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harvey choosing a side in the war of jokes and riddles

eddie: so, harvey, come to a decision yet? 

joker: come now, edward, don’t rush the man. i’m sure he’s in two minds about it. 

harvey: how about i let the coin decide? 

harvey: *flips coin*

joker: weeeeeeell? 

eddie: who’s side are you on, dent?

harvey: the coin says you’re both bitches goodbye


Some are not really accurate but I had a really good laugh.

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hey Emma, have you see this? teenvogue*com/story/harry-styles-doesnt-think-gay-rights-political?mbid=social_twitter I thought what he said was ok, but now I'm just confused 🤷🏽‍♀️

(x) I understand the points that Teen Vogue is making, but I still think Harry had the best of intentions and I understand what he was trying to say. I know there was a long discussion about this a couple of days ago and I didn’t really want to talk about it then, but I’ll touch on it briefly since you linked me to this.

I think it’s a bit unfair that celebrities are frequently pushed to be political by the general public (think about how many people wanted Taylor Swift to speak out in favor of Hillary, for example, and clearly this interviewer wanted Harry to be political as well), but then they receive a ridiculous amount of flack when they do say something regardless of what it is. Harry quite clearly didn’t want to talk about politics, likely knowing how volatile the subject is and how easy it is for something to be misconstrued, but the interviewer pushed him, and when he tried to essentially say that he feels equality for all people should be a fundamental aspect of society rather than something that is up for debate in the political arena, a lot of people interpreted it as negatively as possible.

I fully understand that Harry’s perspective is an idealistic one that sadly doesn’t match with reality in a world where the rights of LGBTQ+ people, women, immigrants, and other minorities are constantly being debated by politicians, but I think Harry definitely realizes that. He was talking about how he views those things, but I think it’s absurd to suggest that he doesn’t realize that how he views equality isn’t how much of the world views equality considering he has participated in campaigns aiming for gender equality, he posted a rainbow on Instagram the day gay marriage was made legal in the United States, and so on. A roughly two sentence long answer in an interview when he was probably not prepared for a pointed question like that does not encompass Harry’s full understanding of equality and to suggest that he’s just an idealist with no comprehension of the precarious political position of equal rights for many individuals across the world is, in my opinion, ridiculous.

when ur both the tattooed cousin and the gay cousin

🌟old movies renamed🌟
  • <b> rear window: the boy who cried murder<p/><b>an american in paris:</b> i guess we should add some singing to all of these dance numbers<p/><b>the philadelphia story:</b> i want you back, i want you back🎵<p/><b>how to steal a million:</b> gullibility and sarcasm fall in love and steal a dinky statue<p/><b>cabaret:</b> drag and scandalous dances in WWII<p/><b>the sound of music:</b> where a kid can be a kid (and fucking sing like a normal child)<p/><b>bringing up baby:</b> can we keep him? please?<p/><b>seven brides for seven brothers:</b> abduction cause its romantic<p/><b>singing in the rain:</b> good morning🍊🎵there are 16 oranges in every tropicana pure premiu-<p/><b>it's a wonderful life:</b> a cute old man fixes jimmy stewart's many problems<p/><b>the shop around the corner:</b> we're better staying pen pals than actually dating<p/><b>breakfast at tiffany's:</b> she's lowkey a psycho but it's all about love and cats anyway<p/><b>roman holiday:</b> tomboy princess takes a day off and then has to face reality again<p/><b>star!:</b> gertie get your shit together<p/><b>my fair lady:</b> men are snobs and the english have a social system based on speech<p/><b>sabrina:</b> you got hurt and couldn't go on dates with me so i dated your brother instead<p/><b>thoroughly modern millie:</b> everyone is extra and there are white people who play asian people and horrible sex trafficking but it's okay because carol channing<p/><b>west side story:</b> why the fuck do you love him after he literally murdered your brother oh well he died so who cares anyway<p/><b>harvey:</b> polite and innocent man is a bit loopy so everyone tries to lock him up<p/><b>gone with the wind:</b> you don't love me?!?! but you gotta, i guess i'll marry all of the south to make you jealous<p/><b>casablanca:</b> paris and kids being looked at<p/><b>the african queen:</b> oh we almost died but we didn't so let's kiss and build a torpedo from scratch<p/><b>on golden pond:</b> where everyone won best actor/actress and 74 year old katharine hepburn did her own fucking stunts<p/><b>annie get your gun:</b> frank butler is a fucking selfish wienie<p/><b>lawrence of arabia:</b> nice, noble man goes crazy over the course of 4 hours<p/><b>the wizard of oz:</b> everything magical and good in the world is a hoax, kids<p/><b>cinderella:</b> cinderelly, cinderelly, we're woodland creatures providing comical pastime<p/><b>snow white:</b> practice makes perfect, disney, because this movie was on drugs<p/><b>sleeping beauty:</b> let's take a story about rape and make it for kids but then add unrealistic body types<p/><b>gold finger:</b> look it's the german villain from chitty chitty bang bang in a bond movie<p/><b>chitty chitty bang bang:</b> this movie was also on drugs but it's still great<p/><b>funny face:</b> audrey and fred in france<p/><b>🌟i love all these movies so much so don't get your panties in a wad it's a joke:</b> <p/></p>
the signs as places

