Bryant Gregst (Gets Nervous)
  • Bryant Gregst (Gets Nervous)
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My eyes seem dazed
Been weak for days,
this feeling encompasses everything I’ve felt in the past year.
Despite my wearing thin
I strike the wick to this pilot light
flickering in my depths within

Focus just magnifies everything I’ve been thinking.
I’m more or less uninterested with all my interests
So I’ll spectate, and then chime in.
(witty comment then fall back into place).


complies these days of walking
all of this talking
but nothing to show for where I’ve been

Etching on black walls
I’m sharing long phone calls
I’m begging my honesty to come back.

ICYMI: alldogsohio and sidekicksohio are playing in pittsburgh pa at the mr. roboto project on saturday august 26th! All Dogs have a new LP coming out two days after this show called “Kicking Every Day” on Salinas Records! Maybe they’ll play some new songs off of it at this show who knows you’ll have to come to find out! flyer by chatteltail

2015-03-01 The Sidekicks - 924 Gilman Street, Berkeley on Flickr.

Thanks to Steve, Toby, Ryan, and Matt. In particular, the closing “Daisy” was soaring.

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