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Christian Yu x Reader: Let Me Explain - Chapter 4

Chapter 1: These Seoul Streets. | Chapter 2: Uninvited GuestsChapter 3: Confrontation

Chapter 4: Who Would’ve Thought? 

Word count: 4825 (omg I know it’s the longest one yet)

Series type: Angst, Smut (in later chapters) & Fluff.

Warnings: Bad language.

Additional Characters: DPR LIVE (Dabin) and mentions of other artists/fictional characters.

Rough summary: Christian is your boss but also your best friend. You both have feelings for each other but his way of living complicates your relationship.

A/N: Yooooo the response on chapter 3 was crazy! I didn’t expect it at all. I’m sorry for giving you all heart attacks and thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting these series! Seriously ;) Also keep in mind English is not my first language therefore there might me some spelling/grammar mistakes


“Y/n open your eyes; can you hear me?”

“Y/n wake up”

“Y/n come on love, don’t do this to me right now!”

You can’t respond. You heard his voice though. It was him. You were sure of it.

Where were you? What happened? Why can’t you open your damn eyes?


“Stop yelling her name, it obviously won’t wake her up.” A female voice this time.

Whose voice was it?

“What the fuck happened?” he asked, he was worried. He sounded anxious.

“I don’t know. I was sleeping and a loud ass thud woke me up and when I got up to look she was just laying there on the bathroom floor.” The female voice answered.

Bathroom floor? The bathroom?

The bathroom!

Yura!? Yura was in his bed! She was there!

In a shocked and panicked state your body jolted forward. You widely open your eyes and start to hyperventilate. What the fuck is happening? You’ve never had this before. You desperately look at your surroundings; you were on his couch. In his living room.

Unable to calm down you feel two firm hands on your shoulders. It’s Christian.

“Y/N shhhh it’s okay! It’s okay! It’s me, it’s me!” Christian said grabbing your face trying to get you to keep looking at him. But all you could look at was her.

The panic in your body shifted to anger. Giving Christian a venomous look.

“What the fuck is she doing here Ian?” you nearly yell at him swatting his hands off of you. Your heart was raising like crazy and all the emotions you felt before you collapsed came rushing back, making your blood boil even more.

“Babe calm down. Please” He begs putting his hands in front of him, showing you he won’t touch you anymore. “We don’t know how much you’ve hurt yourself yet. If you don’t calm down, it’ll get worse” he says cautiously looking at you.

You fainted or blacked out. Guessing the lack of sleep and malnutrition mixed with shock had gotten the best of you.

“He’s right, you must’ve hit your head pretty hard on the tile floor when you fainted.” She says cocking her head sideways while crossing her arms.

You look at her again and jump up, ready to rip her extensions out of her head when you suddenly feel light headed again.

Christian immediately jumped up when you did, and when he noticed your legs were giving out on you he caught you. Making you sit down again while he knelt in front of you.

Yura took a step back with, startled at your actions.

“You need to see a doctor” he says putting one hand on your thigh and another one on your waist

“No, you need to tell me why she was sleeping in your god damn bed” you say angrily and look down at his hand, smacking it away again. “And don’t fucking touch me Christian!” you yell at him this time.

He sighed. “I was going to tell you when you had fully calmed down and had some food, I swear.”

You only look at him, the both of you completely ignoring Yura’s existence.

Eventually Christian turned around, looking at her. “Could you leave us alone for a minute?”

Your eyes don’t leave him. You refuse to look at her. Knowing it would just make you more and more angry.

“Sure.” Her voice sounded sad for some reason. He waited until she was out of the room and diverted his attention back to you.

He looked at you, still knelt down in front of you. Not knowing how to start.

You looked straight into his eyes and crossed your arms. “I don’t think you quite understand how much it takes from me not to slap you across the face right now” you eventually say still looking straight at his face.

He sighed getting up and sitting beside you on the couch again.

This time you don’t look at him. The silence made it impossible for you to ignore the pounding pain and pressure on your head. You squint your eyes closed, trying to bare it.

“Y/n are you sure you feel fine?” he asks again just to be sure.

You know it’s childish but you don’t answer him. Not until he explains.

He sighs after realizing you won’t talk to him and he leans back, running his hand through his hair.

“She’s been staying here ever since that night” he finally says.

You slowly turn your head, looking at him, but this time he didn’t look at you.

“She was so drunk when I got back, the YG staffs were nowhere to be found so I just decided to take her home and let her sleep it off but then she told me I couldn’t take her home.”

You just look at him, waiting for him to continue. He finally looks back at you, trying to see if you had calmed down but your jaw was still clenched.

He took a deep breath closing his eyes for a few seconds and opening them again. Looking to the floor.

“Her parents kicked her out because she kept being a YG trainee a secret from them. When it was all over the news that YG was going to debut her, her father found out. They’re really conservative and don’t want her to be an idol or anything like that. Her dad is a lawyer, so he expected her to become one too. Her mom hasn’t even spoken to her about it.”

You unclench your jaw, relaxing a little bit. Looking at the floor not knowing how to feel anymore.

“Keep explaining” you finally say.

His eyes quickly darted back to yours, surprised you spoke to him, but he looked away again when he continued talking.

“She slept at the company or at a staff members’ house, but the staff member told her that she could only stay for a few weeks and when those weeks passed she just stayed at the company’s training center without anyone noticing.”

You chew on the inside of your cheek and sigh. “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Because you kicked me out, remember?” he says looking back at you. You avoid his gaze, suddenly feeling guilty about the situation.

“I didn’t feel the need to tell you because I figured she’d be gone in a couple of days. You still wouldn’t answer my calls or reply to my text messages so after a while I just stopped trying. Figuring that if you wanted to talk you’d show up yourself and well” he says looking at you. “Here you are.”

Noticing how your body language looked more relaxed he decided to continue explaining.

“YG only provides living arrangements for solo artists when they’re debuted.”

“Does that mean she has to stay here longer? I mean does she really not have anyone else to ask for help?”

He chuckled. “You know, she told me she was so desperate that she was going to ask you on the next dance practice, but I told her there wouldn’t be a next one with you. It was after I dropped her from DPR”

“I still don’t understand why you did that” you say under your breath.

“Because I care about you more than any deal on the planet y/n” he says looking at you.

You brush your fingers through your hair and sigh, leaning your elbow on your thigh to rest your head in your hand for support. As your hand touches your head you feel a bump growing on the side of your head.  You flinch as you touch the painful area, trying to act as natural as possible before he noticed you were in pain, but your movements didn’t go unnoticed.

“Are you okay?” he asked sitting up, grabbing your wrist.

“I’m fine.” You say yanking your hand out of his hold.

“You should have told me the minute I walked in” you say staring into distance.

“I see that now, yeah.” He says rolling his eyes. “Uhggg how did I get myself into this mess” he groans throwing his head back onto the couch.

You don’t respond to him and play with your fingers in your lap.

“Where do you sleep” you ask, needing to know the answer desperately.

“The couch” he answered calmly. “I’m barely home and neither is she, this is just a place where I sleep and wash up that’s it, I rarely run into her.”

“I still don’t like it Ian” you close your eyes. “Literally out of all the people on the planet it just has to be her.”

He sat up looking at you. “She’s really not as bas as she seems y/n, I know that’s probably the last thing you want to hear but the whole façade that everyone seems to think is her personality, is fake. It’s just a defense mechanism so no one can get close enough to hurt her feelings.”

