Now let’s get on these mu'fuckin’ sides! #thanksgiving2016 #plies #ritzcarltin #dinner #sides #red #family #florida #realniggashit

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“sides” of tumblr

Science side- smol gay science lovers wanting to educate people.  v nice

Animal side- Happy ppl ecstatic over animals and want everyone to know. Strangely knows a lot about otters.

Art side- tHESE FUCKERS ARE AMAZING AT ART. 10/10. Know history about famous artists. “did you know this dude painted a asshole as a fuck you to this other dude? haha!”

Plant side- Tol nice people who honestly just like gardening. No drama, it’s paradise. 


Musical side- these fuckers are the best. Will show you gOOD ASS SONGS, LIKES HISTORY SIDE BECAUSE OF THINGS LIKE HAMILTON.


           Does love really exist? Yes, it exists. Love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to someone. It might be to a person, animal, material possession or dream. But love to a person is all that can give you highs or lows in life. It can make you a strong and brave person or it can break you into a million pieces.

           An old saying “Love is blind”. Love doesn’t care for anything. Love is something sacred and divine which is above the worldly lies of caste, creed, religion, race etc. When you are in love with someone nothing matters but just love.

           Existence of love has different definitions to everyone. Love may be the best thing to someone who is with his beloved. On the other side, it may be a curse to someone who is in one sided love or who has lost his beloved.

           Life can gift either of the two sides. If you are having the right side of love, don’t let it go for only few people have this blessing. But if you are on the wrong side of love, it is the worst treatment that can ever destiny give to someone. It can ruin you or it may leave you hanging down on a tall tree with head towards the earth. You will crave for that person whom you love and everything is going to be devastating. And it’s not your fault. You have given your whole love to someone but if that person doesn’t see it or you are not together because of any reason then it is never your fault. It might be other’s bad luck or destiny’s call to gift you the love of someone better.

           And as they say “Whatever happens, it happens for a reason”.

           If you are on the right side of love, hold on to it tightly. Don’t ever make some foolish decision and ruin a beautiful relationship. Contrary to this, if you are not on the right side then let it go because someone else is waiting for your love. Holding on to the wrong side will only fill your heart with pain and this is what no one wants.

           Everyone wants happiness in his life and it depends on the decisions you make.

Keep Smiling😊