sideway picture

Some things I've picked up on drawing realistically:

—–The tips on blending/ base color are mostly for prismacolor pencils but could be true for other things. Everything else is kinda general.—–

-Always have a good outline before you start, if your outline is shitty there is no possible way filling it in will make it better so make your outline as accurate as possible.

-99.999999% of all artwork goes through a “this looks like trash” phase… so just keep on powering through it’s not going to get better by throwing it out and starting again 1/5 of the way through… look for ways to fix it

-use ur eraser/ paint over and fix mistakes

Work from background to foreground (back to front obejects) if your doing a background color/paint that in first. Then work on the next farthest thing. Color the inside of the eye before you do they eyelashes/ waterline

-if your subject os wearing makeup/tattoos/etc you should put down their normal skin tone first, then put on the makeup. It’s how real makeup/tattoos work and it will ensure if you screw up it will completely erase and not stain the paper underneath so you won’t have to worry about having some dark erase mark where you went out too far.

-stay away from using the color black when shading non-grey/black subjects. Unless your trying to do the shading for something black/white/grey/ or extremely dark colors (like navy blue that is so dark it looks like it could be black) avoid it, it isn’t realistic.

-human flesh tones aren’t just variations of peach/tans/browns/etc. depending on the skin tones your trying to achieve you could need turquoise, pink, purple, green, gold, blue, red, yellow, and/or a mix of everything.

-you should have a base color of the lightest highlight of the area then put the darker shading on top of it, then you can add that light color on top to blend and soften. Additionally having the lightest highlight as your base tint will ensure if you screw up on shading you can erase and not have dark erase marks as the color that ‘stains’ the paper is the lightest

-grids are your friend, use grids

-use a reference, you and the rest of the world most likely will not be able to remember things perfect from memory. Trust me even if you just want to draw a tiger

-Many schools will not want you to work from photo references for a still life project as it is actually much easier to work from photos than from real life, but if they allow it you should not feel ashamed if you want to make it less stressful on yourself and take a picture of the subject,, remember even tattoo artists will work from a photo/premade drawing in addition to a direct outline on the skin

-art is hard, nobody can teach you how to draw/paint, they can give tips and pointers to help you

-if the person in your portrait has the wrong expression, like they are to sad/angry looking, try changing the eyebrows… I’ve been in high art classes for years and didn’t know that until last week when I complained on the internet that my portrait subject looked too sad and somebody commented to check the eyebrows and it changed my life and the entire mood of the subject

-if you’re just drawing for fun (fan art, etc) you can *whispers really secretively* trace the outline *17 gasps heard from across the country* honestly I’m guilty of just not feeling like spending 6 hours perfectly proportioning the base outline of things, especially people (again, shitty base outline, shitty final product) so I will sit and zoom in on a pic on my phone/laptop and trace it. Also it’s not like it makes your art any less impressive, filling in color/shading and blending right is all up to you and that can make or break your drawing and that is something you literally can’t trace.

- ALWAYS TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR ART WHILE YOU ARE WORKING ON IT… like progression pics. SEEING YOUR DRAWING IN PHOTO FORM WILL MAKE YOU NOTICE THINGS THAT ARE OFF (color, proportion, etc). Trust me take pictures as you go, if something is off in the photo, fix it and take another (it’s more effective than that whole ‘turn your picture sideways bullshit’ trust me it’s what has saved so many drawings.

-if you take a break from a drawing, put it somewhere where you won’t see it every 5 seconds. When you come back to it you might notice even minute things that are off (and trust me a minute detail can change your entire piece

-white is really helpful for blending skin tones (yes even darker skin tones) again this is true for colored pencils, not sure how it would fair for other media

-If you THINK you see some kind of color tint, you probably do, make sure you try to add in just that little hint of it.

