asked Usnavi walking in for his regular break. Before Usnavi could reply Sonny showed up from the back room. “YES, and she’s so hot!” Sonny said giving a pat on Usnavi’s back. “Awe, why so speechless cous?” He asked noticing Usnavi glancing away. “You’ve seen her right?” Benny asked biting into his milky way. “Yes, I’ve seen her, actually I’ve talked to her too.” Usnavi said trying to forget what had happened. “And let me guess, you got flustered and embarrassed yourself in front of her.” Sonny said in a joking manner. “Actually I spilled coffee all over her…” Usnavi said rubbing the back of his neck. “What!?” Benny yelped, chuckling. Usnavi turned red all over again, reminiscing the incident. You hadn’t showed up back at the bodega. And it definitely was not on accident. “Yeah, she came on her first day here…” Usnavi began before he was cut off by Sonny. “And you spilt coffee on her? Wow good first impression” he said snickering to himself. Usnavi hopelessly looked at the counter. “You like her don’t you.” Benny said studying Usnavi’s body language. “Wha-what- no” Usnavi managed to stutter out. “Yep he totally does” Sonny replied for Usnavi. “Ok, maybe I do, but it’s better to just move on because I highly doubt she’ll even want to talk to me after I spill coffee on her” Usnavi mumbled.  “Dude, we’ll help you. But then again when have we not helped you get girls?” Benny said. “You can try, but Y/N’s a tough cookie.” Usnavi said finally looking up from the counter with a spark of hope. You quickly crushed that spark.  

“Ok, so all you gotta do is ask for her number casually.” Benny addressed as he and Usnavi spotted you outside of the salon. Before Usnavi had a say, Benny pushed Usnavi out of the bodega. When you saw him, you couldn’t help but roll your eyes. “Um, Hey Y/N” he said hesitantly. You ignored him and continued walking. “I was wondering if I could get your number”. You turned around and spoke to him only to make things clear. “Listen Usnavi, if I don’t want to talk to you in real life, I highly doubt I will want to talk to you on the phone.” You regretted the words as soon as they came out of your mouth, but it was too late. The look on his face made you want to take it back, and apologize for being such a bitch. You wished you could start over with Usnavi. The truth was you weren’t all that upset at Usnavi, you had a tough week, and it got the best of your emotions. It turns out, living in New York is definitely not as glamorous as you had hoped. You had countless numbers of interviews, but no job. You had been scraping together money just so you could afford your apartment and food. Usnavi began to walk away, not knowing why you shut him out so quickly after countless apologies and attempts to rekindle even a friendly nature. You almost called after him but didn’t when you realized you were crying.

It had been a month, and it was the loneliest month you had ever encountered in your entire life. You had no friends, not one. Not even a person to talk to. Most days you just moped around in your apartment lying on your air mattress. To top it all off you were given a visit from your landlord. “Ms. Y/L/N, I’m afraid to tell you that you’re already behind on your payments. If you can not pay today I will have to kick you out.” you felt as if someone had shattered your dreams. “No, please, sir I will pay as soon as I get my job…” You started before he cut you off. “Yes you will, and I will give you back the apartment, but I’m sorry to tell you that you will not be able to reside here until then.” he simply stated before walking out, not giving you a chance to argue back. You crumpled to the floor curling up into a ball. You had to go back home now.

You began to pack your suitcase again when there was a knock on the door. You were greeted by a young boy with cargo shorts and a sideways baseball cap. “Hey, I’m Sonny.” He said smiling. “Um, Hello?” you said unsure as to why he was there. “So I see you’re new to the neighborhood, first Fridays of the month are club nights and the whole barrio is coming, you should come.” he said enthusiastically. You laughed and politely declined the offer saying you had important matters to do. Sonny however would not give up. He was (obviously) set up to do so by Benny, who was tired of seeing Usnavi mope around. “Aw, come on Y/N it’s gonna be so much fun! You’ll get to meet the barrio, and drinks will be on us.” he said wiggling his eyebrows. You finally caved responding to Sonny. “Can’t turn down free drinks.” you said slightly smiling. Maybe if you drank enough you could forget you were letting go of your dreams.