He’s right. You really don’t want to hear about how the girl you dislike, who sleeps in his bed and lives in the same space as him; may not be as bad as she seems.

“How much longer?” you ask.

“She said she’ll be outta here in a week, her sister will return from her overseas trip so she’ll stay with her until debut” he explains

Another week? Even though Christian might not have the intention to win her over anymore it still bothered you to your core. Christian has the annoying habit of being a chick magnet. All it takes is being nice for them to fall in love, and even though Yura has a dating ban, you see the way she looks at him.

Your thoughts hurt your heart. You know he didn’t do much wrong…this time.

You’ve heard enough. Unable to handle more information for now.

“I’m going home” you say slowly getting up.

Christian’s eyes shoot up to you, standing up just as quick.

“You are in no condition to drive. You still haven’t eaten, and I’m a thousand percent sure you have some type of a concussion.” He says standing in front of you.

“I’ll just call a cab then” you say trying to walk passed him, but he stops you by grabbing your wrist again.

“No. I don’t want you to be alone.” He says letting go of you.

“Stay” he simply says giving you a hopeful look, hoping that your tired and unstable self would just agree even though he knew that your stubbornness wouldn’t.

“Not while she’s here Christian.” You say. “I just need space. A shower and my own bed.”

“Then I’ll go with you” he tries again, but you simply shake your head declining his offer.

Christian gave up, knowing you wouldn’t listen to him. He decided to do something he wished he didn’t have to do, asking Dabin for help.

The thought of you being alone worried him more than the thought of Dabin spending the night at your place. He knew Dabin would never leave your side if he heard that you hurt yourself, and he was also the only person he could trust to take care of you right now that you wouldn’t decline.

After Christian told you Dabin was on his way to pick you up, you relax. Feeling comfort thinking of him being here soon.

Waiting for him you finally gave in to your heavy eyelids and pounding head. Falling asleep on Christian’s couch.

                                                   - time jump –

You open your eyes slowly, feeling like you were being moved quickly.

Your eyes slowly adjust to the night sky, looking out the window of a familiar car watching other cars drive by in the opposite direction. You were on the high way, on the way home.

You felt nice and warm due to an unfamiliar leather jacket wrapped around your frame, blinking a few more times before you finally look beside you.

It’s Dabin, focused on the road ahead of him.

You shift in your seat, the noise alerting him as he looks at you. Giving you a warm smile as your eyes meet.

“Hey there” he says not too loud and not too soft.

“Hi” your voice was barely audible but you try to crack a weak smile at him.

“Aigoo” he chuckles. “You look like you’ve been through world war 3” he says looking back at the road again.

“I have” you joke clearing your throat a little.

“We’re going to the doctor first thing in the morning you hear me?” he says a little angry. “How do you not take care of yourself enough to the point where you faint y/n?”

You just nod like a little kid being told off, looking at your expression his face softens, sighing at the sight of you.

“But first you need lots of sleep okay?” he says steering with one hand and softly petting your head with his other.

He accidently touches the bump on your head making you flinch. You smack his arm in response.

“Ouch!” you whine.

“Fuck, Sorry. I forgot.” He says putting both of his hand back on the steering wheel again.

                                                   - time jump –

you enter your apartment. The smell of amber and vanilla welcomes you. You inhale and exhale deeply, feeling comfortable to be back home.

Dabin walked closely behind you, watching your every move.

“I’m okaaaay” you sigh, annoyed at his tense behavior.

“Are you sure you don’t want to eat?” he asks putting your handbag down on your kitchen counter.

“I just want to shower and go to sleep.”

“Okay, but eh y/n don’t lock the bathroom door just in case, alright?” he says sitting down on your couch and turning on the TV.

You roll your eyes and chuckle. “I won’t collapse again. I promise”

“You better not” he says following your movements with his eyes.  

After you shower and put on your pajama’s you feel at least a hundred times better.

Dabin convinced you to eat a protein bar you had laying around before you went to sleep, and you had to admit. Even though the sight of it made you want to puke, you did feel better after consuming it.

He made sure your phone was in your charger. He even tidied your place up a bit when you were already sleeping.

He returned to your room, walking towards your bedside table, turning of the little light you always had on to fall asleep.

“Sleep tight y/n” he softly whispers pulling your covers over you.

He walked back to your living room, getting comfortable on your couch, reaching for his phone to text Christian, knowing he would be stressed out of the rest of the night if he didn’t know how you were doing right now.

                                                     - time jump –

Dabin opened the door for Christian. He walked in with bags filled with take out.

Dabin rubbed his hands together taking the food from Christian. “Fooo-ooood” Dabin says overjoyed as he walks towards your kitchen immediately. Christian just chuckled, taking off his shoes.

He walked into your living room, feeling somewhat weird being here again. The last time he was here he didn’t make it past the hallway.

He sighs walking towards Dabin, sitting down on one of the high stools behind your breakfast bar.

“Is she still asleep?” he asks watching Dabin devour the food already.

“Yah-yah-yah! Chew before you swallow” Christian says throwing a napkin at Dabin’s face.

“I’m hangry leave me alone.” Dabin says catching the napkin to wipe his mouth.

Christian leaned back on the stool. “Is she?”

Dabin simply nods as he takes another bite of his burrito.

Christian got up “I’ll go check on her” he says walking towards your bedroom leaving Dabin alone with his food.

He opened the door slightly and put his head through, checking to see if you were still asleep, and you were.

He walked in, slowly closing the door behind him, sitting down on the bed beside you.

He smiled looking at your sleeping state. He sweetly put your hair out of your face and put some strands of hair behind your ear. Taking his hand down further to caress your back.

He suddenly felt your fingers intertwine with his other hand. And he looked down to see you looking at him.

Your sudden act of affection surprised him a little, but he understood. You were sorry for jumping to conclusions, no matter how fucked up the situation at hand is right now.

“Hey” he whispers softly squeezing your hand, lifting it up to kiss the back of your hand.

“Hi” you greet him back staring at him. Your voice was raspy and low from just waking up.

“Can I join?” he asked giving you a little smile.

You nod shyly and scooch over.

He quickly got under the covers with you, you lay your head on his chest, wrapping your arm around his waist. He also wrapped his arm around yours, running his fingers through your hair the way you like it, making sure to avoid the bump on the side of your head.

He kissed your forehead. Closing his eyes. This is the first peaceful moment in forever.

Christian sighs, opening his eyes again after a minute or two.

“How do we get back to where we were?” he asks, mostly to himself but also to you.

You open your eyes hugging him tighter, not wanting to return to reality where your relationship is still too difficult to comprehend.

“Baby steps” you say. “It’ll take time”

“Luckily we have plenty of time.” He says caressing your back again. “I promise I won’t be a fuck up anymore. But you have to promise me that if something happens, you have to give me a chance and let me explain.”

You nod against his chest. Closing your eyes again

                                                    - time jump –

A week has passed.

Today was the day that Yura would move out as promised. Christian and you have been slowly working on your relationship again, taking it day by day. You have talked some things through and you made it clear to him that mending your trust would take time. He has been amazing to you though. Always checking in on you and calling, bringing over food because he knew you’d be too busy to cook. You even started tagging each other in meme’s again. 