-backgrounds are hard when you are one to lose interest on anything that isn’t the main subject so if that’s u, you’re not alone I hate them too

-pencil cap erasers are your best friend, not just because you go through erasers a lot, but because they are fine tipped so you can erase small areas

-you will almost always be able to see some kind of lines if you’re using colored pencils/etc so make sure as you go, those lines work with the drawing. Color hair in the way the direction the hair is going, etc (like sanding with the (metaphorical) grain)

-the face is the most important aspect to get realistic (especially the eyes). If you have a really great face it will distract from weak points in fabrics, backgrounds, etc

I use etc a lot hope I helped someone out there

A visual arts student who had to figure all of this stuff out on her own

dan and phil play faceapp: a summary


“any cardboard box can be turned into something beautiful”

how long before dan promos the merch

this definitely wasn’t scheduled beforehand

they stole the dvp board even though it technically belongs to their old landlord

discussing furnishings

if they still have cardboard boxes in the background in ten weeks time we can shout at them or let them know if you’re into that kind of thing

“i give this channel one week before we get evicted”


appropriate but weak phil

i’ll let you off because you’ve been moving and you’re tired

and cute

that helps


this is a video that phil basically said ‘dan can we do this’ and it’s proven dan is still wrapped around his little finger

“we have to do it while it’s still relevant” mate you’re not exactly plummeting in views bloody hell

i like the insight into his camera roll

why is the danieldreamx liveshow thumbnail there

throwback to the ladybird jumper selfie

dan stop dragging him

that attractive chin angle

“apparently phil can’t take a selfie” i fucking relate

apparently phil is slightly scared and startled all the time

and the first scream of the new dapg era is upon us

rip headphone users

someone needs to put that as a jumpscare in the comments

phil speaking about having straight teeth made me sadder than it should’ve

the old filter aka “six months into the future” according to dan

the fond look from phil

“it’s seven months into the future at least”

every old!phil trope needs to be rewritten

“if you keep your current hair you will be the coolest old guy” dan still rolling in the compliments

“let’s not be ageists”

shoutout to the over 65s watching

phil looks like his grandad apparently

“i look like me but younger but that’s not what i looked like when i was younger”

just got a full close up of dans crusty ass lips that’s another one to add to the jumpscare list

dan doesn’t like female phil

“it’s like a horrible alternate universe” someone’s gonna be scouring the au tag, have fun dan

“i’m a bit scarlett johannson-y”

“clearly your hairstyle is ready to go for the female app”

celestial glowing earrings

“i would avoid him in a dark alley” says phil about himself as a… man

“that is the phil that never got a myspace account and became a builder” now there’s an au dan is either going to write himself or search for

“normy phil”

“you look so average” dan pls we know you think he’s beautiful but we’re only five minutes into the video control yourself

dan’s turn on the weird app

'neutral face’

'dan with a soul’: “i look like a mouse person” // “you look like a rabbit person!”

phil the savage my one true love

“i like it. i wanna be friends with him instead of you” wow phil you absolute savage drag him more

“it’s like you put a hoover against your ear and sucked out your soul” phil looks legitimately scared i’m

“old dan! old danny! old danny slice” phil chants whilst looking over fondly

dan’s impersonation of his old self: “i’m old but you still would”

“derek has imploded”

“you’re like an anime child”

“let’s meet danielle!” phil is way too into this

“i look like louise! that is a picture of louise!” // “it is louise… or is it a bit of zoe as well?”

phil doesn’t know zoe and louise’s ship name

come on phil they had a shop back in the day where even were you in the old days

they both watched your videos

“do you even lesbian on wattpad?” dan revealing more of his plans for that night

okay he got the ship name in the end nice one philly

“i like to think that if i, as a female or just as dan now, embraced eye makeup, it would be a bit cooler than that, that’s a bit normal”

he’d do a smoky eye, phil was more than happy to help him draw that conclusion

calling all fic writers; this is your chance

“am i already the hunky dan i wish i was?”

phil looks so excited to see 'male’ dan

“you look… very angry” i wonder if that’s code for if phil’s into it or not

“it’s really square-ified my face like let’s give this lad a chin that he doesn’t have”

oh nice dan would fuck himself

calling all fic writers; i’m begging you please please don’t

now the camera roll pictures make sense okay here we go

phil’s aesthetic twitter icon has a creepy ass filtered smile

“that’s phol. p-h-o-l. that’s your doot there” alright dan calm yourself lad

dans twitter icon’s turn

“i hate that profile picture… because i have curly hair now, i need to get a new icon that embraces the curls” finally he’s saying stuff i can get onboard with

phil stop trying to stop him from changing it

make it your lockscreen if you want to see it everyday but let the man change his damn icon

