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Fanfiction - A Lifetime of Her (Part VI)

Part VI – “My kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder”


She didn’t come back after that night – I knew she had gone back to Boston, to take control over her life. I waited. The phone never rang to give me news or an explanation, inexplicably silent even though I was certain she could find the number had she wished to. And I waited. My mailbox was painfully empty every day, while I dreamt of letters touched by her fingers, read aloud by her warm voice. And yet I waited.

I waited because I had no choice – I was meant to wait for her. Our lives were inextricably connected, vessels adrift on the sea with an intended destination written in the stars. I had tried to forget her before, to live pretending I wasn’t waiting – and that had hurt more than the hours I spent awake at night, looking at the spot where she once had laid by my side. But there was that small fraction of time, that heartbeat, just before I opened my eyes in the morning, where everything was possible – and I was happy.

Sometimes I would catch myself checking the weather in Boston, wanting to know if she could see the stars in clear skies – at least I could share that proximity with her. I wondered if she had drank coffee, dark and strong, while her eyes were still half-shut. If she had decided on a specialty yet. That was better than wondering about her marriage – every time I turned my thoughts to Frank, the idea of her being touched by him brought me to a blinding state of anger and fear. I would go outside in those occasions to run, as fast as I could for as long as I was able, until I had fled myself and was somewhat free.

I enjoyed teaching and found great solace in my students, curious and lively little fiends, always looking for trouble. I dedicated myself to the task of keeping their spirits sharp and their curiosity burning.

I had my old friends, with whom I shared whiskey glasses and laughs at the pub – keeping a respectful distance from the place I knew Laoghaire still frequented. They kept me grounded, even with their crudes jokes about my bachelor status. While I was laughing, it was easier to wait – I could almost push Claire to the back of my mind, where she would curl and sleep, satisfied.

Saturday was born in blazing glory, sun shining high in a cloudless sky like a treasure’s coin. I accepted the chance to spend the morning exploring the paths at Arthur’s Seat, pushing myself to the limit. I reached the summit with a delicious pain at each breath intake, the air fresh like crushed mint, filling my chest with the pulse of life.

Back at my apartment, I made plans to shower and spend a lazy afternoon reading and napping on the couch, while I stripped off my sweaty t-shirt, heading towards the bathroom.

That’s when the doorbell rang.

I opened it without thinking twice, expecting perhaps to see Angus or Willie, swinging by to challenge me to watch a rugby match or play a chess game.

Her hair was a bit shorter than the last time I had seen her, framing a face that was slightly flushed from sunlight and anticipation. She was wearing a white sundress and I realized I had been wrong – my memories would never be more than a pale comparison to the woman who stood before me. Her arms were bare, with no visible marks, her flawless skin resembling a painting.

“May I come in?” Claire asked softly, her eyes quickly tracing the lines of my exposed chest before she looked at my face, expectant.

“Of course.” I moved to the side, allowing her in. I brushed my hair with nervous fingers, desperately looking for an old t-shirt to dress. Eventually, I settled for the one I had been wearing, smelling faintly of sweat and crushed leaves.

“I wanted to come sooner.” She swallowed hard. “I’ve been in Scotland for a couple of days, but had to take care of some papers to start my surgical residency here and find somewhere to stay permanently.” Claire searched my eyes. “I’m moving back to Scotland.”

“Aye.” I said in a husky voice. “I’m glad to see ye, Claire.”

“I’m glad to see you too, Jamie.” She smiled, more confident. “These past two years, I -“

“Ye dinna have to explain anything to me.” I interrupted, feeling strangely hollow, fighting against anger which came with a sense of relief.

“I think I do.” Claire insisted, stepping closer to me. “I want you to know that I heard you, Jamie. I didn’t want to make promises until I truly meant them. I had to finish school and decide what I really wanted for my life.”

“And did ye?” I croaked, folding my arms in a defensive gesture, pre-emptively shielding myself from bad news.

“Yes.” She whispered. In that moment she reached out with her hand, offering it to me with her palm down – naked. Her wedding ring gone. “I divorced Frank more than a year ago – and never lived with him again after I was here.” Claire searched his eyes. “With you.”

“Then why did ye never wrote or called?” I asked, hurt creeping into my words. “Why did ye waited two years to show up again?”

“I had to be worthy of you.” Claire said simply, twisting her hands – her fingers touching the ghost of the ring that once had been there. “I had to make sure I was coming because it was the right thing – not because I was wrecked. You offered me everything and I wanted to have something to give back.”

“I missed ye.” I admitted in a whisper, as her hand touched my cheek – I closed my eyes, surrendering to her caress. “A Dhia, I thought I’d go mad with the idea of never seeing ye again.”

“I missed you too.” She gasped, her body so close to mine I could feel the swell of her breasts, the compelling heat coming from her skin. “I haven’t realized I could barely breathe until now.”

“Are ye here to stay then?” I asked serious, our eyes locking. We were gently swaying along some music we could both listen, too eager to stand still, too afraid to finally meet in quietness. “Because if ye’re not…”

She silenced me with her trembling fingers, touching my mouth, learning the shape of my lips. I almost moaned with the pleasure of her touch, so sincere and tender.

“I’m here to stay.” Claire assured me, tracing the line of my chin, where stubble prickled. “If you’ll have me.”

“I’ll have ye in any way I can.” I whispered, my voice almost breaking with emotion – and yet, stronger than ever before. “Always.”

“Jamie…” She sighed with a smile, her forehead leaning against mine. “May I kiss you?” I realized she didn’t wish to rob me another kiss, a thief taking something precious, covered in the night’s cloak.

“I thought ye’d never ask.” I gave her a lopsided smile and our lips finally met, a kiss eighteen years in the making, hesitant at first and then all-consuming.

We spent the afternoon discovering each other, laying in the living room’s rug, slowly and languidly displacing clothes in order to kiss another inch of skin, to draw shapes of desire with our fingertips.

I opened the first buttons of her dress, tracing with my tongue the curve of her breasts; she insinuated her hands on my shorts, caressing the fine copper hairs of my thighs. I nuzzled her neck, softly biting her until she moaned, so I could reward her with a soothing flicker of my tongue. She laughed and playfully clawed my back, making sure I too would wear medals of our war, marks of the victor. I marvelled with the roundness of her arse and the feel of her swollen lips, battered with kisses, ever-wanting. I was mightily aroused – that much was evident to us both – and yet I didn’t move to enter her. I didn’t wish to precipitate the voyage we had started together, to hasten something that would come naturally to us, as each one of our meetings through life had. I would finally get a lifetime of her and planned to savour each small conquest.

“Are ye hungry?” I asked eventually, kissing her shoulder. She looked dishevelled and wanton, pure lust and love in the shape of a woman – I’d never seen her more beautiful or desirable.

“I’m starved.” She laughed, nuzzling the hollow of my chest one final time. “Will you feed me then?”

“Ach, I’m too knackered to cook.” I admitted, playing with her curls – already sorely missing her lips on mine. “But there’s a fantastic Mexican place nearby – I’ll buy ye dinner.”

“If you’re planning to intoxicate me with Margaritas,” Claire sat up and started to compose her clothes. “I have to say it’ll probably work like a charm.”

We left the house walking hand in hand, like two loved up teenagers, giggling and teasing each other. I’d pull her against me once in a while to kiss her again, to the general amusement and surprise of people around us. I didn’t know such happiness was possible – I felt my chest so full that no space was left for regret or doubt.

We were talking about plans to spend Sunday together, when we heard the commotion. A loud crash, someone screaming – the air was thick with tension, harder to breathe in. I felt Claire gripping my hand one final time before she let go, prepared to face what was certainly coming around the corner.

A man with a black ski mask emerged from the sizable jewellery store, which had imposing diamond rings and golden necklaces peeking through the window displays. He carried a dark sports bag at his shoulder and in one hand sported a menacing revolver, while the other grabbed a shrieking shopkeeper by the hair. Blood dripped from the side of her head, where she had probably been pistol-whipped, her eyes blank with shock.

An alarm went off inside the store, an unnerving sound that made me shiver, the hairs on my arms erecting in fear.

