“I started the lyrics to this song maybe three or four times and I scrapped them every time. And then I had the one line, the first line of the song in my head, “But did you know I hold my breath through every tunnel?‘” and I literally wrote the whole thing on the 20-minute car ride home. Putting it first on the record makes a statement for the overall theme, of young insecurities and still being confused and going year by year and thinking it’s getting more understandable, but every year I grow older it’s still insane.“ - Ned Russin


Dresses - “Blew My Mind”

Directed by Dannel Escallón & Jess Dunlap

from the album ‘Sun Shy’ out now

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
  • GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
  • Title Fight
  • Shed

Title Fight // GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

Looking out from a window seat.
My conscience surrounding in everything I see.
I see my breath with every word.
Frozen in time, looking back at me, can still be heard.
All along I've done this on my own.
I heard your voice and now it's gone.

Top 2 photos: Daylight (Superheaven) & Basement playing at Redwood Art Space in Summer 2011.

Bottom 2 photos: Basement & Superheaven playing a sold out show at Union Transfer in Summer of 2014. 

I’m extremely proud of my friends and how far they’ve come. It’s really amazing to have so many talented friends being so good at what they do, and watching them grow overtime. What difference three years makes.

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Superheaven - Next To Nothing (Official Music Video)