“rabbit dan is back”

pastel dan as an old guy: “he’s so cute!” says phil

phil’s selfie with the hair dye on okay dude

“i literally think that’s what i’d look like as a girl” why does he only have one set of eyelashes tho

“that is amazingphillipa”

“ah your really cringe selfie!” // “it wasn’t cringe!” dan is getting his revenge drags in

he nailed the caption according to dan

also contact i am all over that i definitely haven’t rewound it four times

the first american names they think of are kyle (phil) and cody (dan)

i ship it

what the fuck is this last picture

sideways dan

he has like three teeth i’m laughing so much what the

pirate!dan, he said so himself

what the fuck is the smile filter……. add it to the jumpscare list

also in case you’re curious we do say stuff like that in the north, philly ain’t lying to you

aaaaaaand here’s the merch promo

i feel sad that my moon head doesn’t suit hats rip

“good luck sleeping” i don’t think you’ll be sleeping dan sounds like you have a fic filled night ahead of you

oh god the photoshop make it stop right now i hate this endscreen why am i still here

i wonder what faces they’re pulling behind the photoshop

“don’t swap faces with people because it’s really demonic bye”



Chat Noir Finds Out (Part 4)

Summary: Things get serious this chapter. Way serious.

Next Part || Part 1, 2, 3 || Ao3 Link || Other Works

I did say I was gonna post this soon. The next chapter is half-way done and is just as terrible so have this where I set up for all the events and things. c; A lot of just Chat thinking here.

Also, remember when I mentioned that this started out as an angst fic? Welp, here you go.

Chapter 4: Still The Night After Chat Noir Found Out

Chat Noir already knew too much.

After everything was cleaned up—again—and Marinette had changed out of her milk-soaked shirt, Chat Noir decided it was time to finally confess his sins. Because Ladybug totally had a crush on him too and there was nothing to fear anymore.

Except maybe her wrath for betraying her trust, but he was sure she wouldn’t kill him if he explained it was a complete accident. She would surely understand and not decide to murder him. Probably. Hopefully.

But just as he was starting to speak, Marinette let out a despondent sigh, and he was forced to hold his tongue on the matter. Instead, he asked, “Something wrong?”

Marinette looked at him sideways from her chaise and then flopped down on it. “Since you’re here, Chat,” she said as she buried her face in her throw pillow, “I hope you don’t mind if I ask your advice on something.”

He frowned at her tone and rolled the desk chair he was perched on closer to her. Helping his Lady always came before any of his own agendas. “What is it, princess?”

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I don’t know why the normal picture is sideways. It’s not like that in my gallery. Anyway. I got bored so I decided to draw myself. It is by no means perfect but I tried my hardest and I think it looks pretty good. I’m not an artist that’s for sure. I even asked @purrtlepuff some advice on what I could fix.

The point is, if someone says your not a good artist, don’t listen to them, even if that person is yourself. They say you are your own worst enemy. Yes give yourself criticism but don’t tell yourself that your bad. That goes with anything you do. If your passionate about something, do it. Don’t let anyone, anything, or yourself stand in your way.

~Mama Scribb.

Okay so I took the picture fucking sideways apparently but I’m too tired to take it again so tilt ya phones and heads.
Sammy Lawrence Cosplay Day 3 Progress:
Finished painting the mask, all that’s left are the pant’s and morph suit
(Every detail was hand painted please give me notes for my suffering I think I drank the paint water at one point)

sweetiefiend  asked:

Can do you egoflapbang cuddles? :D

I sure as frick frack diddly dack can! 

“There’s gotta be a non-romantic angle we can spin on this so we can put it on Instagram,” Vernon whispered, turning his phone sideways to take pictures now. His thumb was flying over the button in the bottom center of the screen and Brian wasn’t sure what he might need with hundreds of copies of the same picture, but hey, he had an entire album in his phone labeled “Dan’s Nubile Crotch from a Court-Ordained Distance”, so who was he to talk.