The robber shouted something – a car was waiting near the curb, another masked man inside it. He forcefully pushed the woman against the sidewalk, her head bumping against the edge with a nauseating sound of crushed eggshells.

I think I screamed, trying to stop Claire from moving – I knew she would go. She had healed me times enough for me to know that she wasn’t capable of witnessing suffering without trying to interfere.

It happened in a second and yet I saw it in slow motion – how she kneeled next to the woman, trying to stabilize her neck, to evaluate her wounds, calling for her with the lips I just had kissed moments before. The man in the ski masked turned and looked at her, laughing at the sight of her unfruitful gestures – she held his gaze in defiance, insulting him with her sharp tongue.

I was already screaming before it happened – I could see it so clearly and yet I was powerless to stop it. The gunshot that announced the ending, loudest even than my heart breaking.

I ran to her, trying to catch her before she fell on her back. For a moment I thought he had missed her – but a drop of red appeared on the white of her dress, spreading quickly across her belly like a net of poison, a cloud of blood drenching the fabric.

She looked at me with her eyes wide open in painful shock. I sobbed and cried for help, trying to keep her with me through a stupor of despair, my hands pressing the wound as my heart’s blood left her body.

“Jamie.” Claire whispered weakly, searching my eyes. And I started to pray, as sirens wept around me.

Note: I know it’s angsty but - hey- it’s canon! :D

Player: Tyler Seguin – Dallas Stars



Mentions: Jamie Benn, Patrick Sharp, Antoine Roussel 

Warnings: A swear word maybe? I don’t remember.

Preview: The next day, no one waited for you outside the building. You took in a sigh of relief but somewhere deep down, you were disappointed. You continued your day as normal.

Characters: 1760 Words.

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After the little run-in with Tyler, you were being bombarded from every angle. The text messages never seemed to come to a halt. You had even considered changing numbers.

And every morning like clockwork, Tyler or one of the boys were waiting for you in front of your office. You had thought about coming in earlier to ignore your morning pests, but you already didn’t get enough sleep.

You grabbed your bag from the car and started to make your way to the office. You tried to mentally guess who would be waiting for you today. You tried to blend in with the crowd on the busy sidewalk but your baby bump lent you no favors.

“Y/N!” You heard Antoine call out in a singsong voice. You groaned making your way to the side of the building where he and Jamie were waiting.

“Coffee?” Jamie asked pushing a coffee your way.

“Cant.” You quipped pushing it back.

He just nodded putting the coffee back down by his side.

“How are you feeling today, Cherie?” Antoine questioned putting a hand on your stomach. You quickly swatted his hand and gave him a look to dare him to try it again.

“I am fine, a little tired but that’s something I should get used to.” You noted.

“You would be less tired if you had help, from someone like I don’t know…. The baby’s father.” Jamie tried.

You sighed. “When am I ever going to get rid of you.” You turned towards the entrance to your building.

“At least tell us what you are having,” Antoine called after you.

“It’s a boy.” You headed inside the building leaving away from your routine frustration.

The next day, no one waited for you outside the building. You took in a sigh of relief but somewhere deep down, you were disappointed. You continued your day as normal.

You looked up from your place at your desk to the vibrations coming from your phone.

Katie: I saved you from the Dallas Idiots, meaning you owe me lunch.

You rolled your eyes as you typed out your response.

Y/N: When & Where?

The reply came quickly.

Katie: Meet at my place next Sunday? 11 o’clock?

You quirked your eyebrows expecting a restaurant during the week but you were glad she hadn’t already started to talk about Tyler.

Y/N: Sounds good. See you then.

You placed your phone back down and got back to work.

You should have been suspicious when no one showed up for the rest of the week.

You walked up to Katie’s front door and knocked. You hopped the maternity dress you had bought earlier in the week was dressy enough for the place Katie had planned.

You should have known better. You should have seen the surprise coming. When the door opened, there stood all the Dallas Stars WAGS you had become close with over the years.

“Surprise!” Katie cheered.

“What in the world is happening?” You questioned as she pulled you inside.

“It’s your baby shower. I know you haven’t had one, and every new mom needs one.”

“You didn’t have to do this you know.”

“I wanted to, plus Tyler asked me to”

“Tyler asked you to do this?” You couldn’t believe that a guy like Tyler had requested Katie to throw you a baby shower.

“The kid’s book theme was his idea, he said you had always loved kids’ books and that it was the one thing you were always excited to do with your own.” She nodded towards the pile of brand new kids’ books by the gifts table.

“He said that?” you questioned so softly you weren’t sure Katie heard.

“He did, we tried to make sure not to get any doubles, Tyler has a nursery filled with them.” She noted leading you further into the party.

“Nursery?” You couldn’t believe Tyler had a nursery. You hadn’t even thought about it.

To be honest you hadn’t even bought more than a few items. Here you were almost seven months pregnant and suddenly you couldn’t feel less prepared. You couldn’t hold the sob back. Katie snapped her head towards you.

“Y/N, are you crying?” She questioned quickly.

You tried to get some words out but you couldn’t find them, you settled for a nod. She led you to a back bedroom and she sits on the bed, motioning for you to follow.

You sit down and wipe the tears that had escaped from your eyelids.

“What’s going through your mind honey?” she asked rubbing your hands.

“I’m not even remotely do this Katie. I don’t even have a room in my apartment to put a nursery. I think I have one outfit? I don’t even know what a baby needs.”

“Y/N. You don’t have to do this alone. You have an entire hockey team wanting to stand behind you. I know you don’t know about Tyler as a boyfriend, but you should give him a chance to be a father. If I have to listen to one more newborn fact, I may never have children.”

You nod allowing a smile to play across your features. “You’re right. I don’t know where we stand as a couple, but I need to include him in this. Maybe he can teach me something.” You chuckled using the tissue she handed you to wipe your face.

“I will go talk to him when I leave here.” You stated standing up and composing yourself.

“You probably won’t have too, I told them not to crash this baby shower but we both know they all are.”

You both shared a laugh and joined the other girls in the main room. She placed the pretty blue flower crown on your head. “Let’s Celebrate Baby Mama.”

You had played a few games and you had caught up with some of the girls. That’s when Katie’s prediction had proved itself correct. In walked Tyler, Jamie, Antoine, and Patrick. They all dawned their best-shocked expressions.

“Oh, no was this today?” Jamie tried.

You watched Katie roll her eyes. “Don’t even try it.”

They all looked at her sheepishly, making their way inside. You offered them small smiles. Tyler kept his distance. He knew this party was meant for you and he didn’t want to ruin it.

You made small talk with the others and continued with the party.

“Let’s do gifts!” Katie exclaimed with a clap.

You nodded and followed her towards the couches and chairs. She sat you in the middle on the ottoman. You glanced towards the space left next to you.

“Tyler? Do you want to help?” you asked

You watched Tyler shockingly glance up from his place at the food table.

“Yeah… I would love to.” He made his way over to you and sat down next to you, giving you as much space as he could.

You looked at the huge pile of gifts that sat in front of you. You decided to dive in and you and Tyler began opening presents. Halfway through the pile, you became more comfortable and had slipped the flower crown onto Tyler. Tyler was opening a gift when the baby started kicking. You grabbed Tyler’s hand and placed it on your stomach. You couldn’t help it as your heart melted watching the expression of pride and joy grow on his face.

“There’s a baby in there…” he said softly.

“I’m quite aware you, he doesn’t let me forget it. Little power forward in there.” You giggled.

The baby continued to be active so opening gifts turned into a baby feeling session. Everyone crowded around you, taking turns feeling your belly ending the moment between you and Tyler. You sent him a sympathetic look as you watched him walk outside. You followed where he headed the moment you could escape. Everyone got the hint not to follow.

You found him sitting on the patio with his head in his hands.


His head snapped up and you could see the tear streaks and somehow it stung.

“I was just collecting myself out here.” He tried.

“It’s okay you can be honest with me, Tyler.” You sat down next to him.

