sidewalk bullies

Give me twenty million episodes of Yusei making repair work house calls.

Like literally forget all the dueling and saving the world business I just want to see him doing some work for little old ladies, crotchety old men, desperate house spouses or whatever. I need it. I just love this boy walking around town carrying his tool box.

And something always goes hilariously awry because he is Yusei and like all YGO protags he is a magnet for strange, weird and bizarre things happening.

Like the time he fixes the plumbing for a poor frazzled first time mother who cannot get her child to stop crying. Yusei picks up the baby and rocks it gently and manages to calm it down and she tries to get him to stay for like “just a few hours; I will pay you, please just stay so I can GET SOME SLEEP PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU”

(Being a nice guy, he does)

Or like, he fixes a ceiling fan for some little old guy and then makes the guy a sandwich and sits and talks with him about his grandchildren while he eats so Yusei can make sure he takes his medicine. And he better keep taking the medicine because Yusei will be back tomorrow to repair and clean his fridge–free of charge of course. And probably fix up a few other things, just to make sure old Roger’s taking his medicine.

And how about the time he happens to pass by some kid sitting on the sidewalk crying because some bullies broke his bike and now he’ll never be able to compete in the little psuedo-turbo duel him and his buddies were going to have later that week. So Yusei asks him to show him the bike in question, and while asking the kid all about his dueling deck and his grades in school–“are you keeping those up? A duelist has to be smart and keep his mind sharp, you know”–Yusei not only repairs the bicycle but tricks it out with a custom little mini Duel Disk platform he cobbled together with some spare parts he had in his tool box. And once that problem is solved, he makes certain to appear at the little tourney to make sure no bullies interfere–and no one messes with that kid again because he’s friends with Yusei Fudo.

Basically Yusei doing a ton of odd jobs and making Crow completely insane because “YOU HAVE TO STOP DOING SO MUCH WORK FOR FREE YUSEI WE HAVE TO EAT AND MAKE RENT YOU KNOW” but Yusei is just too frickin nice and Jack is completely useless so Crow just sighs and picks up a few more shifts at work because someone has to look out for these two boneheads.