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i kinda wish people would at least give xeno2 a chance. i get most of the complaints but i think the story has a lot of potential. i already have the feeling that it’s gonna be better than x story wise tbh.

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lol oot may not be the best graphic wise but it's more revolutionary than any others

Which game changed the series’ gameplay almost into an entirely new thing for the series? Hmmmmmm…

Breath of the Wild did. 

It’s a true open world adventure that is both challenging yet easy if you plan and play out your strategies correctly. Also, the world of BOTW felt more alive and full of secrets that I’m still finding on second and third rounds on the map. 

It’s beautiful graphically and will age well as time goes on and both its main story and sidequests have more depth than most of those in OoT. 

I had a deeper connections to all the characters, including minor side and background characters, than I ever did with OoT characters, i.e. the sages. 

It has a health and stamina system that give the game an extra layer or both strategy and difficulty. It’s up to you to work for your food and cook it to get the max benefits, instead of having to buy it or cut grass for hearts.  

Weapons and armor each have unique yet realistic wielding styles and usefulness. Yes, weapons do break down in the game but that also gives the player the challenge of figuring out when to use which weapon and for how long you can do it and be successful in completing your goal. Different armor sets also give a variety of usefulness depending on the environment you are in.

That’s just some of my points on how more revolutionary BOTW is than OoT

But that’s just my opinion.

Final Fantasy XV, aka ‘Please, Hajime Tabata, Stop It.’

I just spent the last few hours of 2016 finishing FFXV. 

Do I have feelings? You bet. A LOT OF FEELINGS. 


Ah, Final Fantasy XV. Development hell resident. The forever-morphing former member of the Fabula Nova Crystallis collection. Formerly known as Versus XIII. We’ve been through a lot. You gave us all you could, but we all know that you could have given us so much more. 

You had it in you.  

(This is going to be a long one. A LOT of spoilers inside. EDIT: now with MUSIC portion!)

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Due to SE’s wishes, I won’t be posting anything, not even unspoilery screenshots, before the 20th

But when the 20th comes, please note that I’ll be tagging actual story/sidequest spoilers as #4.0 spoilers and all other stormblood stuff like gear pics, scenery screenshots, etc #4.0 appearance !

Have fun in stormblood and stay safe from the spoilers!

Final Fantasy 15 (Part 13.5)

Hey guys! Part 13.5 is the longest part thus far. Note that it’s only sidequests and stuff, so it has nothing to do with the story. But I had a great time recording this five-part miniseries, so I decided to upload them. You can skip them if you wish. You won’t be missing anything story-related.

Here we are just standing around.

I do one of of Vyv’s jobs and drive to take pictures of Taelpar Crag. Prompto looks like he’s dozing off.

Prompto: *yawns* Wake me up when we get there.

Noctis sitting outside the seat again.

Prompto: Can I take a picture?

Noctis: No.

Prompto: Please????

Noctis: -_-

I make my way while checking my items. I have to carry as much as I can.

Hey Prompto.

As we head to the volcano, I decide to mess around and look for stuff. I got a good view from where I climbed.

I fell off. Owwww.

That looks good!

Ignis gets inspired. :3

Noctis: Every time…! >:(

Gladio: Get up and help me kill this thing!

Giant eggs. O.O I didn’t dare to try hatching them. 

Robot mayhem again!

Ready, aim…kill!

All in a day’s work.

We go to another destination. Gotta earn some gil.

Quit following me!

Really, stop it.

I said stop it!! lol Well, if they follow, they will regret it.

Uhhhhh, help???

Why am I not surprised?

Crap! Crap! Crap!

We hurry to finish another job. 

We head to the next base to get one last picture.

Though it gets real late. I wanted to keep going until Prompto suggested we should call it a night.

I was tempted to say no and keep going.

But I agreed in the end.

You guys again…Oh, by the way, nice ass, Gladio.

Prompto: *sneaking away* On second thought, forget the picture. Let’s go.

Get your butt back here! >_<

After so many sidequest shenanigans, I manage to level up, earn gil, and buy items along the way. Grinding is a lot of work, but it was worth it. The next quest is…Deadeye.

It’s five parts long, so here they are!

Final Fantasy 15 Playthrough (Part 13.5) - Sidequest Antics (No Story) (1/5)

Final Fantasy 15 Playthrough (Part 13.5) - Sidequest Antics (No Story) (2/5)

Final Fantasy 15 Playthrough (Part 13.5) - Sidequest Antics (No Story) (3/5)

Final Fantasy 15 Playthrough (Part 13.5) - Sidequest Antics (No Story) (4/5)

Final Fantasy 15 Playthrough (Part 13.5) - Sidequest Antics (No Story) (5/5)


And now for random pictures!

Gladio is looking good.

More fan service. Sue me! lol

Noctis: Prompto, seriously?

Prompto: :D

Ignis is pretty athletic! :D

Hot hot hot hot hot hot!

It burns!!!

A full view of my car. :3

Okay, this was kind of creepy. o.o She appeared in several shots.

I’m not kidding.

More Gladio. :)

And more of his ass! I get real lucky with these pictures. This is now intentional on Gladio’s part. XD This pattern has been going on for so long now!