“I haven’t been around for your whole pregnancy and that’s my fault. I screwed us up. I ruined everything. But feeling the baby in your belly, it just made everything so real. I put together a nursery, I have read every book I can find, and I think he has more clothes than me now but it didn’t set in till I just felt him. I am going to be a dad and I am begging you Y/N. I know you haven’t forgiven me and I want nothing more than to be with you but please at least let me help you with this. Let me be a part of this.” He had grabbed your hands and looked towards you expectantly.  

“I talked to Katie earlier and I realized I do need help. I need lots of help, and the only person I should be asking is you. I don’t know if we will ever be a couple again but no matter what we are going to be parents.”

“I will prove it to you every single day, I promise you. And if somewhere along the lines you forgive me, I’ll prove that too.”

You once again allow yourself to smile. “Don’t push it, Seguin. Now please tell me you have pictures of that nursery.”  

He stumbled to pull out his phone. “I actually was going to send them to you but I didn’t want to scare you off.”

“But you and the rest of your team waiting outside my job didn’t do that?”

“Yeah, that was a little much.” He handed you the phone and the pictures took your breath away. The nursery was a gorgeous mixture of Green and yellow hues. Hockey hints here and there but still looked modern.

“You did really good Ty.” You quip, handing him back his phone.

“I hoped you would like it.”

“Well maybe once the baby comes, we can come and stay with you. I think that would be a much better fit then sharing a room with me.”

Tyler’s smile grew bigger. “I would love that.”

“Just until I… We figure something out”

“Yeah. Of course. Till we figure something out. He stated with a smirk putting the flower crown back upon his head and walked


Based on x

Sasuke was never much of a party person. It was a myriad of disasters waiting to happen, what with the hordes of people, thundering music, and enough alcohol to kill a blue whale. What was a quiet, reserved introvert supposed to do? Have a conversation with the only interesting thing in the room, the counter? Sasuke doubted he’d even know any people at this place, it was some club that his housemates wanted to spend the rest of the night at. Sasuke was new to the city, he’d moved out to it, across the country from his small hometown, in order to start university. There weren’t any prestigious schools back home, you see, and if Sasuke had any hope of making it in the competitive world, he’d have to suck it up and figure out how to make it in the city life. Luckily, his major was psychology, where his career goal was to become an adolescent psychologist. His work and study loads were often too hefty for him to have any downtime, much less social time.

So, he had to ask himself, why had he allowed his housemates to drag him all the way out here to some club he’d never heard of? Was it because Karin kept begging him to get out and enjoy life? Was it to make Suigetsu stop teasing him for being so introverted and shut in? Or, was Sasuke hoping this single, cautious venture would get his friends off his back? The answer was, ding ding ding, all three. The chances were slim, but hey, a guy can hope, can’t he? Karin said she’d been to the club a couple of times before, though it was fairly new, and she swore up and down it was a cool place. Flashy lights, good dancing music, great drinks, and an assortment of people to mingle around. For Karin, it sounded great. For Sasuke, it sounded like a nightmare. A bunch of sweaty bodies grinding against yours, a headache from the booming music, and hardly enough air in the room for everyone to breathe, nightmare. Sasuke had gotten used to hearing that he should “leave his comfort zone” and try new things, but for god’s sake, wasn’t moving hours away from home all on his own to start a demanding new life enough? That was a pretty damn far leap out of comfort for anyone!

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White Lie - Spencer Reid

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my poor little noodle in this gif it makes me so sad.  this is inspired by White Lie by The Lumineers ans this song makes me emotional.

please enjoy!

warnings: violence, robbery

word count: 1,259

Heavy rain thudded against the hood of Spencer’s large black rain jacket as he made his way towards the parking garage where his car was in.  He was walking from his favorite bookstore, with a tightly wrapped bundle of books in his arms.  The parking garage was just a few blocks further, and he could not wait to climb in and turn the heat up as high was it would go.  It was late November, and it was due to start snowing at anytime.  

His phone had rung when he was halfway through searching the bookstore, and it was Agent Jennifer Jareau, calling him in for work.  He did not really mind this because all he had planned for tonight was to read and then head off to bed.  

Spencer rushed down the sidewalk, avoiding bumping into other people, until he saw you.  At the sight of your crying face, he came to a complete stop, and his mouth fell open in awe.  There you were, sitting on the soaking curb over a man who had just hit you, next to your car that had a flat tire.  As if it was not even a thought, Spencer jogged over to you, standing between you and the thug that was looming over you.  How had no one come before him?  

“I suggest that you don’t.”  Spencer shouted over the rain and the busy street.  He felt your body stumble to your feet and hide behind him, just barely brushing agaisnt him.  

The thug smirked and stood tall, trying to intimidate Spencer.  “Don’t what?  Me and my girl were just having a little fun, right?”  The grimy man asked you and you whimpered lightly and didn’t say a word as you clutched onto Spencer’s coat.  

Spencer tilted his head to the side, and reached towards his hip, where his work gun was on his belt.  The thug saw this, and his face dropped and he froze up.  “I suggest that you leave now.”  Spencer said calmly and rested his hand on the holster.  “Before someone gets hurt.”  He reasoned and stood tall, hiding your scared body behind him.  

Quickly, upon approval, the large man quickly ran off, and into a dark alley, and once you could no longer see his tall frame, you let go of Spencer and let a choked sob from your throat as you buried you head in your hands.  Spencer turned to you, looking at the soaked state you were in, and the sobs coming from you and frowned.  “Is this your car?”  He asked, nodding to the car with the flat tire as he tucked the gun away under his jacket once more.  

You looked up, and nodded.  “This honestly represents how my night is going.”  You laughed bitterly and tried to wipe the water from your face.  You didn’t have a jacket, but instead, only a deep burgundy dress that was sticking to your figure from the rain.  You looked pitiful, to say the least. 

Spencer eyed you, wondering if you were perhaps a prostitute.  “Where were you going?” He asked and pulled motioned for you to go under an awning of a nearby shop.  

“I was on my way to a charity event that my company is throwing.  I was supposed to be a date to auction off.”  You admitted and cringed at the thought.  “I don’t even want to go anymore.  I just want to go home.”  You continued since he was listening.  

A debate was bickering through Spencer’s head as he weighed out the possibilities and consequences if he took her to her home.  He would be late for briefing, but you would be safe.  It would take longer for him to change your tire in the rain.  His morale got the best of him.  “Do you want a ride?”  He asked finally, smiling gently.  

A blush spread across your cheeks.  “That would be great, actually.  If you aren’t busy.”  You murmured.  

Spencer nodded and pressed his lips together.  “I’m not busy.”  He lied, but it was only just a white lie.  “My car is two blocks down in the parking garage.  Do you want me to come pick you up from here or are you okay with walking?”  He asked her as he looked at her pitiful state.  

“I can walk.  I am already soaked, anyways.  What does it matter now?”  You chuckled sadly and walked to your car, grabbing your purse and a towel that was in the back, before tucking it under your arm and locking the door as you jogged back to Spencer.  “I can never thank you enough.”  You told him as they two of you set off down the street, trying to keep under the awnings the entire way.  Once you got to the parking garage, you immediately wrung out your once beautifully styled hair, and grunted at the feeling.  

Spencer watched you, worried as he spotted the growing black bruise around your eye, were you were hit.  Small after-crying sobs hit you every now and then, and the cold did not help you.  “You don’t need to thank me.”  Spencer said softly as you reached his car.  He unlocked it and you set the partially dry towel down on the seat before you sat in a sad attempt to keep it from getting wet.  

“I am really sorry for soaking your seat.”  You told him and frowned, upset with yourself.  

Spencer waved his hand in forgiveness and glanced at his watch.  “Where do you live?”  He asked you and started up his car, putting the heat on full blast for you.  You shivered furiously and he felt so sorry for you.  

You told him where you lived, which was only ten minutes from the parking garage by car, and on the way to the FBI building that Spencer needed to go to anyways.  

Silently, he began driving as he turned the music up lowly.  The radio played through the speakers, and it was the same station that you listened to whenever you were in the car.  Your favorite song came on the radio, and you hummed along with his quietly, trying not to disturb Spencer.  He liked the sound of your humming.  It calmed him, and he wished he could record it to play whenever he was feeling panicked.  