You had a mild concussion from your fall, and were able to go back to work after just a few days of bed rest. You ate and slept a lot through these days, trying to get yourself back to optimum health before you got back to work.

Dabin and Christian would take turns to check on you, the first day it was cute, but on the third and last day it started to get annoying how they wouldn’t leave you alone.  It felt like old times though. How you would just laugh and mess around with each other. You smiled to yourself, thinking back to last night when the three of you watched a horror movie together and how Ian and Dabin would jump, scream and hug each other out of fear. Pussy’s. 

You park your car and get out, closing the door. 

You arrived at the YG training center. Taking in a deep breath before you entered.

You decided to give Yura another chance. Feeling bad for her with everything that has been going on in her life. You enter the dance studio and see her sitting down, stretching, just like you always told her to do before practices. She looked at you surprised when you walked in. Standing up immediately.

“Oh…eonnie…What are you doing here?” she asks cautiously.

You place down your bag walking to the sound system to connect your phone to it.

“Sorry I’m late” is all you say.

She immediately got the hint. Her confused and cautious facial expression shifted to a slight smile.

“T-thank you eonnie, I’m really sorry about everything that happened, I never intended to come between the two of you and- “

you stop her from talking anymore. Not wanting to ruin your good mood.

“Let’s put that behind us. We both acted crazy.” You sitting down on the floor with her.

“Christian oppa was the only person willing to help me out. I would have asked you too but we weren’t exactly getting along well…”

“You know, I would have let you stay with me. Not out of pity, but because that would make me a lot more comfortable than knowing you were with him every single night.” You say honestly.

She blinks a few times at your words. “I did like him.” She suddenly says.

You look up at her, surprised at her confession. “You did?”

“The first night” she sighs “The first night I tried to come on to him but he declined me, telling me he was already seeing someone.” She says looking to the floor.

“Wait what?” you say trying to get her to tell you more.

“When Christian oppa told me he was seeing you, I was so sad. I immaturely put his clothes on when I came to the meeting, knowing you’d be there.” She says embarrassed looking to the floor.

You just stare at her. Unable to wrap your head around her words, you just burst out laughing.

She looks at you surprised and awkwardly laughs with you.

“I’m still…really sorry eonnie” she says.

“It’s okay. I know how easy it is to fall for him” you say stretching your legs. “Let’s begin okay?”

                                                   - time jump –

You drank some water and sat down on a bench looking at Yura lay on the floor spreading her arms and legs, panting out of exhaustion.

“You did well today” you say taking another sip before throwing the water bottle to her so she could have a sip.

She caught it with both hands, quickly drinking out of it as if she had been dehydrated for a couple of days.

“I tried extra hard today” she says getting up and stretching out.

“You better. I would have walked right out again if you didn’t” you say in your teacher like tone.

Your phone rang, it was Christian.

“Hey, where are you? I’m at your house but you’re nowhere to be found.” He says.

You quickly look at Yura who was on her own phone, probably going through social media.

“I’m at YG” you say

He didn’t respond.

“…Ian?” you ask.

“uhh why?” he eventually answered.

“I’m giving Yura another chance.” You say, hearing her name she looked up at you. Knowing who you were on the phone with she paid a little more attention.

“I figured that if I could give you another chance than I could give her one too.” You say pursing your lips together.

Yura smiled to herself at your words, and focused back on her phone again.

“Does…that mean…you’re back with DPR?” he asks cautiously.

You sigh. “Yes”

“Oh my god!” he nearly screams through the phone. Ecstatic and relieved.

You hold the phone a little further from your ear at his loud voice. “If that’s okay with you of course” you say teasing him a little.

“Of course it is. Without a doubt. No fucking question about it.”

You were happy that he was happy again. Things really were slowly getting back to normal, he might even still have a chance to direct her mv.

“I’ll be there in 10” he says hanging up.

You chuckle at your phone and put it down.

“Was that Christian oppa?” Yura asked getting up.

You just nod and give her a soft smile. “He’ll be here soon, If you freshen up we’ll give you a ride to your sisters place. “

She nods, taking her towel and her phone “Thanks eonnie” she says walking to the ladies’ room to change in clean non-sweat-drenched clothes.

You close your eyes, content with being alone in silence for a little bit. How did all of this happen in just 10 days. You feel like the past two weeks were just as long as two months.

After exactly 10 minutes Christian and Dabin walked in. You greet both of them with hugs and they sit down on the floor with you, waiting for Yura.

“This is literally the last place I expected to find you in” Dabin says scratching his head.

“I decided to be the bigger person” you say shrugging.

Christian just smiled at you, giving you a kiss on your cheek.

“Stop that shit, not in front of me.” Dabin says dramatically waving his hands around.

The both of you just chuckle, when finally Yura walks in. The look in her eyes alerted the three of you.

“We have a problem” she says in a panicked voice.

The three of you got up, walking over to her when she shows all of you an article on her phone.

“Former Kpop Idol and now director Christian Yu dating Kim Yura. YG’ Entertainments new gem.” you read out loud.

Christian’s eyes widened and so did Dabin’s. You swallow harshly. Oh fuck no.

“What the f-“ Christian says not finishing his sentence, taking Yura’s phone from her.

He clicked on the aticle to see what it says.

“Kim Yura was allegedly spotted going in and out of his house for 10 days in a row, confirming the fact that Kim Yura and Christian Yu, formerly known as Rome from C-Clown share an intimate relationship together.” He reads out loud.

He scrolled down. Looking at the “proof” seeing dispatch photos of the both of them outside of his house.

“This was today…when I helped her move her stuff to her sisters’ place.” he says still not believing his eyes.

Christian’s eyes dart to you, checking your facial expression. But your attention was diverted to Yura, who was now crying.

You rub her back trying to comfort her. “Oh my god if my manager sees this. If Yang Hyun Suk sajang-nim sees this!” she says choking up.

Dabin stood there awkwardly. Not knowing what to do given the fact he didn’t know Yura all too well.

“I’ll get you some water” he says escaping the scene.

Christian sat down on the bench. Looking at Yura crying on your shoulder.

This is literally the worst thing that could happen to a rookie idol. Dating scandals were awful to begin with, especially when they weren’t true, but try to explain that to the media and the public.

You felt bad for her, Christian wouldn’t suffer much damage from this, none at all actually. Maybe people in the industry would talk but he could simply clarify the situation to them. If anything this was publicity for him, but for her. Her whole world must be falling apart.

At that Dabin returns with a man behind him. He awkwardly stood behind Christian. Wrapping his arms around Christian’s neck, watching the scene unfold.

It was Lee Hyung Suk, Yura’s manager.

“I saw the article” he says dryly.

Yura looked to the floor facing him. “I-it’s not true”


She squinted her eyes closed, ready to take a verbal beating but you stepped in front of her.

“Hey, if you would have just arranged a place for her to live none of this would have happened.” You say angrily.

Dabin, Christian, Yura and her manager looked at you with a surprised expression on their faces.

Who would’ve thought you out of all people, would defend Kim Yura.

“Excuse me young lady?” he says looking you in the eye. He’s scary. Really scary. “We can just tell them the truth right? About her parents” You eventually say.

“Absolutely not. Having a rebellious daughter who disobeys the wishes of her parents is far worse than a dating scandal. We can make a better story out of this” he says as if it’s no big deal.

“A better story?” Christian asks getting up.