“An angle?” Ross deadpanned in his dry “this is an obvious joke but one I must make nonetheless” voice. “Or your devil?”

He went largely ignored as Vernon tiptoed over to Barry and started scrolling through the dozens of pictures on his phone, as if Barry wasn’t standing a few inches away from the sight himself.

The sight being, Dan, flanked by both Arin and Suzy, curled up and snoozing peacefully on one of their enormous beanbag chairs. Not so enormous, however, that it comfortably accommodated three grown people, so there was a lot of overlap, particularly of the Hanson/Berhow variety, each occupying one of Danny’s pectorals.

“If they just took the cuteness down one peg,” Barry lamented, eyeing Arin and Suzy’s clasped hands over Dan’s stomach and the way one of Danny’s giant tree-branch arms circled the two of them.

“They’re all cuddle bugs, anyway, and it’s not like people don’t know that,” Vernon muttered, switching to his Snapchat camera now. “I’m sending this to Holly.”

“We could put it on the Snapchat,” Brian reasoned. “For, like, a second. Cock tease the shit out of everyone.”

His eyes fell back to the pile of limbs on the giant black cushion.

Suzy was curled up the smallest, even by her usual standards compared to her husband and boyfriend. She had barely any makeup on today, no fake eyelashes or her usual dramatic wings, and was wearing shorts and drowning in an enormous Diamond Dogs hoodie. 

Arin wore his harem pants, his new favorite part of his wardrobe, and an ancient-looking Zelda shirt. His hair was free of his ponytail and covered half his eyes as he snored softly away.

Dan, naturally, had his feet hanging off of the beanbag and his customary Giants beanie pulled low over his eyes, creating a curtain of brown curls that went as far as his nose.

Because forty percent of this trio was hair, he couldn’t see them at the moment, but he knew that each of them had dark circles under their eyes and were fully dead to the world.

The three of them had been working themselves to the bone for the past few months now, with convention season in full swing and working around new Game Grumps live dates, charity streams Suzy’s gaming channel becoming bigger and bigger, Arin organizing more guests for Guest Grumps, Dan and Brian setting up more tour dates at even bigger venues, all while keeping a full recording schedule, Brian knew they’d barely had time to see each other outside of grumping, let alone do any gross, couple-y things.

He was glad that, at last, they had a moment alone.

“Should we draw on them?” he asked.

“No!” Vernon hissed, scowling. “They’re precious day-old donut holes, too tired, but still sweet enough for this world. We must leave them be.”

“I’m gonna draw on them, just because you said that,” Brian said, turning and crossing towards his desk and his special cup of face-drawing utensils.

While deliberating between red or a festive green, he heard Vernon make a noise so high-pitched, he worried for the Grump office windows.

“Oh, Brian! Brian, we have to upload it now!” he was squealing as Brian came back over, to find what was, admittedly, a vomit-inducing sight.

Mochi and Mimi were now slinking into the pile, the latter of laying himself across Dan’s neck like a fluffy stole, while the former was stretched along Suzy’s side, squeezed between her and Dan.

“All right,” Brian conceded, while Vernon was already snapping more pictures. “Make sure to caption it: ‘Danny, Arin, and Suzy have all been slain, only the cats remain. The fate of Game Grumps is as of yet, undecided.’”

Dan turned his head sleepily, tucking his nose into Arin’s hair and inhaling. His arm unconsciously tightened just a little across Arin’s back. Brian smiled.

“No less than thirty heart emojis.”

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Like with my photo op with Jared, I loved when I got close enough in line to see him interact with other fans. He’s so sincere and attentive, and it was lovely to watch him try to have a special moment with each person in line. 