Not long after he began driving, he was already at your apartment building.  You smiled to him thankfully, and dug through your purse,  pulling a card from it and a pen.  “I can never thank you enough,”  you paused, realizing you never got his name.  “I’m sorry, I never caught your name.”  You told him and blushed as you scribbled something down on the back of the card.  

Spencer perked up, surprised.  “My name is Spencer Reid.”  He introduced and gave you a light nod.  

You smiled.  “As I was saying, I can never thank you enough, Spencer.  But, you should let me try sometime, maybe over coffee?  My treat.”  You bargained with him with a charming smile as you handed him your card.  “My cell phone number is on the back.  Give me a call sometime,” you suggested and opened the car door, stepping out, and giving him a wave before you began jogging towards the entrance of your apartment. 

Spencer smiled, and looked down to the card in his hand, at your cell phone number.  He turned the card around and swallowed hard at your name.  You were a criminal attorney, and you were the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes upon.  


sequel to “For Once

length: 1, 244 words

a/n: y’all FINALLY!!! I received SO many requests for this sequel. Like probably the most I’ve gotten for any sequel lol. I have rewritten this like 15 times, but I finally got some good inspiration and rewrote it to be the way it is now and I’m happy with it. So hopefully y’all are too :)

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chaitea09  asked:

You were chased by the cops, got in my car, and yelled "DRIVE!" AU for Dorlen?

“Against All Odds” - Modern AU Pavellan

Dorian Pavus x Varlen Lavellan, approx 1800 words, most under the cut <3


Varlen yelped and slammed his foot down on the accelerator, his heartrate increasing at an almost identical rate as his car tore off down the street. Breathing hard, Varlen glanced across, eyes wide with panic. There was a man beside him, turned away, clearly intent on something out the window. Vaguely Varlen swore he could hear the sound of distant shouts; of sirens muted by the heavy brick of buildings. For a time, the stranger stayed pressed close to the glass, then abruptly turned, sinking low in the passenger seat. Varlen could feel his hands shaking as he gripped the wheel, palms slick with sweat.

“Please,” he said quietly, forcing himself to focus on the road, begging his voice not to tremble. “Don’t hurt me. I’ll take you wherever you want to go, just—”

“Turn here,” the man instructed sharply, cutting him off and gesturing to a street on the right. Varlen, shocked, obeyed with a panicked jerk of the wheel, tires skidding as he swung the car around the corner. The man made a noise of surprise beside him, his hand flying up to grip the handle above the door as the force of the turn shoved him to the left.

“Sorry - sorry!” Varlen said, then paused, mentally kicking himself. Why am I apologising to him? He’s not a passenger! He’s carjacking me!

“Quite all right,” the man replied shakily, righting himself in the seat. Again, he turned and glanced back out the passenger window, peering into the dark. “Although feel free to take it a mite slower next time. I’d hate to pull off such a daring escape only to find myself cast through a windshield.”

Varlen didn’t reply, his hands still shaking, eyes focused intently on the road in front. Don’t look at him. Don’t make him mad. This will be fine. YOU will be fine. Just… stay calm…

The man let out a quiet breath and turned back to face the front of the car. Varlen’s chest felt too tight - too small to hold all the air he needed for breathing. Was this really happening?! Why? He was a good person! He didn’t deserve–

“I’m not going to hurt you.”

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Best Friend Hook Up

Sorry, it took a while for this, I had a final to study for. I didn’t quite to the whole I love you thing, just because I felt like I was forcing myself to write it, so I cut it out. I hope this okay though? :)

Again it’s long I can’t write blurbs sorry. I also didn’t edit it. I’m sorry I’m just tired. 


The both of you walked into a big banquet hall. The room was loud but not packed.

“Oh god.” You said looking around. It was filled with nothing but mature professional people. You were only a business student at school. You had received an email from your program about a mixer going on welcome to students which you wanted to attend. As you were trying to build more professional connections for after graduation. Figuring this would be a good idea you asked your friend from marketing class to join you, however, she backed out last minute. Which prompted you to ask Shawn to join you. He had no reason to join you but being your longest standing friend you knew he would help you out if he could. “This is going to be a dud.”

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Not your Cinderella

If her happiness means I have to give up mine, I wouldn’t mind my tears.

How does every girl imagine her wedding day to be?

Sunny weather with a clear blue sky, an old church decorated with roses and your family and friends waiting for you in excitement. A white dress, puffy and sparkling with a long veil. This was every girl’s dream, right? Then why were you so unhappy?

With dull eyes, you stared at yourself in the full-length mirror. Light make-up, slightly curled hair with crystal flowers in your bangs, a white veil and a dress that sparkled with tiny stones and glitter. You hated it. It was too attention seeking, expensive and overdone. Sure, it was your wedding day, but this just wasn’t you!

You whinced slightly at the knock on the door but your eyes didn’t leave your reflection.
“Dear? Come on, it’s time”, your father’s deep voice reached your ears, muffled by the door. With one last glance at the sad woman in the mirror, you opened the door and stepped into the long empty hallway where your father was waiting for you with a big smile.

“You look stunning”, he said quietly to which you gave him a faked smile. “Thanks, dad..”, you mumbled just as quietly. Didn’t he notice how unhappy you were or did he pretend not to see it? But what kind of father wouldn’t notice that? What kind of father would ignore that?

Linking your arm with his, you walked down the cold corridor before you eventually came to a halt in front of two big wooden doors. You gulped silently.

Behind those door were your friends, your family, waiting for you to walk down the aisle and stare at your fiancé in happiness with tears in your eyes and a smile on your lips.

You gaze wandered to your father who looked more excited than ever, like he was the one who was about to get married, not you. Oh how you wished it was like that!

“There’s no need to be nervous”, your father said, his voice cracked slightly. Why was he so excited? Oh, right. Money. After exchanging the rings, your family would be rich, thanks to your then - husband.

Without another word, the wooden doors opened and a soft melody started to play, ‘Wedding March’. You scoffed but quickly covered it with a tiny smile as you stared straight ahead. There he was. Black hair, golden eyes and a smile on his lips, Daniel. His eyes screamed that he was happy, that he loved you and you always told yourself you did too, but.. he wasn’t the one you wanted to see at the end of the aisle.
Was it too late to walk away?

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Blue Moon; Prologue

Type: Series Continuation: It’s You | Coda; Spring Scent |
Prologue | 1 |  2
Genre: Angst, Drama, Fantasy, Fluff, Werewolf!AU
Member: S.Coups/Seungcheol
Word count: 1,632
A/N: I know quite a few of you have been waiting for this for a long time. Well, here it is! I hope you prepare your hearts. *throws confetti* :D

“Uh-huh,” you hummed with your phone pressed between your ear and shoulder as your hands are busy jotting down coffee orders. Your feet quickly pace down the busy sidewalk, bumping shoulders with strangers who were on their way to work and school. You don’t even bother to look twice as you mumbled over the phone, trying to make out your own messy handwriting with a frown.

“Ah, remember to make two the lattes skinny lattes.” Joonmyeon sighs from the other side of the phone, “You know how some of the stylists can get when it’s not non-fat dairy- or whatever the hell is in those skinny lattes.”

You chuckle, “Remind me why you still insist on hiring those stylists when they’re nothing but gossiping drama queens?”

“Because they are the best in the industry and who can accommodate to my taste in style.” He groans, “Don’t you ever listen to me, child? We’ve been over this multiple times!”

“They’re worse than all the clienteles we’ve worked with. Let’s face it, Joonmyeon, you would’ve dropped them long ago if you had the guts to.” You shoved the notepad and pen into your purse, pacing over to the crowded crosswalk.

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anonymous asked:

Omg i love ur stories!! If you are accepting requests can you do one where you and shawn have been best friends your whole life then suddenly you guys slept together and you both sort of regret it and are a bit awkward but then shawn confesses that he doesnt regret that night and he wants to try with you because he thinks he's falling in love w u and basically happy ending lol ❤️❤️

Sorry, it took a while for this, I had a final to study for. I didn’t quite to the whole I love you thing, just because I felt like I was forcing myself to write it, so I cut it out. I hope this okay though? :)

Again it’s long I can’t write blurbs sorry. I also didn’t edit it. I’m sorry I’m just tired. 