“Let’s just go with it for a while” Her manager says, looking at Christian.

“If we take this opportunity and mold it our own way we could take this ‘scandal’ and turn it into something worthwhile for the both of you”

Yura stayed quiet, quickly looking at you and Christian.

“Let’s just go with it.” Her manager says again.

Christian looked at him startled. “I don’t…” he starts. “If you don’t want to that’s fine also, but that means you’ll ruin her career before it has even begun.” Hyung Suk states crossing his arms.

“Oppa” Yura says. All of you look at her. “I know I have asked the world from you already. But if you do this for me, I promise I will never bother you again. I just really don’t know what to do anymore.” She says as tears fall down her face.

You take a step back, looking at Christian with burning eyes but he didn’t look back at you. Dabin looked at you knowing that if Christian agreed on doing this. Your heart would break, again.

He walked towards Yura, wiping her tears away.

“Stop crying.” He says letting go of her and looking at Lee Hyung Suk. “Well?” Hyung suk asks.

You close your eyes.

“Fine” Christian says “I’ll do it.”

Chapter 5 

some qrow branwen shit

Okay. So I love Qrow’s character design more than anything. It’s such a perfect fit for him and I can’t picture him in anything else. 

However, there is one aspect of it that has had me thinking since the beginning. Something that has made me more curious over time.

Okay, this drunk birdman seems to be the last person who would wear a cross necklace, right? BUT. I did some research on sideways crosses. I found out that in Norse mythology, a necklace of a sideways cross often means the loss of something you once loved and needed. It’s usually seen as a type of mourning emblem. (We’ve already seen some things in the show that hail from Norse mythology. Such as the Nuckelavee.) So, my brain started working. Who would Qrow grieve over so heavily that he would wear something like this. WAIT.

I’m not pushing Flown North here, but…

hate me now;

shin hoseok | love is a fleeting feeling. it’d be nice if that thought was mutual. | 2.9k words. | just pure angst. | based off “how can I say?” by day6 and “honestly” by monsta x. sequel: today, i smile.

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Study Buddies Part 1 - Zach Dempsey


Part 2

Word Count: 1,097

Warnings: None I think? Romance

Plot Summary: Your friend Hannah Baker sets you up with a study buddy you’d rather not have

A/n: First Imagine :D Yay! i wanted to start off with something cute and happy where the reader is friends with Hannah because she deserved so much better that she got <3

The bell rang and the class jumped to their feet and hurried out of the door eager to begin lunch break after the boring double history lesson you had just sat through. You waited for the majority of the class to leave before you got out of you chair in an attempt not to be crushed by the jocks and cheerleaders as they crammed through the door. You walked out into the hallway that was filling with more students by the second to see your best friend Hannah standing across the hallway waiting for you. When she looked up from her phone and saw you her face light up before she carefully dodged the sea of students and stood by your side.

“Where are we eating today?” you asked as she linked her arm with yours as the two of you began walking.

“I thought out on the bleachers, it’s a nice day and I thought I would work on my tan” she laughed as you both walked through the doors into the hot midday sun.

“Work on your tan or watch the boys mess about on the field?” you asked raising your eyebrow and looking at her accusingly.

“Ok, ok you got me” she laughed letting go of your arm and climbing the steps up to the middle section of the bleachers.

They were surprisingly empty of students for a day like today you just figured that people had opted for somewhere a little more shaded.

Hannah finally stopped a little way ahead of you and sat in a seat which overlooked the field perfectly, you shook your head and smiled as swung her legs and watched as the boys began throwing the football about purposely aiming at one another’s heads.

You lay down on the bench and covered your eyes with your arm in an attempt to shield your eyes from the sun.

“Why do you insist on sitting out here if you don’t like any of them?” you asked moving your arm slightly to see Hannah turned slightly to you in an attempt to make it a little less obvious that she was watching them.

“Just because I wouldn’t date any of them doesn’t mean that I can’t admire them, no matter what you say they are really hot” she said shaking her head as you let out a sigh.

“I just wish that we could sit inside like everyone else I’m going to end up getting heat stroke” you replied sitting up on the bench and stretching your arms.

“Don’t look but, Zach Dempsey keeps glancing up at you” he said a smile creeping onto her lips as she wiggled her eyebrows at me.

“He’s probably looking at you, you’re the new girl” you said shaking your head at her with a laugh.

“Isn’t he in your biology class?” she asked  choosing to ignore your statement before tuning to face you, sitting cross legged sideways to the bench.

“Yeah, he sits at the back with the jocks. Surprisingly his top of the class and someone told me that he wants to be a marine biologist or something” you said looking over at the boys who were now standing over laughing at Bryce and Justin who were fighting on the floor.

“Maybe you should ask him if he could tutor you then, considering the fact that you are completely flunking that class” she said, the look in her eye told you that she wasn’t about to drop this any time soon.

“Please don’t tell me you aren’t gonna be that kid that plays cupid” you groaned.

“You’ve got double biology after lunch right?” she asked with another smile.

“Yeah, and I am in no way desperate enough to ask a jock for help” you replied.

“Well if you aren’t going to ask him then I will ask him for you” she said.

“God no” you said as she smiled. “Swear to me that you won’t” you said starting to panic.

“I’m not going to make any promises” she said laughing at your reaction.

Before you could say any more the bell rang and she sprinted down the steps and off towards the main building, you sighed in defeat before picking up your bag and walking to registration.

You stood outside of your biology class hesitant to go it, you had hoped Hannah hadn’t found and talked to Zach in time for fifth period but you couldn’t be sure. You swallowed before walking into the class behind some of the other students and made it to your desk making sure not to glance in Zach direction. The teacher walked in announcing that they had a meeting so everyone should use the next two hours to study in the library for the upcoming test. You groaned at the word test, there was no amount of studying that would make you pass that. There were some cheers around the class as “Study Time” basically meant free period to them. The whole class pretty much left the room as soon as the teacher was gone heading in any direction but towards the library. You packed up you books and went to walk out when someone called your name.

“Hey Y/n wait up” came the voice of the one and only Zach Dempsey, you silently promised to get Hannah back before turning to face the jock with a small smile.

“Hey, Zach” you said trying to sound as normal as you could.

You looked up at him, he had grown taller now at least six two and had filled out a lot over the summer so he towered over your small frame.

“Hey, Hannah said you needed a little help with biology work” he said with a small smirk, his fringe falling on his forehead.

“Help?” you laughed, “I need a god damn miracle” you continued earning another smirk from him

“Well if you wanted I could give you a hand, maybe?” he said as you looked at him realising that he wasn’t quite like the other jocks he was shy and had a kindness to him.

“Ok, but I do hope you are as good as people say you are because you sure as hell have your work cut out” you laughed as his face lit up.

“Ok so shall we head over to the library and get started?” he asked grinning like an idiot.

“Yeah lets go” you replied as the two of you walked towards the door, as you left the class room you couldn’t help thinking that perhaps this wouldn’t be so bad after all…

A/n: Well here it is my first imagine, hope you enjoy. I am more than open to constructive criticism and would be happy to write a part 2 if anyone wanted :)

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Qrow's necklace is like a sideways cross. Is it supposed to be a sword or is he like religious or what? Do they even have any of our religions in Remnant?

I think it’s just an aesthetic. Ruby has a cross on her outfit too. I haven’t watched all the World of Remnants so I might have missed something - but they haven’t mentioned any kind of religions in the show. 