Aries: Land used for battle since man’s primitive years. An archaeologist’s dream. The soil is embedded with countless weapons and soaked in blood.

Taurus: An opera house, covered in flowering vines. Aging wine sits in it’s most vital rooms and singing flows through the halls endlessly.

Gemini: A colorful marketplace, bustling, busy, and diverse. Millions visit it each year despite the thieves and tricksters lurking in the alleys.

Cancer: A temple at the bottom of the ocean. Over thousands of years it has become the parent of an entire ecosystem. Some say sirens call it their home.

Leo: An archaic theatre renowned all around the world. Competition, drama, and festivals honoring gods reign here. This is where people become famous.

Virgo: A grand library with sunlight streaming through a glass ceiling. Silence is only broken by the flipping of pages. Dust never collects on the books.

Libra: A rose garden enchanted with the gift of making people fall in love. Thousands have found their soulmates in the oasis.

Scorpio: A castle overlooking the sea, blackened by arson and battered by war. It’s first layers are protected by curses, but deep within the walls are adorned in gold and ancient script.

Sagittarius: A crossroads. The paths lead to distinct, beautiful locations. Not only man travels down these paths. Creatures of all kinds follow them for reasons unknown.

Capricorn: A private manor upon a mountain, full of leaves changing color. It’s a picture perfect scene molded by sheer ambition and hard work. Those who dwell there are envied by all.

Aquarius: An observatory with unknown origins. It is the strangest place on earth where paranormal activity never ceases.
For centuries sightings of otherworldly beings are reported in its walls.

Pisces: A misty sea-side fair. Pastels emerge from the fog and the rides never stop. Lovers and dreamers go there to cry, laugh, and wander.

Kaiba’s bursting into Atem’s throne room like ‘you are going to stand here and face me, because you left me without a backwards fucking glance, causing me unbearable pain, and we need to talk about this’.

But he doesn’t have that kind of emotional self-awareness, so he has to demand a duel instead.

Arnaud : *est en train de prendre une douche*

Benoît : *tire le rideau* Hé, est-ce que -arrête de hurler, c’est juste moi- est-ce que tu sais où sont mes lunettes ?

badass soprano songs [x]
a list of songs with notes that go up into the stratosphere (requested by rocioolayab​)

many a new day (oklahoma!) // a little bit in love (wonderful town) // i could be happy with you (the boy friend) // waitin’ for my dearie (brigadoon) // i could have danced all night (my fair lady) // my white knight (the music man) // when did i fall in love (fiorello!) // before i gaze at you again (camelot) // much more (the fantasticks) // one boy (bye bye birdie) // i feel pretty (west side story) // far from the home i love (fiddler on the roof) // i loved (jacques brel is alive and well and living in paris) // take care of this house (1600 pennsylvania avenue) // green finch and linnet bird (sweeney todd) // unexpected song (song and dance) // how could i ever know (the secret garden) // children of the wind (rags) // he plays the violin (1776) // if i were a bell (guys & dolls) // vanilla ice cream (she loves me) // ribbons down my back (hello, dolly!) // bill (show boat) // lovely (a funny thing happened on the way to the forum) // christmas lullably (songs for a new world) // in his eyes (jekyll & hyde) // glitter and be gay (candide) // your daddy’s son (ragtime) // cry like the wind (do re mi) // follow your heart (urinetown) // on the steps of the palace (into the woods) // popular (wicked) // love, look away (flower drum song) // the beauty is (the light in the piazza) // simple little things (110 in the shade) // come home (allegro) // cute boys with short haircuts (vanities) // goodbye, little dream, goodbye (anything goes) // think of me (phantom of the opera) // sweet thursday (pipe dream) // not a day goes by (merrily we roll along) // rosa’s confession (the mystery of edwin drood) // in my own little corner (cinderella) // climb ev'ry mountain (the sound of music) // i don’t know what i’d do (a gentleman’s guide to love and murder) // never (on the twentieth century) // getting to know you (the king and i)

alto | tenor | bass

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Why do you think libras, geminis, pisces are multifaceted?