The both of you walked into a big banquet hall. The room was loud but not packed.

“Oh god.” You said looking around. It was filled with nothing but mature professional people. You were only a business student at school. You had received an email from your program about a mixer going on welcome to students which you wanted to attend. As you were trying to build more professional connections for after graduation. Figuring this would be a good idea you asked your friend from marketing class to join you, however, she backed out last minute. Which prompted you to ask Shawn to join you. He had no reason to join you but being your longest standing friend you knew he would help you out if he could. “This is going to be a dud.”

Shawn pulled up beside you and looked around, before looking at you. His expression said everything as he scrunched up his nose and cringed. You looked back to the crowd.

“Hey, you know what. It’s an open bar. Let’s just go with it? Maybe it won’t be so bad?” He suggested, shrugging.

Doubtfully you looked up to him, and smiled. He looked to you with a grin. “C’mon” His hand pressed into your middle back. “Let’s go to the bar.”

You drifted your away across the room with Shawn at your side in your slinky black dress. The dress code had been titled as black tie. Which was exactly was Shawn was wearing, a white dress shirt with a black tie and dress pants.  He looked very off as you were so used to seeing him in various shades of plaid, cotton shirts and other lumberjack-esc clothing. The last time you had see Shawn dressed formal was at graduation, but even you couldn’t help but notice how well he filled out his dress shirt now compared to back then.  

Ordering drinks you both cheered before weaving around the room. You were trying to find anyone who appeared to be within your age range, but couldn’t find one.

After a loop around the room, you turned around to Shawn. “I’m sorry you had to come to this. I didn’t expect it to be so lame. I though more people our age would be here.”

Shawn took a sip of his drink. “Nah, don’t worry about it. I’m here for you. I don’t mind one bit.”

“You know what let’s just get drunk.” You whispered leaning in closer, so no one would overhear  you.

Shawn leant back and smiled with agreement.

Both him and you began to drink hard. Rotating who would grab drinks. You were both about five drinks in when you noised a couple who looked around your age.

“Ooh. Shawn people our age.” You said taking him by the hand and dragging him along.

Being a little tipsy and forward you walked right up to the couple and introduced yourself. Immediately you began to initiate conversation with them and forcing Shawn into the conversation nonchalantly. After finding out they were also from the same University as you they invited both you and Shawn to their table after a few minutes.  

Both yourself and Shawn remained at the table for the remainder of the night, keeping close to the couple you had found. It reached about nine when both you and Shawn were drunk. It was becoming apparent you both were inebriated to those around you. The couple you were with started looking to one another uncomfortably. You leant down into Shawn’s ear.

“I think we’re getting a little too drunk?”

He looked back puzzled and scoffed. “What is too drunk?”

You laughed in the back of your throat. “Apparently us.”

Shawn and yourself sat for a while longer, but you felt the tensions around you and suggested you and Shawn leave. With typical fashion you finished your drinks and got up. You swayed a little on your feet, but didn’t believe anyone would really notice.

Both Shawn and you grabbed your coats and walked out on to the street. Your black pointed heals tapped against the sidewalk.

“What are we doing?” You giggled.

Shawn wrapped his arm around your shoulders. “No idea.”

“Yeah, I agree. Ideas are overrated.”

Suddenly you felt something that felt like drop of water on your skin. But you couldn’t be a hundred percent sure. Your motor sensors were a little distant from the alcohol.

You felt it again. “Is it raining?” You then asked.

Shawn looked up into the black night sky. “I don’t know.”

Slipping away you looked to the pavement, looking for drops. But your vision was blurred a little. Shawn bent down looking too.

“I think it is.” You answered after seeing that the amount of little dark drops on the ground was increasing.

You spun around. “I love rain.” You laughed. Shawn grabbed at your hands and stopped you pulling you in closer.

“I know because you say it every fucking time it rains.”

You pushed his hands away. “Let me live.”

He laughed and you did too as you let your head tilt back in the middle of sidewalk. People bumped into you. You felt a few drops on your cheeks and one on your lip. Slowly you lowered your head and Shawn was smiling at you watching. Returning the smile you began walking up the street, Shawn followed.

The rain began to come down a little heavier and with a crack in the sky the rain began to drop down like buckets within seconds.

“Shawn.” You screeched. He took your hand and he pulled you along, dragging you under a shop awning that was down on the next block. But it was too late you were already drenched.  

You both looked at one another and began to laugh. Shawn’s wavy brown hair was drenched flat on his forehead. You reached up and pushed it back, it stuck up strait, and you laughed at how ridiculous he looked. He shook his head and patted it back down.

“I guess we will have to wait it out?”

You looked down at yourself drenches down through your light jacket to your dress, and then up to him, giving him a ‘really’ expression.

He laughed. “My place is five blocks away, want to walk?”

You nodded and began the walk to Shawn’s apartment. The rain was still coming down hard so you and him still jogged to his place. However, that was a challenge since you were drunk and had ridiculous heals on. You were trying to hop around a puddle when Shawn walked right through it and picked you up. You began to squawk his name.

“Shawn! Shawn! Put me down.” But he threw you over his shoulder. You were impressed by his strength first and that second he was so steady with you considering how drunk he was too. Hysterically you laughed as he carried you down the street over his back.

“Shawn. Put me down.” You said seriously, feeling uneasy. “Shawn. Put me down.” He kept walking and you felt even more nauseous. “Shawn!”

He pulled you up and set you on your feet. You held onto his shoulder and moved to the side of the street.

“I’m sorry.” He said as you lent over. “I didn’t mean to make you feel sick.”

You said nothing waiting for your stomach to ease. It took a little but it happened. You stood upright with no incidences. “It’s okay.” You held up your hands. “No foul.”

Shawn took you by the shoulder as you began to walk back down the street. The rain was still pouring down, but it no longer mattered you both were drenched.

Walking a little more you finally reached Shawn’s apartment. Once inside his place you removed your shoes and jacket. When you stood up from removing your last shoe, Shawn was looking at you. You narrowed your eyes trying to focus on where he was looking. Your face twisted, confused. He seemed to be watching your chest. Looking down, your dress was sticking to your skin tightly. Crossing your arms over yourself, he looked away. His cheeks seemed a little flushed under his damp skin.

He looked away awkwardly unaware I had noticed him. “Let’s get us dry.” He slurred walking to the bathroom in his bedroom. I followed him. He pulled towels from the rack in the bathroom and handed them to me. He began to dry his hair and face, I did the same ringing my hair out. Shawn walked into the bedroom, you followed. He began to dig through his drawers, piling clothes in his arms.

“Here.” He said handing me a shirt and shorts. Turned for the bathroom you closed the door but as you did you saw Shawn pulling off his shirt. The last thing you saw before looking away was his abs contracting and relaxing as the shirt slipped over his head. He certainly wasn’t the gangly boy you grew up with anymore. Quickly drying off in the bathroom once naked, you hung your clothes to dry over then shower rod. You dressed into his clothes, and noticed they faintly smelled like him mixed with a detergent smell. You were drying your hair a little more when you heard him leave his bedroom. After a few more minutes you joined him out in the kitchen.

We both were dressed the exact time. “Nice, outfit.” You teased.

Shawn grinned, and he leaned on the counter. “Want more to drink?” He asked.

I narrowed my eyes grinning. “Is that even a question?”

Shawn pulled out some hard liquor and mix and poured you both a drink. You tapped your glasses together in a cheers.

“Ugh I love the rain.” You said seeing out to the balcony.

“I know!” Shawn yelled back.

You rolled your eyes back and walked to the windows. Drunk you spun around. “I could just dance I love it so much.”

Shawn pushed himself away from the counter in the kitchen. “Then you should.”

You stopped spinning. “What do you mean?”

Shawn pulled out his phone and scrolled for a moment before placing his phone onto a dock. Music began to play, it was something bouncy and current. He began to bob his head as he turned up the song. You only stood looking at him, confused and unwilling to dance.

Shawn began to step away from the dock station and began to move this shoulders. You watched amused. He loosen up more and began to ridiculously dance. It looked ridiculous and you began to laugh.