You put on a casual black dress before packing everything into your suitcase. You had bought a ticket back to France for the next morning. You looked around your apartment for your heels before remembering you had packed them back into your bag. The only shoes you had were converse. You mentally face palmed yourself for not thinking this through, but your laziness got the best of you as you just settled for the converse. You grabbed your purse and headed to the club. “Is Y/N wearing converse with her dress?” Sonny whispered to Usnavi. “Damnnn.” was all Benny had to say. You sat alone at the bar, looking around for someone to start a conversation with when Sonny walked up to you with a shot in this hand. You gratefully took it and drank it before he could start talking. “Someone’s eager” Sonny teased before you gave him a light push on the arm. It was your last night in New York, might as well make the best of it. You had a couple more shots, but decided to cut yourself short because you did not want a hangover on your flight. You began to make your way onto the dancefloor. Usnavi watched you as you began to sway your hips to the music. He sighed before looking into his beer. “Usnavi, you’d better go get her. Sonny managed to get here here.” Benny said to him nudging his side. Usnavi looked back to you, you were on your phone walking and a bartender with a tray of drinks was walking backwards. “Watch out!” he yelled as he rushed over to you and pushing you aside. A loud noise confirmed the collision. You looked up at Usnavi from the floor and he was covered in multiple red fruity drinks. He darted his eyes away from you hurrying to get out of the club. He had come to charm you, but now he was drenched in alcohol and extremely embarrassed. He made it outside when you called after him. “Usnavi.” you said running out to catch up with him. Your voice gentle and soft. He hadn’t heard you talk since the beginning of that month. He stopped but didn’t turn around. You carefully reached for his hand and tugged on it so he would face you. “I’m sorry” you blurted at the same time he did. “What?” he said confused. You swallowed you ego and started talking. “I’m sorry I’ve been so mean to you Usnavi, what you did was an accident. I should have let it go… I’ve just had a really bad week, and I had no one to talk to… I’m sorry I’ve been a bitch, you uh- won’t have to worry about me anymore.” you said turning around so he wouldn’t see the tear that slipped from your eye. “Y/N” he said in the silence processing everything that had been thrown on him. You turned to walk to your apartment before Usnavi stepped in front of you. “You can talk to me.” he said. “I think it’s a little too late for that” you whispered into the dark night. “It’s never too late, come home with me” he said back just as quietly. You glanced up at him, the moonlight complimenting his handsome features. He looked to you and caught you staring. You blushed and tried to hide your face. He brought a finger to your chin and brought your face so it was close to his. “Please” he said. And with that you couldn’t say no.

You arrived to his apartment building and looked around. It was small studio but cozy nonetheless. You set your purse on his table and took a seat on the sofa. He put his keys in a basket and headed over to the dresser. He pulled out a shirt and started to unbutton his button down that was drenched in the sticky drink. You caught a glimpse before you blushed red to your ears and turned away. After he had changed he walked over to the sofa. “What happened Y/N?” he asked, his sincere eyes made you lose it. You began to cry softly, and curl into a ball. He hesitantly wrapped an arm around you holding you tight. “I failed.” you managed to get out between sobs. “What do you mean Y/N?” Usnavi asked. In his eyes you were everything but a failure. You were perfect. “I came here to find a job, I have been to so many interviews every day, and yet no job. I’m going back to France tomorrow. No one wants me anyways.” you said still in his arms. “I want you.” he said. Even he was surprised he had said that. As you slowly looked up to him. His dark eyes were burning a hole through you. He would make it harder for you to leave. “Don’t” you said turning away. “It’s true Y/N. I want you. I want you now, and I’ve always wanted you. You can’t tell me you have no one to talk to when I’m here. I’ve always been here for you. You need to stop pushing people away.” He said, his voice gradually increasing. He got up, and began to pace the room. You got up after him, you had never seen him so worked up. “Please don’t make this harder for me than it already is.” you said trying to get him to face you. “It’s too late” you said. “IT’S NEVER TOO LATE. STOP SAYING IT’S TOO LATE Y/N.” He raised his voice at you. Before you could say anything he leaned forwards to capture your lips on his. You didn’t know if you had always liked him or if it was the alcohol, but you kissed him back with just as much force. He backed you up into the wall before parting to get air. You were panting heavily, Usnavi’s face was only a couple inches away. You had realized what you’d done and quickly wiggled out of his hold. Usnavi finally coming to his senses also realized what he’d done. “I should get going.” you said awkwardly. You were expecting him to say that you should but he surprised you. “Sleep over Y/N.” he said. You surprised yourself once more by saying yes.