While I loved Unity overall, I have to say that the thing that I really loved about it was solving the “Murder Mysteries”. I had a really fun time finding clues and figuring out which NPC to accuse without getting penalized. These side quests also got me motivated to complete a lot of the other side missions in the game, which is funny since in the other AC games I’ve played, I never bothered doing side quests unless forced to. Unity actually got me to do them just for the fun of it. My favorite ones were probably ‘The Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat’ (mostly because of Jacques-Louis David painting the scene, since I already knew who killed Marat beforehand) and ‘The Body in the Brothel’.

I get depressed every time I see people gushing about how “amazing” and “great” Dragon Age Inquisition is. Because that means Bioware will probably listen to these people and keep creating games like Inquisition.

They will keep creating what amounts of Skyrim MMORPG knockoffs, with piles of busy work and boring fetch quests, no interesting npcs, no followers with interesting stories to tell you, no dark and gritty themes, no dark choices, no exploration of morally gray themes. Just clean and sanitized and targeted at pure Christian youth.

A lot of things were bad about Inquisition. I played the game as long as I did because 1) I wanted my money’s worth (I bought a new rig for this crappy game) and 2) it came out during a bad year for gaming, when there was pretty much nothing else to play until Witcher 3 came along. So of course it got GOTY. Which is a laughable award that means nothing.

The game mechanics and combat were just one part of this terrible recipe. People like to pretend as if the writing was great. I think it’s because they haven’t seen better writing and/or did not play Origins.

Not being able to access all your skills, combat animations sucking (why can’t mages beat people with staves anymore?), no real tactics, crappy tactic camera that is pointless because .  . . no real tactics, button-mash gaming even on Nightmare, controls pandering to console, no interesting abilities, specializations are annoying to get and then when you DO get them they suck …

The load screens are hella long because the world is huge but empty. The only “sidequests” are all boring fetch quests. Go get X number of ram meat. ZZZZ. I know that they’re optional quests, but all the content should be so good that I WANT to do it all. But I don’t want to do it all. It feels like a chore. And NOTHING in a video game should feel like a chore. Why do they suddenly think people on a singleplayer campaign want a mindless MMORPG grind???? I did not buy Inquisition to farm elfroot.

And the fetch quests might not have been a problem if they didn’t make up 90% of the game. Jaws of Hakkon had more actual sidequests with stories than the BASE GAME.

Not a single memorable npc. Sunhair is the only npc that I cared about in Inquisition, the only one who leapt out at me, and she was in a friggin dlc. And I liked Rinn (however that’s spelled) from Descent. The only noteworthy npcs are from dlcs. Maybe Bioware finally wised up but too little too late.

Also, dragons that breathe stuff besides fire suck. Why? Because in order for the dragon fight to be better, you have to make armor with resistance to each element and also weapons that can inflict damage to each element. And this would be fine. Except you have to do it for FOUR SQUAD MEMBERS for ALL TEN DRAGONS. And what’s annoying about this is that you only fight these dragons ONCE. So you gather all these materials and make all these weapons and armor for ONE FIGHT. It’s busy work. It’s worse than a fetch quest. After a while, I just said fuck it and started fighting the dragons with whatever I had on at the time. And you know what? It didn’t even fucking MATTER. I button-mashed my way through dragon fights on NIGHTMARE. I also button-mashed my way through a fight with the Nightmare demon on NIGHTMARE. That’s how ridiculous the combat is in Inquisition. You’d never get away with this crap in Origins.

Also, remember when allies would go down and stay down unless you had a healer? This was why having a healer was so great. It made things more challenging if you chose not to bring one and made things a party if you brought one. Bioware decided to cave to people bitching about Anders and Wynne and removed the necessity for a healer. That’s lame. I used to love being able to spec whoever I wanted as a healer or be a healer myself or just fucking go without. 

I want healers back. I liked having the option. I liked roleplaying a healer. And I think it would have been pretty interesting to roleplay an Inquisitor who was a benevolent healer mage. Hell, they already decided we were Jesus. Why not take it further?

Now about the writing. /rolls up sleeves/……./sigh/

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If you had to make the Blackrock gang in to a standard RPG party what would each of them be?

(Using 2nd Edition D&D races/classes in Forgotten Realms)

Tee - Orc Barbarian -  frontline tank, without a doubt. Ridiculous strength and constitution, and surprisingly high charisma for a mute. Is usually the “nuclear” option when the odds are against the party “ah, screw it, let Tee kill them all”.

Zoey - Elf Ranger/Bard - tinkering with everything, and going extreme jack of all trades. All her points go into non-fighting skills. Frequently loses track of what’s going on. Takes on fifty sidequests for every “main” story quest.

Nilesy - Human Thief - Sneaky rogue type guy, high charisma, incredible liar, Gets the party into as much trouble as he gets them out of with his motormouth. Has a running contest of “who’s richer” with Ravs.

Ravs - Human Priest of Waukeen - greedy guy always out for money. Is really lazy with the actual spellcasting part of being a priest, mostly uses it for “legitimacy” - prefers smashing monsters with his mace, and bashing them with his shield. Drinks A LOT of alcohol - “to drink is divine”.

Rythian - Half-Elf Sorcerer - the reluctant party leader who desperately tries to keep the party focused and together. Started the quest as True Neutral loner, has become Neutral Good since then. Frequently sighs and wonders aloud which god he pissed off to get stuck with these people, but secretly considers them his family.

I got really into writing these. Can this be an AU that people can post awesome fanfics/fanart about please? #blackrockdnd