Shawn yelled your name. “If you don’t start dancing right now.”

Taking a gulp from your drink you began to dance. It took awhile but almost near the end of the song both you and Shawn were fully dancing, laughing and giggling as you bumped into one another around the room.

You were going around in the kitchen when the song changed.

There was twine sound from the dock and second later the lyrics began and you put together it was ‘Surfin’ U.S.A’ by The Beach Boys.

“Nooo.” You yelled. Shawn laughed and began bouncing to the music, singing along. You crossed the floor bouncing and dancing to the beat, singing much too loud. When in the living room you and Shawn grabbed on another hands and danced for a verse like they did back from the decade the song was from. Shawn spun you out and you danced over to the couch and flew your hair around singing along. Soon the song rang out and you dropped to the couch. A slow mellow song began to play.

“Next!” You yelled getting up to change it. As you walked Shawn caught your hand.

“No, let’s dance to it.” He pulled you a little to him. Lowering you chin you grinned and let him pull you in. He brought you close to his body and you brought up one of your hands and taking the other lower at your side. He began to guide you as the song forced you to sway back and forth. You recognized the song after a verse it was ‘Stand by Me’.

“Great selection of music.” You teased.

“Shut up.” He spoke gently into your ear. The both of you swayed in the living room, only filled by music. You swayed back and forth for a long time. Suddenly Shawn dropped both your hands and let go of yours. You looked to the hands that were disconnected and looked up to him.”

“What’s wron…?” You began to say but then Shawn’s hand was on your cheek. You both looked into one another eyes, his were calm and yours wide and unsure. Suddenly his lips were on yours. At first touch you went ridged, but as you felt the gentleness of his on yours, your body relaxed and your eyes closed completely. His lips parted on yours and then he pulled back. He let you lean back and you looked up confused.

His eyes looked down searching for something. You looked back, unsure of what to do. You had no idea what was happening. Distantly you could hear your sober mind speaking in the back of your brain, yelling at you over what happened. Yelling what to do. But the delirious mind was only thinking about how good it had felt. Without any warning your hand reached up behind Shawn’s head reaching into his damp hair and pulled him down, for you to kiss him.

He breathed in as you kissed him and his hand slipped around your back bringing you closer. You brought your other hand up and wrapped your arms around his neck. Kissing you harder his other hand reached your hips. For a moment he broke away, but to only pull you up. You wrapped your legs around him as he began to walk you to his bedroom. He kissed him again, as he held you up.

Once inside the bedroom he placed you back on your feet. Towering over you he stopped to look at you.

“What are we doing?” He asked.

You looked down at the ground thinking and inhaled before looking back up to him. “I don’t know. But I think I want to find out.”

He grinned before leaning down to kiss you again, before his hands reached and removed your clothes from your body.

“How was the mixer last night?” My good friend of a few years asked me as she sat down at my table in the library.

I cringed, she noticed.

“Oh this is story. Tell me!” She said wide eyes and at my attention.

I inhaled deeply looking around. Opening and closing my mouth a few times I lost my words. I eventually just shook my head and looked to her.

She sat looking at me blankly. “Ah, yes. Thank you I really feel as if I was there with that description.”

I rolled my eyes, and breathless laughed at her dry humour.

She leant forward on the table. “Spit it out.”

I looked around the room and then looked back to her. “I don’t even know how to say this.” Looking around once more and leant forward. “Well Shawn ended up coming with me.”

She raised her eyebrow.

“And well…” I paused. “Well. We ended up, well, having sex.” I said in a hushed tone.

Her eyes shot wide open and she covered her mouth. “No.”

I nodded my head, waiting for her to respond.

“Oh my god, what the fuck happened? How did this happened? Why? Oh my god. Wait, was it good? Wait, go back how did this happen.” She threw her hands up. “Oh my god, tell me everything?”

I told her the story.

“So you were drunk?”

I nodded as I fidgeted with my pen. “We both were.”

“How drunk?” She asked cautiously.

“Drunk. But I wasn’t drunk enough to not know what was happening.”

She nodded taking it in. “Wait, so what happened this morning?”

I looked up to her slowly and looked at her saying nothing.

A perplexed look came across her face. “Wait, did you just skip out this morning before he was awake?”

You looked up and gave a guilty look.

The next half an hour was her reprimanding me.

“I didn’t know what to do? We’ve been friends for so long I didn’t want to ruin our friendship.”

“And you think skipping out the morning after you had sex was going to make sure you didn’t ruin it?”

I exhaled frustrated. “I know.  I know, I just panicked. I was afriad he would just tell me to forget about it. I don’t want to forget about it.”

“Listen,” She began. “You have to go back today, tonight. You have to repair this. Because I guarantee this will be the end of your friendship if you don’t go and fix things with him. Because girl you fucked up.”

Just do it. You have to.

You whispered to yourself as you stood out on the street at Shawn’s apartment the following day. Inhaling deep you reached up and pressed the buzzer for Shawn’s place. Looking around nervously you waited, until his voice cracked over the intercom.


“Hi, it’s me.” You spoke your heart fluttering.

“What do you want?” His voice was hard and cold.

You knew this wasn’t going to be good. “Uh, I was wanting to see if we could talk?”

A few moments passed and you began to think he wasn’t going to let you in. But then there was a loud buzz. You grabbed the door quickly and made your way up. When at his door your heart was pounding as you gently tapped on the door. Shawn opened up the door. His face was stone cold. He stepped aside and let you walk in. You hesitated walking in further, stopping.

After closing the door he brushed by you, his expression was hard, almost annoyed. He walked into the kitchen. Slowly you walked to the other side.

The room was silent and he looked to you. But you were unsure of what to say, so you stared back blankly.

“So what did you want?” His voice was dark, nothing like the Shawn I knew.

I stammered. “Uh, well I thought maybe we could talk about what happened?”

“What about it?”

You fell silent, unable to answer this question. He looked at you annoyed. The seconds passed by and the tension was thick. Shawn pushed back from the counter angry.

“You know that was pretty shitty. Waking up this yesterday by myself. I really didn’t think you’d do something like that?”

My mouth dropped a little trying to speak but nothing came out.

“I really didn’t think you’d do something like that to me? That really fucking hurt to be honest.” He continued on, but you cut him off.

“Wait, you don’t regret it?”

He shot me a look, insulted. “Regret it. Why would you think I regretted it? Why would you make that kind of assumption?”

I stood bewildered.

“I didn’t regret it but it’s pretty obvious that you did.” He spat out. “Since you were out of here as fast as you possibly could. Of course we know how you felt about that. I don’t understand why you would sleep with me just to ditch in the morning. That was a real blow.”

“I didn’t regret it.” I interjected.

“No? Because taking off in the morning sure says otherwise.”

I stammered. “I panicked.”

He didn’t say more as I tried to speak. “I panicked. I don’t regret it. Not one bit. But I freaked out. I woke up naked next to my best friend since childhood and all I could think about was how I didn’t regret it. But I saw you sleeping and I got scared you would. All I could picture was you waking up, because we had drank a lot. And maybe you would look at me and say that we should pretend that it never happened.” I shook my head, my voice stricken. “I know it makes no sense but I couldn’t bear that. I couldn’t have you wake up and say that. Not my best friend.”

He didn’t say more. Frustrated I put my hands on my face. “I’m so sorry Shawn. I didn’t know. I was just scared.”

He stared at me, and slowly his expression softened. “So you don’t regret having sex?”

“No! Not at all.”

I watched him look down to the counter in front of him, thinking. After a bit he relaxed. “Well okay.”

“Okay?” I said confused.

“So what do we do now?’

I chuckled breathlessly and shrugged. “I don’t know this is the first time I’ve slept with my best friend?”

Shawn looked to me with a grin. “Oh really? You sure?” He teased.

