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Why is everyone so sure we’ve seen the last of Sam’s sideshow? Is it just because Sam took Wendy to BAFTAS? I’m half expecting a Thanksgiving appearance, but perhaps I’ve missed some key information.

I’d say it’s more hopeful speculation than certainty, bunny. 

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Hi, new here (first fandom) and consider myself a neutral. Was surprised that some shippers are firm believers of the TPTB theory and use it to explain Sam's behaviors. It's understandable that people try to hold on to things they believe, but maybe the Sam sideshow is simpler?

Simpler? Just look around this fandom and you’ll come to understand genuine affection vs. manufactured attention, class vs. crass, “truth” vs. HW axis of evil, reality vs. illusion, and more. Everyone is guilty of something. Nothing is simple in this fandom. Or in life and love for that matter.

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Revolting is an apt description. Sam's sideshows always have their nose in the trough). Interesting all the Anons now posting on shipper blogs about Sam's supposed 'breakup' with Trashy. It ends as it began with a 'leak' to a blog! Not fake at all!!! Given the amount of time that she's spent in the PNW this year, this 'new' relationship is not so new!

Well MM is a serial cheater….. would anyone be surprised that she may already have a new guy?

i have a head canon that sam winchester eats so healthily all the time because all that bad fatty food that dean eats has lots of salt in it and because of the demon blood in him it hurt sam’s stomach when he ate all that salt, maybe even give him ulcers and when it touches his skin the salt doesn’t burn his skin, just makes it tingle because when a demon eats salt it hurts but a little burning is nothing to hell and damn it tastes good and it can heal it’s self sam can’t he’s human

 john noticed this and knew and he just told sam he needs to stay away from that stuff and dean just thought that same loved salad


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brought to you by… the plan was @samwilsondrawingchallenge’s prompt #8, bird watching, with a crack about “well bird-sitting,” but prompt #30 specifically includes pet-sitting, so… maybe that 

anyway he’s definitely watching them for Clint Barton, you know, the farmer