Baekhyun : Releasing Stress [Scenario; smut]

“Are you kidding me? Again?!” He slammed his files on the table furiously. This was the umpteeth time he’s been correcting their mistakes and they kept making the same mistake - over and over again until he lost count. If he had a gun he’d shoot himself. They were pushing his buttons and pushing him off the edge until he could explode to pieces. “Why can’t any of you do anything right?!” His voice roared so loud - so strong, his secretary gathered the files together nervously. “I’m s-sorry, sir.”

“No, you’re not.” He deadpanned, “If you were, you wouldn’t make any mistakes. Now get the fuck out, I’ll do it - right.”

She nodded once as she turned on her heels quietly but then she remembered something that caused her to spin back around.

“M-Mr. Byun, t-there’s someone who wants to see you.”

“Tell them I’m busy.” He snapped impatiently, not giving her a chance to tell him who it was. “But Mr-”

“I said, tell them, I'm busy. Do I need to repeat myself twice?” He gritted through his teeth, venomous glare piercing through her body and she gulped - nodding twice frantically before she scrambled out of the door. He threw himself on the leather chair before he swung it around so he was facing the glass wall in front of him where he could see the perfect night view - it would only be perfect if he didn’t have to work overtime because of his worker’s mistakes. It was already late at night and all he wanted to do was go home, have his wife in his arms. This was all messing with his head so badly.

“So, you’re too busy until you can’t make time for me?” A voice spoke up at the door and he swore, he felt his heart skipping a beat. He shot up from the chair to spin around, seeing a goddess by the door frame with a black strapless dress hugging around her body nicely that covered up to her knees. “H-Hey…” His voice was suddenly so soft, in contrast to how he shouted at his secretary earlier. All anger that flushed through his veins was replaced with soft kisses planting all over his body the moment he heard and saw his angel standing there with a warm smile.

Indeed, she was his wife - the one and only.

She closed the door behind her and locked it as she made her way towards him. He fell down onto his chair again, contented this time as she settled down on his lap, legs crossed sideways as her arms naturally crawled around his neck, as his hands greedily planted on her waist. “What are you doing here…?” He asked quietly when she pressed her forehead against his, staring at one another.

“You want me gone?” She raised an eyebrow in amusement and he shook his head tiredly, “God no. You being here actually keeps me sane…”

She frowned softly when she noticed how stressed he was and how incredibly tired he’s become over the few days.

Which leads to why she was here.

“Baek,” She whispered hotly into his ears and his eyes snapped open. He felt this twitch in his pants the moment she shifted on his lap until she was straddling on him. “Y-Yes…?” He croaked out nervously - hoping he was right when she bit his earlobe gently. “I know you’ve been tired and busy lately, but can you spare me some time?”

He nodded his head without hesitation and closed his eyes with a soft hiss when she loosened his tie. She then stood up from his lap, turning him and the chair around as she sat down on the table with her legs crossed, his chair in facing of her and his legs spread out. His hands rested on the arm rest as she pulled him by his tie to slam her lips against his. He got up from his chair, kicking it behind as he settled in between her legs, hands trailing up her thighs until they rested on her frame.

His hands needily reached to the back where he gave her ass a harsh squeeze, causing her to gasp so that his tongue could easily enter her mouth. She moaned quietly, arms wounding around his neck when his lips massaged hers, tongue occasionaly gliding against hers as he did what he did - he needed this so much.

Her hands then framed his cheeks, pushing his head away so she could look at him. The two panted heavily, but he lunged forward to devour her lips hungrily for more. “Baek,” She managed to speak in between his kisses - they were addictive and passionate but she needed to do what she planned on doing for him. “Hmm?” He hummed on her lips, not being able to stop himself as his hands ran up and down her sweet body, groping her breasts from time to time.

She found the strength to hold onto his face again, stopping him in time as she whispered on his lips, “Let me do the work.”

He swore he felt his boner getting harder as he stared at the lust clouding in her eyes. She smirked and he was left in a daze when all of a sudden, he was back on the chair with her kneeling down before him. He even helped her with yanking his pants and boxers down - kicking them aside to leave his hard on jutting out proudly. She licked her lips and he leaned back against the chair with his hands clutching onto the arm rest when her delicate hands wrapped around his member.

His head fell back in bliss when she gave him a harsh pump, dragging her hand agonizingly from the tip to the base and all over again until he was grunting in pleasure. The waves of ecstasy took over Baekhyun as his eyes snapped open to see that she had taken him in her mouth - inch by inch as much as she could until it reached her limit. He was overwhelmed by the sudden warmness that wrapped around him that he couldn’t help but let out strings of profanities - all containing words to describe how deliciously good she was making him feel. Her wet muscle expertly teased him before she started to rush straight to the point. From a slow pace of bobbing her head up and down on his member, it picked up the pace when his moans got more erotic, more arousing.

“Fuck, babe. I’m going to-!”

Another hum from her and he felt himself twitch as he desperately released into her mouth - he thought it was impossible to feel more turned on but he stand corrected the moment he looked down on her with his eyes half-opened as she sucked him clean, pulling his member out of her mouth. She licked the corner of her lips in a seductive manner and he felt himself getting hard again. “Come here.” He growled, yanking her down until she straddled on his lap with either sides of her legs beside his as her dress rode up her thighs - giving him a perfect view of what’s hidden from him.

“You look fucking sexy.” He hissed as his hands held onto the hem of her dress. “But you look sexier without anything on.”

With that, his hands almost immediately pulled the dress off her and her arms raised up to aid him as he did so. He let the clothing slip through his fingers when she was already bare to his view - no undergarments, nothing. He licked his lips that were suddenly so dry. “You planned this, didn’t you?”

“Guilty as charged.” Her voice was hoarse and he smirked, leaning down as he took one side in his mouth while his other hand pinched the bud of the other side, causing a moan that emitted from her mouth to shoot through his ears - turning him on even more. Her voice alone could pleasure him in ways he’d never thought was possible. He hungrily sucked, giving bites and his hand, kneaded and pinched occasionally - driving her off the edge with what he was doing to her body.

“B-Baekhyun!” Her moans grew more amative as her hands clutched onto his shoulders tight.

He gave one last lick on the tip and one light pinch before he pulled away to smirk at her. Her hands impatiently reached to undo his tie, slipping it off him as she threw it over her shoulder. He loved it whenever she got impatient - that little lip bite she’d always do, he found it endearing. “Babe,”

“Huh?” She replied blankly, hands focusing on unbuttoning his shirt and he smiled. He brushed her hands off as he leaned his back off the chair a little and his hands gripped onto the hem of his dress shirt, taking it off his body effortlessly and his well-defined body came to view. “Tempting enough for you?” He teased, hands holding onto her waist and she smiled. “Of course.”

He leaned forward as he kissed her lips, wanting to taste her more as well as luring her away from what he was going to do but probably, she already knows. His grip on her waist grew tighter as he lifted her up, slowly lowering her down into his length. Her hands found their way to the back of the chair as she gripped onto it tight with a soft hiss as he stretched her. Trying to distract the pain she was feeling, his lips attached themselves onto her neck as he sucked tenderly, licking and biting on her sweet spot, causing her to whimper in delight.

When the pain was easily replaced with pleasure, she brought her head beside his to whisper hotly into his ears, “Move, Baek.”