“Soon” (Optional Bias)

a/n: A few days ago, I asked you guys for advice regarding my crush and I’m delighted to tell you that I have decided to drop my feelings for him before it became something deeper. Apparently, he had a girl he liked and like I said, I’m a smol child that everyone treats like a little sister. Maybe some part of me got scared, but I don’t know… This feels like the right decision. Anyway, due to the fact that I have a lot of excess feelings, I wrote this. I was inspired by a conversation I had with @sunshine-scenarios and a poem I wrote and posted a long time ago entitled, “Forget”. For the people who take time to read these musings, I love you. 

Genre(s): Angst, Romance (I’m really comfortable with writing angst if you guys noticed at least 70% my scenarios are angst)

Your mouth hung open and you could already feel the hot tears come streaming from the back of your eye. It stung. It did, but not as much as seeing your boyfriend half-naked in his apartment with a model clinging on his shoulders.

He looked shocked, but you noticed that his eyes were hazy and the apartment looked like a pigsty. He met your eyes and looked at the poor girl in front of him, then back at you, almost like he couldn’t believe that you were standing on his doorway. He pushed the girl away, as if he just regained his senses. She looked offended, took her bag and pushed past you outside the door.

You looked back at him and thought, ‘This is the most clichéd thing that could happen, but it happened.’ You let out a short laugh as tears spilled from the corners of your eyes.

“Jagiyah…” he breathed as he took a step towards you.

You held up a finger, using your other hand to wipe the tears away and hold in your sobs.

“I leave… I left for one week, ______.” You breathed deeply. “I left because I didn’t want to fight anymore and you replace me?”

“Jagiyah, she was not a replacement. I wasn’t it my right mind, I was drunk and I missed so, so bad.” He took another step forward and you didn’t even flinch.

He took another step and took your hands, held them tightly with his and you didn’t push him away.

“Am I supposed to understand this again?” You asked, maybe more to yourself than to him.

But he answered anyway, “No. I don’t want you to understand… I want you to get angry with me, I want you to stay in this room and get angry at me. Hurt me. I can take it, just don’t leave me again.”

“Excuse me, the café is closing already in a while.” A young girl wearing the uniform of the said café tapped your shoulder, breaking your reverie.

You gave her a curt nod and looked at your cold cup of coffee, debating whether to finish it or to leave it. Looking at your cup, you caught sight of the empty chair in front of you and the scenes that played in your head earlier.

You wondered as you stood up and walked out of the café. It was drizzling, so you pulled out your umbrella. You weren’t really paying attention while walking, looking at your feet as you tried to match the cracks on the sidewalk. You bumped against someone and you muttered an apology before going your way. At least you were when you felt someone hook a hand on your arm to stop you from going any further.

You looked back to see a man’s chest and you slowly trailed your eyes upward, knowing who he is from just the sight of his lips. You met his gaze, his warm yet invading gaze.

His name left your lips in a matter-of-fact manner; your mind can’t quite process how or why he was standing in front of you then.

He echoed with the sound of your name and a small smile on his lips. “You were here, huh? Was I too late? Did the café close already?”

You slowly nodded.

“I’m… I’m going to leave… now?” you pulled your hands away from his grasp and you felt him freeze on his spot, as if his breathing also halted as he searched your eyes for answers.

“Y/N…” he tried, he was trying and you could feel that he was putting his whole heart on your palms.

“I’m gonna leave and this time, I’m not coming back.” You made your resolve, but you couldn’t bare to look him in the eyes. For someone you loved so much, you just can’t walk away while bravely meeting his gaze. But you did. Weak and tired and helpless as you felt, you stared right back, uncontrollable tears running down your cheek. “Let me walk away, please. Don’t ask me to stay. Give me this one last gift.”

“No.” He grabbed your wrist again and for the first time that night, you backed away. “You may think I’m selfish but I’m not letting you go. I’d rather that you stay here and hate me, than not be here at all.”

“But if I leave…” you interjected. “If I leave now, I will love you and our memories; I will love every thought of you and the fact that you loved me enough to let me go. I can love you forever this way.”

You pulled your hands away and with one last look, you fled out of the door, out of the building and presumably, out of his life.

This time, he didn’t stop you because he knew, maybe not then when he cried in his sleep nor when he heard your voice in his dreams, that he could love you that way too.

“Is that so?” He clicked his tongue and pushed his hands in his pockets.

“Yeah. It was nice seeing you. I’ll go ahead.” You turned around immediately but he called after you.

“Do you mean that?” you can hear the melancholia in his voice.

“Mean what?” you turned around again.

“That it was nice seeing me… Do you mean that?” he repeated and took a step closer.

You pondered for a second, looking at him and the circles around his eyes. He looked great still, without make-up on; inhibited and tired, yet smiling. “Yeah, I meant it. I meant every word.”

“I missed you. I miss you almost every day. I see you every time I close my eyes to sleep.” He took another step and you were rooted to your spot. “Do you…” he hesitated and he never hesitated before. “…miss me at all?”

“Every day. I missed you just now, back in the café actually.” You shrugged like it was the most normal occurrence.

“It’s only been a month. I think I’m going to die.” He was already standing in front of you, so close that you can smell the mixture of his cologne and the late evening drizzle as it clung to his skin. “Do you still want to leave? Because at the state I am in right now, I still selfishly want you to stay with me.” He chuckled to himself. “Am I being pitiful?”

“If I’m honest, I’d say you’re convincing, but as much as I have loved you for the past three years… Lately, I realized that I should love myself as much, so to answer your first question…” you didn’t even blink and he could almost hear his own heart break. “Yes. I can’t stay.”

He nodded, gulping back any words that he might’ve used to beg you. “Will you be okay?”

“I’m not okay yet.” You tightened your grip on the handle of your umbrella. “But I will be, soon. I hope you too.”

You gave him a broken smile and turned around.

You walked away again.

“Someday!” he called after you.

You stopped and somehow, with just one word you understood.

‘Someday.’ You sighed. ‘That’s a nice thought.’

“Maybe.” You said, before resuming your steps.

You resumed your steps, further and further.

You walked on without turning back.


“You did well today, (Y/N). I think we’ve made a lot of progress. Oh, and if you see my next patient, tell him he can come in whenever he’s ready. His name is Elliot.” Your therapist, Dr. Gordon, said to you as you stood to leave. It didn’t feel like you made progress. It was actually the toughest session you had ever had with her and all you wanted to do was go home and cry. The tears already filled your eyes as you mumbled a quick goodbye before scurrying out. You kept your head down as you sniffled and tried to wipe away your tears. As you walked out onto the sidewalk, you bumped into a man and fell back onto the concrete. That just made the tears come faster, seeming as if your day couldn’t get any worse.

“Sorry…” You squeaked, dusting off your pants. You looked up and saw the man looking back at you.

“No, no. It’s okay…Are you okay?” He asked, noticing your red, puffy eyes and wet face.

“Um, yeah! Totally… I-I’m fine…” He nodded slowly, not believing you at all, but not looking to push you. You fell into an awkward silence before you remembered what Dr. Gordon told you to do for her.

“Oh, are you Elliot?” You asked, making his eyes widen slightly.

 "How do you know that?“ He asked suspiciously.

"Uh, Dr. Gordon told me to tell you that you can go in when you’re ready.” You said shyly. He nodded relieved.

 "Well, you know my name. What’s yours?“ He asked, pulling out a cigarette.

"I’m (Y/N).” You said, wiping away the last of your tears. He held out a cigarette to you, but you shook your head, telling him you didn’t smoke. He nodded, puffing out some smoke into the air.

“Not to be in your business or anything, but why were you crying? I mean, you’re definitely not okay.” He said as you both stood there awkwardly on the sidewalk as people passed you by.

“Life has just been really rough lately.” You said, giving him a small smile. He nodded knowingly.

“Same here.” You both chuckled lightly.

“Well I guess I’ll see you around.” You smiled up at him kindly.

“Yeah, definitely.” He gave you a small smile before stomping his cigarette and walking into Dr. Gordon’s office. You smiled a little and started to walk to your car.

 ‘Maybe my day wasn’t too bad.’ You thought to yourself as you hopped in your car and started for your apartment.

Slow It Down

Word Count: 3,214

Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader

A/N: As soon as I got this request, I wanted to start writing it immediately. Slow It Down is one of my all time favorite songs, and so I was just so excited to write it. Warning, there is angst and heartbreak and smut… Which I don’t think the requester was probably asking for when they requested this (it sounds like they might have wanted fluff) but just listen to the song, and I think you’ll understand why I went the route that I did.