He gave you one of his shirts to sleep in, and you gladly accepted it, ready to get out of your dress. When you got out of the bathroom he had put a pillow on the couch and you headed for it ready to pass out. “You’re not sleeping on the couch.” he said laughing. “Quelle?”(What?) you said. “You get the bed, you’re the guest after all.” he said sheepishly, returning back to his adorably awkward personality. “Are you sure?” you asked again although you wouldn’t mind sleeping on the bed as you hadn’t slept on an actual bed in a month. “I insist” he replied leading you to the bed. He sat on the corner as you got under the covers. “Just wake me up if you need anything.” he said turning away to go back on the sofa. “Stay with me.” you said. His head snapped back so quickly you could have thought he broke his neck. You giggled at his response. “What?” he asked still not sure if you had really asked him to stay. “Stay with me.” you said again with a bit more confidence. He awkwardly got under the covers with you, and you quickly fell asleep. You woke up a few hours into your sleep to find yourself being cuddled by Usnavi. You fell back asleep with a smile on your face.

The next morning Usnavi woke up expecting to see you sound asleep next to him, except that you weren’t you were on your flight to France. You boarded the plane and opened your purse from the previous night to find a scarf neatly lying on top of all the items in your bag. It was a beautiful silk square scarf, vibrant with colors that reminded you of the spring. On it was a post it note:

I bought this after I ruined your first scarf, I just never had the guts to give it to you. I figured if I had the guts to kiss you, I should have the guts to give this to you.


P.s. It’s never too late.

A tear fell from your eye onto the scarf. It was never too late, but it was now. You had realized you made a mistake…

Imagine seeing Woozi’s baby pictures and cooing at how cute he was ((and still is))

BONUS: When you’re so preoccupied with the pictures, you didn’t notice a pouty Woozi at the corner of the room, planning ways to try to take his pictures away from you.


MISAWADAY 03 (02/20) - Smile or Diamond
► Flowershop AU: part 1 part 2 part 3

Sawamura has just finished his lunch and was eating a pudding that his mom packed for him that day, while making a list of the flowers that needs re-ordering, when the shop’s door opens, a customer walked towards the counter where Sawamura is still engrossed with his list.

“Excuse me, hey!” The customer called.  

Sawamura jolted, answering a muffled “Yes” as the he turned around, the spoon still on his mouth, he was a bit surprised, blinking at the customer infront of him. Blond with blue eyes, almost the same height as him. The customer stood proud, confident.

He took the spoon out of his mouth. “Sorry.” He put down the pen and clipboard and greeted, “How can I help you?”

The blond customer was staring at him. Observing, then he asked, “Is this where Kazuya bought the Red and Variegated Tulips?”

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What made you come up with your icon character?

One day I doodled a really smug face in my class notes. But the expression was really wide, so I needed an equally ridiculously broad head to fit it.

The way things were shaping up, it looked like some stereotypical 90′s cereal mascot, so I gave it a sideways cap. I took a liking to the design, so I ended up drawing and refining it a lot. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what body to give it, because everything looked stupid. I got a little fed up, so I gave it the least fitting body I could think of- really tall, thin, and lanky.

And it worked.

mackerelsandwich submitted:

imagine that oikawa actually has really bad taste in fashion and iwaizumi has to coordinate all his clothes when they go out but no one else knows so all oikawa’s fangirls think he’s so cool and trendy but hes actually that one guy who wears socks and sandals going outside

One day, Iwaizumi gets so pissed off at Oikawa he leaves him hanging in the morning. Oikawa goes out wearing something incredibly uncoordinated: plaid shorts, open sandals with knee-high socks, a too-tight polo over a long-sleeved undershirt and a baseball cap on sideways.

All the clashing colours are giving Iwaizumi a headache, but what Iwaizumi finds worst of all:

Oikawa manages to turn it all around, fibbing that he’s wearing it to raise money for poor kids who can’t afford nice clothes and he actually collects an incredible amount of money by the end of the day.