On command, he raised her up to slam her back down, sending sparks of rapture to spread through their veins almost too soon. In a heartbeat, their movements started to match as she rose up and down emphatically with the help of his hands on her waist as she did so - it felt so deliciously good each time he rocked his hips to match her movements as their speed increased. 

Impatiently, Baekhyun groped onto her ass, carrying her up as he cleared everything on his table to let her back lie down. 

“Baek,” She breathed out when she felt her back against the wooden table. “Come now.” He demanded, pulling out of her as he surged forward forcefully to bury himself deeper into her that she cried out in pleasure, hands gripping onto the edge of the table as he pounded into her recklessly until her knuckles were turning white.

In that moment of bliss, a grunted moan left his mouth while a soft whimper left hers when they reached their climax together, his hot juice flowing in her as hers mixed together with his. He bent down to wrap his arms around her back as he lifted her up until her arms wounded around his neck and she was leaning against him for support - he could tell he was rougher than he usually was tonight.

“Sorry.” He apologized sincerely as he planted a kiss on her shoulder.

“Don’t apologize,” She managed to breathe out tiredly, arms trying to hug him tighter. “That was amazing.”

He couldn’t help but smile as his arms wounded around her waist. “Are you heading home now?” His voice was soft as he drew circles on her waist to ease the pain as he felt like he gripped on too tight.

She shook her head and his eyebrows knitted when she leaned away to press her forehead against his. 

“You clearly need someone to help you with your work. I think I can help without you wanting to strangle me too much.”


The smile she had on her face made him grin from ear to ear as he pecked her lips, his hand reaching up to brush strands of her slightly sweaty hair away from her beautiful face, “Thanks, love.”

Shopping Five Dimensions

The prison is grey and bland. The best prisons know to be dull. I study energies burning in the walls, stand, wait. A man comes in with guards. He wears the kind of uniform that demands attention, tries to command respect for him.

“Do you know who we are?” He demands.

“No. Charlie says you’re fictional, but fictional is a twisty concept around Jay.”

I recognize the power burning inside them. Thee are forces no one harnesses, because even insanity has its limits. Greed, in my experience, does not. I say nothing.

“We are Time Lords.” He says that like it should mean something to me. People like that are seldom stable.

“Maybe you might want to talk to a Time King, someone actually in charge?”

“I am in charge here.”

I snort. “You don’t know what’s going on. That’s what being in charge is. You have questions. Ask them.”

“What happened to The Master?” he demands.

“You’re in charge but let someone below you call themselves The Master?” I raise an eyebrow. “It would help if I knew who that was.”

A window opens in the wall. The person in the cell beside me is crying and shaking, a screaming gibbering wreck.

“What has done this?” And the fear is for his people as much as him: I begin to like this leader a little more. “The Master looked into the untempered schism and survived.”

“Ah. I assume that’s an aspect of Winter?” No reaction. “You perhaps know him as Arth'ba'Toch?”

Only the leader reacts. “You should not know that name!”

“I am the wandering magician. I know too much that I shouldn’t know. I collect secrets because one must have at least one vice.”

“We can imprison –.”

“I have been in prisons before. And whatever you can do is nothing next to what the fae did.” I don’t let him know more, but he pulls back at something in my tone. “As for your, ah, Master: he met Jay. I believe he said he walked in infinity and could see the universe turn or something like that.”

“You mock us, ‘magician’?”

“I merely state facts. Jay said, ‘Me too!’ And then showed him the reality behind your poetic nonsense. Jay always means what he says. He assumes everyone else does too.”

The Time Lords look at each other. The guards look paler than the leader does.

“Whatever weapon you’re thinking of, it isn’t going to work. You walk in time? Everyone does that. Jay leap frogs, gallivants and plays tag with Time. And you know nothing about him. I find that curious, that I do.”

“Gallifrey is sealed off from Creation!”

I sigh, step forward and walk out of the cell. The walls were a disguise, the real prison a stasis field of sorts. Two of the guards try and kill me, but this place offers wards I use easily. They vanish. Hard. “Wandering. Magician. No place is closed to me, but this wasn’t me. Jay – ah – got cross at NOT making a friend and things went sideways.”

“Got cross,” the leader repeats, having gestured the other guards to stand down.

“The living machine didn’t open when he knocked and tried to escape, not wanting to be friends.”

“He hijacked a TARDIS, forced entry and – the record gets muddled.”

“He hugged the heart of it. I believe he thought it needed a hug.”

The leader stares. “… we are now far beyond the bounds of the possible,” he whispers weakly.

“Jay likes making friends.” I shrug. “Stop trying to send him through time and we’ll be on our way.”

“On your way. To where?”

“We were buying a couch. Jay wants one bigger on the inside, so it can hold a lot of people hiding from Charlie. And also hold Jay. And enough snacks for a Jay.”

“This – all this because you were looking for a couch?” The leader screams the last word incredulously.

“Yes. So letting us leave – preferably with a couch – would be safest.”

“A TARDIS. Decommissioned and turned into a couch.”

“I don’t care what it is. All I do care about is that you really don’t want this causing ripples. Jayseltosche is far more dangerous when he’s older.” That wins no reaction. I reach out with the magic. Touch. Learn. Explore. “You know of the Guardians of Time? Jay is what they guard against, though telling him that would be unwise.”

The leader’s face drains of colour, his stature diminishing.”You know too much that you should not know.”

I shrug. “The magic asked; your world told me. I don’t know when you’re really from, or why you went into the past to convince yourselves you weren’t from – when you are from, and I don’t much care. All I care about is that we get home safely.”

He stares at me. “I – go. We will think on this.”

I nod and whistle. Jay appears a moment later. He looks eleven, and ordinary, and his grin bursts with pride and joy. “Honcho, Honcho, Honcho! Charlie and I are having a lot of adventures!”

“I’ve noticed the explosions,” I say dryly. “But we need to get back home now.”

“Oh. Really?”

“They offered us a couch.”

“Yay!” I snag his arm before he can hug them a thank you, make a door back home. It’s easy without anyone trying to interfere.

Jay waves goodbye. “It’s okay! I bet you’ll be a good doctor too when you’re jaysome,” he says we vanish back into the world.

I have no idea who he was talking to. Charlie stares at the blue couch in the middle of the hotel room and says she’s getting several drinks. Jay makes a couch fort, because Jay. I get some water, head out of the hotel and wonder what Time is going to make of this adventure.

Castiel Imagine

Imagine: Castiel shows an interest in your yoga practice so you decide to teach him a few poses.

You inhaled, pressing your torso deeper into downward dog, ignoring the fact that Dean was unconvincingly pretending not to stare at your ass from across the room. You heard the familiar flutter of angel wings. Peering between your legs, you saw an upside-down Castiel standing a few feet behind you, head tilted, and Dean waving at the angel, miming the suggestion that he should also not be staring at you, or at the very least not blowing Dean’s cover. You couldn’t help but grin as you transitioned into cobra pose, adding a totally unnecessary ass wiggle as flourish. Your grin morphed into a smirk when you heard Dean clear his throat, slam his book closed, and abruptly leave the room.

