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Some images I created for as part of for a college project Autumn 2013. 

The general concept is that the character to be made out of text from the book, to turn the ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ saying around as part of the story will in fact be on the cover. Also it can look like the character could perhaps be escaping from the book.

The ‘client’ was meant to be Penguin books, so I wanted to keep my design simple to reflect their style and previous works.
I also created a set of bookmarks (to be given out in bookstores to promote the set), a case to hold them in and I drew up a concept for a potential poster as well.

You can see the first Tumblr post here

You can see also see these images in my Deviant Gallery here

I visited Gran Canaria in my Autumn break and I got to see this beautiful village that had not yet been hit by mass tourism yet as it has only just recently been made so you can get to it via bus. I really loved the colors on the houses and the bright arches of flowers, the whole area was incredibly peaceful and quaint.

You can find this photo on my Deviant Art here:

And you can find the rest of the pictures from the trip here:

I am doing a book cover project at college based around the client ‘Penguin Books’. We have to create a set of book cover designs, of 6 books from a given set. My general concept is for the character to be made out of text from the book, to turn the 'Don’t judge a book by its cover’ saying around as part of the story will in fact be on the cover. Also the character could perhaps be escaping the book.

These are not my first designs but they are definitely not finished yet, I am considering using some templates to add some simple watercolor scenery to the background. I also did various other design versions before this but these are the best so far (I think). 

Will keep you updated!

Teddy mugs, phone and ipod cases now available in my Society6 store!

I personally own a phone case from Society6 so I can verify the quality, as well as this shipping is also currently free worldwide ^_^

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New Scribblenauts Video! I hope you like, come with awesome new thumbnail :3


This is my second commission from Pedro6285. He wanted a business card in the same style as the postcard design I had made for him previously (the first commission I did for him).

I used a lot of aspects from the first design in this one and I tried to keep it overall, quirky and bright. But, I created the music stand new for this design in adobe illustrator.

The fonts I used were Gotham Bold (which he requested) and Monda.

You can see the original Postcard design on DeviantArt here:


My good friend Anepticus has reuploaded his old speed art of me from his original channel to the Biscuit Foundation’s Channel!


It seems people chose PokeMMO as their choice for my new pokemon series! 


This is my second Pokemon game video and its up to you guys to choose if you would prefer this or Pokemmo to be my new series!

I hope you enjoy!


AHHH! I haven’t updated on here in ages D: well here is my newest video and its a pokemon one :3 Also if you look in the video description it has a link to how to make a pokemon trainer image like I did in the thumbnail which I am sure people ill enjoy!

Hope you like!

*edit*  thumbnails don’t show on tumblr blarrrg so here is the link anyway if you wanna make your own trainer: