Ok ok I know I shouldn’t get so worked up over one picture but pls PLEASE!!! I can’t handle how beautiful  and handsome he is!!!!

First! Look at his eyes!!! The shape is so stunningly beautiful I just wow!!!

Second! His lips!!! *///* (don’t worry I’m his mum no wrong thoughts here!)

Third! His neck/jawline it’s just like bam! Perfect!

Fourth! His hands!!! I said it before! They are amazing! Look at them damn!

Fifht! The whole sideprofil is like one of a gods!! Yes he is a god!

Playing around with some fun photo editing. :) Earrings and moon pendant by @thecryptofcuriosities - eyeshadow from Kat von D’s Shade+Light Eye Contour Smoke Quad, lipstick is Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in “Underage Red”. #gothgirl #gothgirls #katvondbeauty #sideprofile #underagered #katvondeverlastingliquidlipstick #everlastingliquidlipstick #redlipstick #redlips

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