When it was my turn, I handed the Creation employee my picture and she passed it to Jared. When he saw it he laughed so loud and uninhibited I was taken aback a bit. I’m pretty sure I’m never going to forget that sound. Then he took a few seconds to really look at it. It’s a bit hard to tell from the scan, but all but one of the pictures is pretty big so I think he was reading the tweets and the little stamps I’d added. Then he looked up at me smiling and said, “This is awesome!” I watched his hands as he signed it (guh) and then I gave him The Sam Girl’s Guide to Sam Winchester and did my best to explain what it was before walking away. I got so nervous as I was telling him about the booklet that so many other things I wanted to say slipped my mind. In particular, I wanted to apologize for being an unsocialized dolt during my photo op and thank him for being so patient with me. I also really wanted to tell him how happy I was that we saw Gen and that I hope she got to see how much we really love her. (The cheering when she came on stage during Jared and Jensen’s panel felt longer and louder than when even the boys first walked out, and I was really happy about that.)

He doesn’t even go here!

Jensen’s autograph table was across the room from Jared’s, with them facing away from each other. When I got close enough in line to see the boys, I spent the time soaking up the view of Jared’s head and back (through the throng of six Creation employees circling him, that is). When I got to the point in line (which went straight, then turned in a U so you could get your autograph, and then walk straight out without running into anyone) where I was directly behind the person getting their autograph, I was still gazing at Jared like a weirdo. After Jensen finished with that person and before he moved onto the next one, he looked up at me for a moment. He must have thought I was creepily staring at him lol but I was looking across the room at Jared, trying to savor my last look at him.

Then when it was my turn about 2-3 people later, I handed the employee my picture (already signed by Jared at the bottom) and Jensen tried to take it but when he saw it he did a double take and ended up bending the page (which you can see a bit in the white creases along the bottom, on the picture of the cheek kiss and the bottom right most pic– Jensen did that). He stared at it silently for a moment while I waited with bated breath, then he said in a completely, 100% serious voice, “I can tell this isn’t from our show because we don’t do cheesy shit like this” and he pointed at the center-most picture of Stephen lifting up his shirt. I was pretty surprised to hear him curse and it was on the tip of my tongue to ask if he was jealous, but he did not look like he was kidding around and I didn’t want to poke the bear.

Technically, only the bottom left picture is from Stephen’s show, but that was probably not really Jensen’s issue. So instead I went with distraction and pointed out shirtless Jared and said, “Jared’s in it, too!” Completely contradicting the first thing he said to me, Jensen goes, “Yeah, but that’s from the show.” ?? Okay, buddy. I told him that no, Jared tweeted that picture (and since the whole theme of the collage is Stephen and Jared, he probably took that to mean he tweeted it to Stephen, which Jared technically did). Jensen then looked at me like ummmm, no and said, “That’s not from our show?” and pointed at the anti-possession tattoo on Jared’s chest (side note: Jensen’s hands are even more glorious in person and if I hadn’t been busy arguing with Jensen Ackles about shirtless pictures of Jared I probably would have swooned). So then I pointed out Thomas and told him that Jared had tweeted that picture from set and said that Thomas was “the white arrow.” He didn’t say anything for a moment and I…can’t really describe his face as anything other than bummed out. His eyes were wide like he was surprised (I’m pretty sure he was going to look it up later or ask Jared to confirm I wasn’t lying) and finally said, “Whatever you say” LIKE A PETULANT BABY WHO CAN’T ADMIT WHEN HE’S WRONG. It was honestly kind of cute getting to see grumpy Jensen up close and personal. So he turned the picture sideways and signed it and he had trouble lifting it up to hand back to me. (Stop creasing my autograph, Ackles.) As I was getting ready to move on, I told him I marathoned Friends With Benefits on Netflix and thought Danneel was awesome in it. He was very gracious; nodded his head and thanked me, but i’m pretty sure it was too late to improve his overall of opinion of me (eek, sorry, man).

As I left the room, I started laughing because I felt like I’d just walked into a fanfic. Overall, it was an amazing experience to meet them both and I still get giddy thinking about it. I’m so, so blessed to have Ela as a friend. Without her, neither of these autos would have been possible for me, but she insisted I not only use her Jared auto, but also her Jensen one, as this was probably the only con I’ll ever get to go to.

Imagine seeing Woozi’s baby pictures and cooing at how cute he was ((and still is))

BONUS: When you’re so preoccupied with the pictures, you didn’t notice a pouty Woozi at the corner of the room, planning ways to try to take his pictures away from you.


I hate how the pictures are sideways 😒️😒️😒️😒️
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