Well, to be clear, all of the signs are multi-faceted in an archetypal way. However, in terms of the symbols, Libra, Gemini, Pisces, and Sagittarius also are multi-faceted. Libra has two sides of a scale, Gemini are represented by twins, Pisces are represented by two fishes, and Sagittarius is half man, half horse. These two sides can represent two different sides that are put into a single sign.

Gemini: One side represents knowledge and logic. The other side represents humor and youth. These two sides are both tied by the mind and communication.

Libra: One side represents love and romance. The other side represents justice and fairness. These two sides are both tied by the interactions with other people.

Sagittarius: One side represents knowledge, truth, and beliefs (human.) The other side represents strength, wildness, and adventure (horse.) These two sides are tied by passion.

Pisces: One side represents absolutely knowing everything and having the ability to empathize. The other side represents knowing absolutely nothing due to the grandness of the world. These two sides are tied by imagination.


“So…” Glenn held the word out like a long note, his gaze fixed pointedly off in the distance.

“So,” Michonne tucked a stray loc behind her ear, turning to the young man beside her. She knew what was coming next, had expected it for days, really. It surprised her that it had taken Glenn this long to ask. Still, she wasn’t letting him off easy.

“So, you and Rick?” dark almond shaped eyes flickered to her for a moment then quickly away.

“Is that a question?” Michonne asked coolly, biting back a laugh.

“Are you guys together now, or just…” Glenn trailed off again, his cheeks flushing pink in the afternoon sun.

“Just having sex?” Michonne finished lightly, cocking her head slightly to the side in a fair imitation of Rick.

Glenn flushed even brighter. For a man who had never been shy about his sexual relationship with his own wife, his embarrassment burned bright. Michonne did smile then, cutting the young man some slack.

“We’re together,” the statement was accompanied by a laugh, the tinkling sound echoing along the porch they were seated at.

Glenn nodded, “Good. I mean, not like you need my approval…it’s just,” he swallowed thickly, taking a pull of the glass of lemonade beside him. “Rick’s better with you. More…human.”

Michonne’s eyebrows jumped slightly, but she nodded. “He’s good for me too,” she said simply, reaching for a sandwich off the plate between them.

“You’re good with the kids too,” Glenn continued talking, his eyes trained on the porch steps. “With Carl and Judith.”

“You should take them some time,” Michonne smiled at him again. “Get some practice in.”

Glenn sighed, licking his lips. “I have to ask you something. I’m not sure if it’s even something people still do in this world but…” he cleared his throat.

Michonne regarded him calmly, reaching gently for his shoulder. “Anything,” she assured him.

“If something happens to me, or Maggie, or me and Maggie,” he broke off again, lifting his head to look her square in the eye. “Would you and Rick?”

“Of course,” her answer was instantaneous. “Of course we would.”

Glenn nodded, relief palpable on his face. “Maggie was thinking we could make it official. She likes things like that.”

“Official?” Michonne coaxed a sandwich into his hand.

“Like Godparents. Gabriel could do a ceremony…or whatever. I’m not sure exactly how it works.” He gratefully took a bite.

“We’d be honored,” Michonne nudged Glenn with her shoulder, her smile widening across her face. Glenn grinned back at her, raising his lemonade glass. Michonne clinked her own against his.

“What are you two over here gossiping about?” Maggie’s voice cut the silence between them. The brunette laughed lightly as she approached, Rick dogging her footsteps.

“Just having some lunch,” Michonne announced, holding up the plate.

“You should come eat,” Glenn was already on his feet, guiding his wife to sit in his place. He plunked down next to her as Rick reached the stairs, leaning over the banister.

“Hey,” he grinned lazily at Michonne.

“Hey yourself,” Michonne lifted her lunch. Rick wasted no time in procuring a bite.

“That’s good,” Rick complimented, sitting down on the step below Michonne. She absentmindedly smoothed one of his wayward curls back as Rick went to work on sneaking another mouthful of her lunch. Michonne reached over to grab her glass, coming face to face with Glenn and Maggie staring at her knowingly.

“What?” she asked, flushing. Quickly, she handed her lemonade to Rick. He took a sip, oblivious of the younger couple.

“It’s about time,” Maggie grinned. Beside her, Glenn laid a hand protectively over her stomach. He nodded at Michonne.

Michonne laughed lightly, returning her attention back to Rick. “Maggie and Glenn have something they want to ask us. I already said yes.”

“Of course you did,” Rick grinned at her, reaching for her hand. “Maggie asked me already. I said yes too.” He dropped a kiss on her palm.

Michonne leaned into him, draping herself over his shoulder as he continued eating.

“Nice day,” Glenn observed, smiling at the sight of the town in front of them.

“It is,” Michonne agreed, grinning.  

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