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Did someone say kid!Crash doing martial arts?? 😅 Have a taunting cutie who can beat anyone up. I finally had enough diamonds to buy the quest and he’s just to precious. I wanted to take a quick break from requests and do my own thing. I haven’t drawn traditionally for nearly 3 weeks. It feels so weird but I’m gonna get back into my mojo one day.

Preference #196 Walt Disney World
  • Liam: “And then after our nap we have a reservation at the-” You stop yourself, grinning widely. Liam realizes you’ve stopped walking and back tracks slightly to raise an eyebrow at you. “You hear that?” You question, looking towards Liam. Even though he’s been wearing the silly Mickey ears sideways on his head all day, you still snort as he looks at you expectantly. He listened for a moment, shifting the few bags he had in his hands around. You two had gotten a late start that morning and decided to do some shopping at Downtown Disney. “Hey! It’s my remix!” He said, grinning at you. You nodded, pulling out your phone. It was the first time you two had heard the remix Liam had done on ‘You and I’ in public. “I want to take a picture!” You beamed. “You take a picture for every new song we hear. Thats a lot of pictures babe.” Liam says as you open up your camera application. “Let me be proud of you! You look stupidly happy and cute in your ears anyways.” You say happily as he rolls his eyes. “Now, smile and say big poppa payno.” You say jokingly as he rolls his eyes, grinning. “I have to think of a new name. That one makes me sound, like I don’t know I have a weird Daddy thing.” You snort, staring at him blankly. “You do though.” He widens his eyes, shushing you before storming ahead as you laugh.
  • Louis: “This is so weird, actually this is beyond weird. Earlier I couldn’t move an inch without brushing someone else.” You said as Louis grinned from in front of you, tugging your hand forward. It was odd to hear the music still playing from speakers hidden somewhere in the trees, no one else around. “Sometimes being in One Direction has it’s perks. And since we were too tired to do the Kilimanjaro Safaris earlier, I figured we should do it.” Louis said, grinning at you, glancing up at the sign and making it a right turn. Animal Kingdom at night was a lot less hot, and just plain beautiful. You loved feeling hidden by the trees, only you, Louis and a few night workers around. “We have four more days here, Lou.” He rolled his eyes, “I get us into a Disney Park after hours, and you’re scolding me? You hurt me, love.” You shake your head, kissing his cheek. “Thank you. You look very cute in your t-shirt.” You complimented, tapping his chest, a Mickey Mouse silhouette across it. “Damn right.” He muttered as you two were greeted by a cast member. “Mr Tomlinson.” He smiled as Louis shook his hand back, thanking him for allowing you two to do this. “You excited?” He said as you two walked through the vacant queue. “Just weird, we’re the only ones here! Like we’re going just the two of us to see a bunch of animals, won’t have to look over anyone, thank you so much!” You said again, pecking his lips. he stopped his walking to deepen the kiss for a moment. “As long as we get to see a lion, I’m awesome.” He said, wrapping an arm around your waist as you two continued walking.
  • Zayn: You smiled fondly at your boyfriend as he nodded along, listening intently. He had a Mickey Mouse jumper on, leaning towards the little girl as she spoke rapidly. “Mr. Zayn, I promise you it’s not that scary. My brother made me go on it and he’s like twelve so he knows everything.” She rambled on, as Zayn nodded, “Of course.” “Anyways the people are kinda creepy but thats fine, and the elevator isn’t actually broken, like I’m alive so that’s good. It’s fun, you drop and then go back up and drop again, it makes your stomach feel funny but that’s all! You should do it. Mrs. Zayn looks like she wants to.” She said, leaning closer to Zayn. You and Zayn has been sitting on a bench outside the Hollywood Tower of Terror for maybe 25 minutes now, Zayn going back and forth between riding and not riding. He loved Disney world because it had plenty of non-rollercoaster rides, but you really wanted to go on it. A young fan noticed you two and had been trying to assure Zayn for about 5 minutes now. He turns to you after the girls mother guides her away, “Alright Mrs. Zayn, let’s do this.” He says, holding out his hand. You raise an eyebrow, “You sure?” He nods quickly, and you can tell in his face you better go now before he changes his mind. “yeah, but I get like candy floss or something after this.” He says, grabbing your hand as you stand. You laugh, “Of course.”
  • Niall: “They have the Irish flag! Oh this makes up for the no booze here thing, easy.” Niall says, grabbing the ears off the shelf. He places them on his head, looking at you for your opinion. “I love them.” You say smiling slightly. You two were on Main Street, looking for some classic Disney souvenirs. “You have to get some too. You should get like those princess ones, or theres the classic ones, or maybe these?” He says, reaching up to grab the ears that are meant to look like a bride, a little veil on the back. You blush, grabbing them from him. “We’re engaged. That’s so weird.” You say, placing them on your head. “Perfect!” He says happily, “And it only just happened last night, so I guess it’s still weird? But I feel like I’ve been engaged since I bought the ring, and I just let you in on the secret.” He says, taking both pairs of your ears to go pay for them. “How were you so sure I’d say yes?” You ask jokingly. He scoffs, “Yesterday I was having a mild freak out about meeting Jasmine. I am a grown man and you just let me. Didn’t even make fun of me. I never even thought of you saying no.” He shrugs. You smirk, “Jasmines hot. Anyone would’ve been nervous.” He snorts, shaking his head. “Also, I want to ride small world one more time, I know we’ve been on like twice already but I have to send a video to Harry, he loves the stupid ride, and we have to get a picture with Buzz Lightyear to send to Liam too.” He explains. You nod easily, “We should probably tell them we’re engaged too.” He grins, grabbing your left hand, “That too.”
  • Harry: “Praise Jesus I am home!” Harry says, earning some looks as you walk over in the UK. “You’re so weird.” You say, wrapping an arm around his waist to tug him into you. “I’m just excited to speak English. Proper English too. My people are here. And my food, look! A fish and chip stand! I’m never leaving.” He says, pointing it out. You glance at your boyfriend, a mickey mouse printed scarf wrapped over his curls. “You know, you don’t have to speak the languages in the countries. Or insist on trying to food even though we both know you hate spicy.” World Showcase in Epcot consisted of Harry stopping before entering each country, googling how to say a few things to the cast members there. Granted it did make the natives happy, and it was a very Harry thing to do. “Morocco was a low point, okay.” He drones. You snort, nodding. as you two turn into the gift shop. “Holy shit they have Jaffa cakes, happy day for Harry.” He says, pulling away from you. “Yes, and so do we, in the suitcase.” You offered as he slumps. “Good point.” He grumbles, placing them down. “I like japan better, I think. They had cool candy. And that snowcone, can we go get another?” He asks, looking at you. “You going to try to speak Japanese again?” You question as he wanders further around the shop. “Probably.” He says, glancing at you mischievously. You grin. “Good, it was cute!” He scoffs, “I am not cute, ___. I am worldly.” He says, gesturing around himself, nearly knocking over a display of tea cups. You shake you head. “Nope. Cute. And clumsy.”
  • notes: happiest place on earth! tried to give every Disney spot a chance here. and someone has flooded my askbox asking for daddy liam, so what do i do? make an innuendo in disney world. lovely. if you're confused about the places, a quick google search will bring up visuals! as usual, hope you enjoyed!!