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Shawn Mendes - (Lights On) Illuminate World Tour - Melbourne 3/12/17

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How was meeting up with feysandsmut, cassianandfenrysaremyboyos and feysandfeels irl? Was it awkward at all because i feel like if i eva met anyone i knew from online it might feel super strange O.o

OMG SO IT WAS 0% AWKWARD. When me and Bridge (she runs this blog with me) were walking to Lula’s hotel we were super nervous but like as soon as we walked in I honestly felt like I was meeting my best friends who I had known for years and who I go out with all the time. Jay was like “come sit on my lap” hahahaha and we all just squashed on this couch and it was just super cute!! 

I am honestly so grateful to SJM for creating these books that have given me 4 new friends from around the world. I have not stopped smiling since this morning!! Today will be a day that I always remember and I will treasure the memory forever <3 <3. Like honestly a top 10 favourite day in my entire life!! 

And this is proof that people you meet online can turn out to be some of the best humans you will ever meet (I mean be careful for creeps and be safe on the internet and also if you’re young be super careful meeting up irl) 

Love you girls and Helena was 1000% there in spirit @feysandsmut @feysandfeels @cassianandfenrysaremyboyos @readinglikewildfire


A rainy day in #Melbourne won’t stop my #lunch in the park. #rain

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