sidenote: i really love how they use liam on this show

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Hey gami, I'm sure you have a lot of things to do and a lot of asks to get through but I was wondering what your opinion is on the infinity/5th album release and how the zayn stunt is affected by it. Hope you have a great day!!:)

I’m at work and they’re extremely rude to release things while I only have time on breaks!  That’s my first opinion.  I’m pretty sure it’s a bonus song for the pre-order rather than a single.  That means we still have another single coming up soon.

For the song itself, it’s pleasant, but it doesn’t pop on the first listen.  I don’t have time to listen to it on repeat like I usually do with new songs, but I think it will grow on me.  I love that Niall has started opening songs so often and is using that particular tone.  For a long time he was doing the really rocky tones or the wispy, raspy ones.  This is still mellow and a bit raspy, but it’s much more substantial.

Right, back to business.  It follows the pattern of the last album.  Fireproof >> Steal My Girl, Drag Me Down >> Infinity.  It looks like the album is going to be a bit of a grab bag in terms of style and quality.  FOUR turned out pretty well, so I’m not extremely worried, but I don’t think this will be the album that really shows everyone what they can do.  Both Drag Me Down and Infinity have no writing credits from the boys if I’m not mistaken.  

A note about the album name… Up All Night, Take Me Home, Midnight Memories, Made in the AM.  Does it sound like we’re having a baby to anyone else?  If you leave out FOUR, that tells an interesting story.  Or you could leave in FOUR and we’re talking about quadruplets…  It doesn’t feel intentional to me, but who knows.

The release date is as I expected when I got turned on to the Hits Daily Double article last week.  They’re going to be competing against Justin Bieber’s comeback release which isn’t at all ideal.  The very first thing most teams do with their artists is make sure they aren’t releasing music against equally strong or stronger competition.  It’s not a good idea and everyone knows it.  Given 1DHQ’s track record this year, I think it’s intentional sabotage.  As a sidenote, I think it’s now confirmed that Hits Daily Double is connected to 1DHQ in some manner.

Given the release date of November 13th, if Zayn isn’t back next month, he’s not going to be on the album.  There just isn’t time.  It’s not looking likely at all right now.  That means we have to look at Dec-Mar or after the hiatus for him to return probably.  

It’s possible that Modest is out at the beginning of November and we’re going to see a sudden overhaul of the album details after that, but I wouldn’t get too fond of the idea.  There’s a chance, but not a big one.  Either Modest is setting everything they can to be disadvantageous for the album now because they’re not going to be there to mess things up for the release, or they’re going to be around a couple months longer than we’d hoped.

Watching the announcement from the boys, it’s pretty clear they’re over it.  They’re doing what they have to do, but they aren’t at all happy about the circumstances.  Liam in particular looked like he wasn’t having it.  I’m sure they still love the music, but what they don’t love is being under the thumb of 1DHQ and getting screwed over to boot.

There’s fuckery afoot.  There’s always fuckery afoot and it’s not going to subside until 1DHQ is completely replaced.  In the meantime, we can just expect fuckery as a course of matter and look forward to having new music.  There are going to be good songs on the album and any new material from the boys is fun.  I’m going to focus on that and try to not to get riled up by the mismanagement and stunting leading up to the end of 1DHQ.

Season 4: Finale Meta and What's to come

Well holy freaking crap crap crap, there was a lot that was going on this episode.  And I think the finale was freaking super-sized and packed full of goodies and I wasn’t let down.  I am happy with where things went and I think there will only be more good things to go.  I know some don’t agree but I more than ever stay in the good hopes and graces of what has yet to come and I continue to have faith in the show.  This meta will talk about things noticed within the finale and things that might possibly be coming as a result of this episode and as a result of the things that we know have yet to be explained.

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