Holy shit, so when I was a little girl I was told that my great grandma Mary gave birth to live Siamese Twins back the 40s. My Nana said there was an photo of an x ray of them that she had somewhere in the house, and I begged and begged for years for her to find it and give it to me. Since then I’ve taken up collecting x rays and have become infatuated with medical slides. Today my grandmother finally found the photo and it’s more incredible than I could have imagined….. They had four arms and 3 legs! Unfortunately the boys passed away very shortly after….. My abusive great grandfather exclaimed “there will be no freaks in this family” after the fact, and ironically drank himself to death on the carnival lot where he ran a side show. Later on my Nana became pregnant with her second child. Not until the day she gave birth did she know she was having twins. My mother and aunt, who later became the first set of twins to be used playing the same character on a television series. My great grandma Mary felt so ashamed by birthing this child in the 40s and my mom and aunts success kind of ameliorated that…. Then I was born and my mother and I took care of my great grandma Mary until she passed away. I would get into her lipstick and wear her shoes as a raging 2 year old. I’m so happy that this photograph finally surfaced. Strangely enough as morbid as it is my Nana isn’t going to let me keep the original until later on…… I’m going to get this tattooed for sure. RIP little guys… You will always be loved and cherished by me.😔💕 #siamesetwins #conjoinedtwins #twins #campbell #sideshow #freaks #irony #xray #medical #oddities

Cabinet Photo, Ella Ewing, “The Missourig Giantess”

From wikipedia:

“Ella Ewing was born in La Grange, Missouri, the only child of Benjamin F. and Anna Eliza (Herring) Ewing.[1] While a toddler, Ella’s family moved to the small Scotland County community of Rainbow, southeast of Gorin, Missouri. She was of normal size while a baby and young child, with the first signs of any abnormality appearing shortly after her seventh birthday. At age fourteen she towered over not only other children but her parents and other adults, measuring 6 feet 10 inches.[2] The people of the Rainbow and Gorin area were used to her fast growth and met it with compassion, however in 1885 Ella learned that would not always be the case in the world at large. Asked to read the Declaration of Independence at a July 4 celebration in Wyaconda, Missouri, Ella was met with shocked gasps, snickers and laughter when she stood to read. Led away in tears, the incident would have a profound effect on her life.

Ewing’s maximum height is a matter of dispute, but in several accounts she was claimed to be over eight feet tall. Her mother’s journal indicated that Ella’s growth finally stopped when she was age twenty-two, at 8 feet, 4 inches tall.[3] However, this is not well documented, and as such she is not mentioned in Guinness World Records. The Guinness Book of Records has stated she measured 7 feet 4 and a half inches tall, and may have reached 8 feet 4 inches by the time she died. As typical of many people afflicted with pituitary gigantism Ella’s arms were very long, with her hands and feet exceptionally big. She wore a custom-made size 24 US shoe and often wore multiple rings on her fingers to mask their unusual length.”


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