P.S: If you’re more of a John Mayer fan, Slow Dancing In A Burning Room was also inspiration for this as well.

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It was rush hour in the middle of the dead, summer heat in New York City. The sun was just beginning to set, and the sky was changing from bright, cerulean hues to periwinkles and pinks. The city was busy. Busier than most days- as it was Friday night- and everyone was trying to get home to their families and their weekend off.

As soon as she stepped out of her very corporate, office headquarters, the first thing she saw was the line of people standing on the curb with their arms in the air as they tried to hail a cab. It would be faster to walk the distance, but the humidity and her high heels made her think twice about waiting with the rest of her coworkers on the sidewalk.

She bumped shoulders with a dozen other New Yorkers as her heels clicked on the concrete with each step she took. Her nose was buried in her phone, still replying to work emails and checking over spreadsheets. She just wanted it to be over; wanted to put her feet up and drink a glass of wine.

But she had something to take care of first.

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Washington D.C. Gothic

- The kayakers on the river are all tourists. The locals know not to go in the water. The locals know what’s in the water.

- “It was so crowded yesterday at the cherry blossoms!” Your friend exclaims. You were there. There were no tourists. There were no cherry blossoms. There never are, but you agree and change the subject.

- The displays at the museums are all so interesting. They are informative. You convince yourself you’ve read them all, and move on to the next room. You thought this museum was smaller. The paintings follow you.

- You know the restaurant is somewhere around here. You drive, searching, but all you see are Starbucks. You passed five in the last block. You passed five in the next block. You are always passing a Starbucks.

- The streets are simple to navigate. Numbers going east and west, letters going north and south. Or is it the other way? You don’t talk about the ones named after states. No one who does ever stays for long.

- People on street corners ask if you’re interested in buying a newspaper. People in doorways ask if you’re interested in helping out a war veteran. Their signs are blank. No matter how much they write, no one ever takes notice. They disappear.

- The Washington Monument stands tall, a testament to history. “You know there are two different colors of bricks?” A friend asks. You look carefully at the top. Is it really there? Your head starts to hurt and you look away.

- The opera was wonderful. Where does the music come from? You look into the pit, but the musicians are gone, scurried back to their tunnels. All that’s left is the conductor, smiling and shaking hands. You hear whirring noises and leave.

- The public schools are empty. No one has ever gone there, and no one ever will. Who do the busses take back and forth? Only the teachers know, but the teachers do not speak.

- You know a shortcut to skip the traffic, but why would you take it? The traffic is good. The traffic is necessary. The traffic is safe. You don’t know any shortcuts.

- You think you saw a politician the other day, but you didn’t stay long enough to make sure. You felt their eyes welcoming you, their mouths drawing you in. The flag pins are rooted in their chests.

- The motorcades wander. Was that the president? You wouldn’t know. No one has ever seen the president. But he is always there.

- The mosquitos sting your tongue. The mosquitos sting your heart.

- You have been at the metro for only a few minutes. The sign says so. The train is coming soon. The train has been coming soon for years.

- Young networkers patrol the sidewalks, bumping into light posts. Their phones ran out of battery hours ago, but they look at them still. They walk into the river, back to where they belong.

- No one remembers driving past the pentagon. No one asks if you work there. The pentagon is restricted.

- There are so many monuments. There are so many school groups. They are all the same. They are all the same.

Let’s Do This Again - Wanda x Reader

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A/N: I am so proud of myself, two days in a row I have come out with a new fic. Which is probably going to be broken tomorrow but whatever.

Warnings: Brief mention of nudity, like, it doesn’t even describe stuff. There’s also a kiss if you’re not into that.

Words: 1074

Prompts: “Who crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go for ice cream?!” and “What the hell are you wearing?” (requested by anon)

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@provider-of-guardians I realize this is a bit of a cop out because it raises more questions than it answers, but I hope you enjoy it!

Remember Me: a drabble about one character trying to get another to remember them 

The decision was spontaneous. Itching to do something after graduation while Mabel was off at a leadership session for two weeks, Dipper packed up his pickup truck, bought a road map, and set off for Gravity Falls. A few weeks bunking with Soos would be a nice way to unwind before he had to start up work again to save for college in the fall.

After six years without a visit to Gravity Falls, Dipper hadn’t expected so much of the town to be the same. But when he turned down the familiar main strip, he was struck by a deep ache of familiarity. The same shops, the same faces, even the same smells. Nostalgia washed over him, and Dipper parked on the side of the road to take a stroll around the town.

As he wandered, his eyes roved over the faded store fronts and street signs. He was so distracted, he didn’t notice someone was coming toward him down the sidewalk until he bumped their shoulder and heard a grunt.


Dipper whirled around and held his hands up in apology.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I didn’t see–” he froze when he saw platinum blonde hair, fierce eyes, and a confident stance he couldn’t easily forget.

“Pacifica?” he squeaked.

There was no doubt in his mind that it was the Northwest girl from up the hill that he had feuded with for most of his summer in Gravity Falls, only to form an odd sort of friendship by helping her exorcise a ghost. Time couldn’t erase the memory of that haughty look that she had once directed at him, now clear as day on her face as she ran a hand through her hair.

“Yeah?” Her face lit up when she saw him and her eyes darted over him from head to toe and back up again.  Dipper grinned in excitement.

“Oh my god, it is you,” Dipper laughed. “Wow, it’s been forever! I hardly recognized you.”

Her eyes narrowed and she cocked her head to the side. “Sorry, do I know you?”

He would think she was being rude were it not for the half step retreat. He realized with a sinking gut that she didn’t know who he was.

“It’s me, Dipper Pines,” he said, “Remember me? I helped get rid of a ghost in your house?”

Her eyes flickered and she gave him another look up and down. After a moment, she demanded, “Ghost? What ghost?”

Okay, now she was definitely pulling his leg. There’s no way she could forget that.

“Oh come on, Pacifica,” Dipper insisted with an exasperated huff, “The lumberjack ghost with the blue fire? Turned people into wood? That was the day you hugged me, remember?”

Pacifica took another step back and frowned. “Sorry, you must have me mixed up with someone else.”

Desperation took over and Dipper shook his head. “No, listen, you know me! We fought little golf-ball people a-and I exposed your family as frauds. We fought Bill in a giant dinosaur robot and stopped the Weird-pocalypse! Don’t you remember?”

Pacifica’s eyes widened and she turned on her heel without another word. She marched away from him with her head down, and Dipper was left gaping. Driven by his desire to make a connection, Dipper chased her and caught her by the shoulder to stop her, only to have his hand thrown off.

“Don’t touch me,” she snapped as she whipped around to face him.

“I’m sorry,” Dipper said as he took a step back, “I didn’t mean to scare you. I just…you don’t remember anything? We – we were friends.”

“No we weren’t, because I don’t know who you are!”

He was wounded by her vehemence, and he dropped his eyes to the ground in humiliation. She must have seen something genuine in his face, because her snarl morphed into a frown.

“Look, you’re cute, and normally I’d be all over that,” Pacifica said, holding one hand out in case he tried to approach her again, “but you’re nuts.”

With a look of pity, Pacifica turned and bustled down the sidewalk. Dipper watched her go, his stomach knotting in on itself with worry.  This was odd, even for Gravity Falls; and he was going to get to the bottom of it.

He hopped into his pickup truck and started the drive to the Mystery Shack, hopeful he wouldn’t receive the same tepid welcome from Soos.


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Lyn rubbed his arms as he walked home, the night air making him shiver. He hated being alone at night, it made him anxious. It wasn’t just the fact that he was a easy target at (a glance anyway) but the fact that his ever glowing hair stuck out like a sore thumb in the dark. Maybe it was the nighttime anxiety, or the fact that everything seemed to be going wrong for him today, but Lyn was exceedingly jumpy as he made his way down the sidewalk. He felt something bump into him from behind and panicked, latching a hand onto the first thing he felt behind him and releasing a powerful jolt of electricity.