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A Christmas Miracle part two

A little festive fun with Negan

Negan x wife number 6 (reader - Y/N)

4100 words

Warnings - Negan language, smutty goodness, sexy aesthetic NSFW

Catch up with the first part A Christmas Miracle part one

tagging my lovlies

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High School AU! where Sam starts showing up to school with strands of his hair braided and pinned to the side of his head. Sometimes even with little flowers braided in.

No one tells him anything because hell, you dont mess with the Winchester brothers unless you have a goddamn death wish.

Dean just laughs, thinking Sammy finally found himself a girl who could stand him. At first, its cute when Sam won’t tell Dean who the girl is, but after a while its just agitating. Dean just HAS to know, you know?

One Saturday, he sees Sam sneaking out of the house. Dean, being Dean, decides that he should follow Sam, knowing he’d rather be at home studying or some shit.

Dean is hella confused when he sees Sam walk into the candy store on main street, and come out with Gabriel Novak a few minutes later, a sophmore in Sam’s chemistry, who happens to be the younger brother of Castiel Novak. Cas is a senior in Dean’s Study Hall, who is a total hottie Dean wouldn’t mind shoving up a wall.

Dean follows them to the park, where he sees Sam and Gabe sit on a bunch sideways, Gabe crossing his legs. Gabe quickly sets to braiding a strand of Sam’s hair while Sam smiles, speaking to Gabriel. When it’s pinned down, Sam leans back and lays in Gabe’s lap in a way more than platonic way.

Dean suddenly realizes Gabe is the reason Sammy is going to school with braids.

Gabe leans over and kisses Sam’s nose before Sam moves upwards and kisses Gabe on the lips.

Dean feels surprised but not bothered at all. Hes heard about Gabriel often enough to know he was a good kid. Sammy, on the other hand, could have at least come out to him.

That jerk.

Dean makes a mental note to come out to Sammy soon as he walks out from behind his hiding spot (a tree) and walks up to the couple.

Gabriel and Sam have their eyes closed, so they dont notice Dean walk up until he casually asks, “Is this seat taken?” Sam and Gabe jump, which results in them banging their heads together, and stare at Dean wide-eyed in fear.

Dean crosses his arms and stares at Gabe intently, hoping he looks like a murderer.

Right as Gabe is about to break, Dean grins and sticks his hand out. “Hi, Gabe. Im Dean, the older, more attractive brother of that moose you happen to be dating. Pleasure to meet you.”

Gabe looks somewhat terrified as he hesitantly shakes Deans hand. “Uh, nice to meet you?” Dean notices that Gabes voice was a good few octaves above Cas’. Dean cant really help himself as he asks the next question.

“Say, is your older brother Castiel single? Im not asking for myself, but yeah Im asking for myself.”

The Best Man

Member: Yoongi  |  Genre: Angst  |  Word Count: 1.9k  |  ©

Following closely behind an unrequited love are suppressed emotions and unanswered questions that were once forced to be forgotten.

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Mission went sideways || closed


Nat staggered home at 2am, a week late and with a broken arm in a cast. All she wanted was sleep, any explanations or arguments could wait. She hoped.

She was as quiet as possible while she changed and got into bed.

TITLE: Master in all


AUTHOR: Nachelle

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki teaching his young daughter to braid hair and letting her practice on him.


NOTES/WARNINGS: fluff probably. Also, please imagine that cute ass gif where he goes ‘yes, of course’ when he answers you, thank you.


“Take some of it like this.” You watch from the doorway as Loki takes a piece of your daughter’s hair from behind her ear and shows her. “And then you divide it to three.”

He is sitting in the couch of your Midgardian home, your now five years old girl standing in front off him, her hands clasped behind her back, just like her father. She had come home and demanded to be taught how to braid, since another girl had worn braids to kindergarten today. Loki had calmly told you that he could teach her, and after dinner he brought her with him to the living room.

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sasusaku lotr!au? if u wanna

“This is your backyard?” she asks, eyes wide and jaw dropped a few inches. She is bewildered—disbelieving—as she scrutinizes their surroundings.  ”Sasuke-kun you—you never told me you had such a beautiful home!”

“It’s alright,” Sasuke remarks, smoothly moving down the steps to join her side quietly. At her dumbfounded look of astonishment, as if she can’t quite believe he just said that, he moves his shoulders in a slow shrug. “There are places far more remarkable than this one.”

“Not to me,” Sakura protests, crouching down to inspect several kinds of flowers she had never seen before. “This is seriously the most beautiful landmark I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

Lips tugging a little, he tries his hardest not to smirk. “Yes, well.” He turns to look away. “It’s not exactly like the Dwarven lands have given you anything to look at.”

 A gasp leaves her lips, and he can’t quite keep the amused smile from sneaking to his mouth as she stands and moves to hit his shoulder, scolding, “Sasuke-kun! That’s not nice!”

He coughs to hide the chuckle that escapes him, then, eyes filled with muted mirth. She blushes a little, but refuses to let his softened features affect her any further, looking sharply sideways while crossing her arms with a huff.

He finds himself wanting to smile, once more. 

“Come on,” he says, moving to slip his fingers around her wrist gently. He gives a light tug. “You should see the river. That was always my favorite part.”

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buckysam, pet bird

“So when you said you had a pet…” Bucky shoots Sam a questioning sideways look.

“Yeah?” Sam crosses his arms over his chest and raises a challenging eyebrow at him.

“I thought you were talking about a real animal.”

Sam’s eyes narrow. “Says the guy with the metal arm. Redwing is real. And cute. Admit it.”

Bucky’s eyes narrow in return, but then widen in surprise when Sam reaches out and actually pets the hovering drone. It bobs in the air under the weight of his hand, and makes an honest-to-god beeping noise. It sounds pleased, somehow.

“It’s a robot.”

“It’s an amazing robot. C’mon, pet him.”

Bucky does not to ridiculous things like pet robots that clearly have no feelings and cannot appreciate being petted. That’s just silly.

But Bucky, most of all, does not do ridiculous things like disappoint Sam Wilson.

He pets the bird. What surprises him, is that it feels warm to the touch, and it’s vibrating just slightly with the buzz of its thrusters. It has an alive quality to it that Bucky had never expected.

Suddenly, the comparison to his arm doesn’t feel so silly anymore. After all, he’s slowly grown to accept it as part of him, and has been working very hard on trying not to consider himself any less human just because he has it.

Maybe he should grant the little pet drone the same courtesy.

He doesn’t realise he’s smiling until there’s a camera click to his right, followed by Sam giggling. Bucky glares at him. (But doesn’t stop petting Redwing. It’s nice. He’s warm and buzzing and seems to enjoy Bucky’s proximity – something he’s grown to value.) “Are you taking pictures of me?”

“For the family photo album,” Sam explains with a wink, flashing Bucky his phone screen, and – okay. No one can ever see that photo. But mostly Bucky is shocked by how not-unhappy he looks in it. How calm. He hasn’t felt calm in years. (Except maybe now he does.)

“Don’t show the others,” he grumbles.

Sam’s phone buzzes. “Steve likes the picture.”

“I hate you.” But Bucky smiles at him.

“I hate you too.” But Sam is smiling back. “So, have you ever thought about getting a therapy bird?”

[This ficlet on AO3]


Casting Shadows: Return of the White Cat (a Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction)

A/N: Part 2 of Casting Shadows AU.  No Ami Mizuno look alikes were hurt in the making of this fic.  That and the puns killed me.  I suck at puns and I’m not looking forward to writing a oneshot of nothing but puns for next week.
Words: 5500 (how!?!?!)
Summary: Alya and Nino are Paris’s famous heroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir.  With the help of their Miraculous and kwami, they work together to stop Hawmoth and his akuma.  When their friend Adrien becomes the akuma Chat Blanc, however, everything changes.  Adrien, though freed from the akuma, still becomes Chat Blanc.

(Part 1)

Originally posted by skellyspuds

No one had said anything to him.    Not one person seemed to think Adrien could’ve possibly been Chat Blanc.  No one was treating him any different.  Nino had slapped him on the back when he’d gotten out of the car just like he always did.  Chloe had practically jumped on top of Adrien when she’d seen him and hung off his neck.  Alya hadn’t wasted any time in teasing him.  Marinette was stammering and stuttering around him but that was pretty typical for her.  At least she wasn’t running scared after getting a terrifying close up look at Chat Blanc.  

The lack of recognition alone was a huge relief to Adrien.  Seriously!  It was like someone had pulled a huge weight off his chest.  The last thing he needed, or wanted for that matter, was for his new classmates to be scared around him.  That and he also didn’t want someone stringing two and two together and figuring out his identity before he even commenced his special operation.  Adrien fingered his necklace subtly.  Mari’s presence brushed against his touch warmly.

“Ladies and gentlemen, before you head to your lunch break remember that the upperclassmen are taking an important test upstairs.  Please try not to be too loud as you head out.” Mademoiselle Bustier said as she turned from the board to the class.  There was a chorus of ‘yes ma’ams’ from the entire classroom.  Mlle. Bustier smiled at them all kindly.  “Class dismissed.  We’ll see you after your lunch break.”

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drunkibum-deactivated20150826  asked:

minkey, and, because i am enjoying a night of drinking, #5

5. “Are you drunk?” (this meme)

Minho stares across the suddenly very hot and cramped space of his bedroom, where Kibum is lying sprawled on the blue sheets, utterly naked save for the bright yellow and brown-striped sock tugged over his half-erect cock.

“Hi, Minho-yah,” Kibum chirrups, then flicks the sock and giggles, watching it flail about in the air.

“Are you drunk?” Minho demands, eyes wide and incredulous.

"Nope.” Kibum hums low in his throat, twists the floppy toe of the sock around, and grins. “I’m a giraffe.”

A what? Minho gives up on trying to understand what on earth is going on and instead walks over to the bed and sits down at the edge of it. Kibum immediately tries to to squirm around and climb onto his lap, only to miss his balance and fall onto the floor instead, where he lies in a naked heap, snickering as if this is the best joke in the entire universe.

Minho sighs, wondering what on earth Kibum had drunk earlier, since he usually goes all flirtatiously sweet and aegyo when under the influence, not straight-up silly like this. He prods at Kibum’s shoulder with a foot, watches Kibum tilt his head sideways, cross-eyed, in an attempt to focus on the foot, and sighs again.

“C’mere,” he says, and gets down off the bed to scoop Kibum up off the floor and into his arms. “I think it’s time for a certain giraffe to go to bed.”

Kibum pushes his face into Minho’s neck and mumbles some incoherent complaint. Minho settles him onto the bed, pulls the sock off his cock and tugs the covers up over him.

“I’ll go get you a glass of water,” he says, pressing a quick kiss to Kibum’s forehead. “Okay?”

Kibum just smiles up at him in a vaguely glazed-over manner, closes his eyes, and begins humming a strange tune about how giraffes think Choi Minho is very handsome indeed.

One of the things I always liked about Qrow is his necklace; reason for this being is what it says about him as a character. Crosses are used as a representation of Jesus Christ, and by extension, holiness and righteousness. On the other hand, upside-down crosses are usually used (incorrectly) to symbolize the devil and evilness. Looking at Qrow’s necklace, it’s a cross turned sideways, which I feel is a representation of his morality. On one hand, he’s a huntsman and the caring uncle of Ruby and Yang, as well as the former’s teacher. On the other hand, he’s a complete drunkard and a bit of an asshole at times. He’s a rather morally gray character as you tell (he wears a lot of gray too,) which I think is really cool on the designers’ part!

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?- Weasley Twin imagine

Request: Hey, could you pls do an imagine where the reader is a Ravenclaw and is just feeling really crappy (not like sad sad just kind of tense and frustrated, stressed even because of homework or exams or something) and Fred and George try their hardest to get her to smile by telling her jokes and play fighting with her until she cracks a smile? thanks x


The library was usually the place you liked to go to get your homework done. But my homework just wasn’t getting finished today. Piles of assignments were scattered about the surface of the table as you rubbed your temples. The words made sense, but they couldn’t find their way to the paper in front of you.

“Why’s a Ravenclaw not done with her homework yet?” Two voices asked at the same time, making you slowly drag your eyes from the paper.

“Why’re the Weasley twins in the library if they don’t do their homework at all?” You drawled, something between a moan and complaint.

“That’s low even for you, Ms. Y/L/N.” Fred placed his hand over his heart like he was offended.

“Can you tell me why a chicken crosses the road?” George joined, changing the subject completely. You raised an eyebrow.

“What’s this about?” You snapped. A corner of George’s mouth twitched upwards into a lopsided grin.

“We know when people haven’t smiled.”

“We hate seeing that. It makes us nervous.” Fred nodded, wiggling his eyebrows. You rolled your eyes.

“Leave me alone.” You pleaded. Fred and George looked at each other, then brought their eyes back to you.

“We’re not leaving until you’re in a better mood.” They said in unison.

“Stop doing that!” You groaned. “And the longer you stay here, the more irritated I’ll get.” You clenched your teeth, watching how unfazed the twins were at your comment. Fred stuck his tongue out at you and crossed his eyes. Your own eyes widened and you immediately brought your eyes to your paper.

“What are you doing?” You asked, surprised by his sudden odd face. He snickered.

“Seeing if it would work. You’re a hard one, little Ravenclaw. Very tricky.” George rubbed his chin in thought as Fred spoke.

“Really, do you know why the chicken crosses the road?” He asked, sounding remotely serious. You, growing more confused, looked between the twins. One thing lead to another, and they were making faces at you non-stop. They juggled books; the hard covers dropping on their heads. You made a sound in your throat, but didn’t smile. Honestly, you weren’t in the mood for their usual shenanigans.

“You know, I didn’t know why that Bludger was getting bigger.” George spoke to his brother, leaning his elbows on the table.

“Then it hit me!” Fred cackled the reply to the joke.

“You make that up yourself?” You sighed dramatically. The ginger twins high-fived.

“We have a whole bucket full of priceless jokes just for you, little Ravenclaw.”

“Stop calling me ‘little Ravenclaw’.” You said through clenched teeth, growing tired of their games.

“One final one, we promise. If you don’t smile, we’ll leave.”

“Shoot.” You said doubtingly, giving them your full attention. Your mouth was a thin, straight line as you controlled your growing frustration. Fred nodded for George.

“Why did the chicken,” He glanced sideways at his brother, “cross the road?”

“Why?” You faked an interested tone.

“We haven’t the slightest clue.” They said in unison, again. And for whatever reason, you found it very funny. Maybe it was the tiredness or your dizzy mind that made you think of the lame joke as funny. Whatever it was, it made a genuine smile spread across your face.


Thanks for requesting!