Kimchi (막김치)

I tried to make Kimchi today again.

I always relied on Maangchi’s recipe for the easy kimchi. I’m a student so, I really want something quick and simple. Any busy person wouldn’t have the time to make traditional kimchi.

I used her recipe to the measurements I had and it turned out great!

I really love to eat Kimchi as a side-dish to some simple ramyeon (라면) or rice (밥)! It goes well to fried dishes as well as many other Asian dishes. Food connects the world and can create to many fusion dishes.

This is a picture of the kimchi during the process. You always go step by step!

These jars are the results of me making kimchi (김치). The jars are specially made for preserving and fermenting and have double lids. The colour is so vibrant and nice and I really am happy with the result! It takes work, but it’s so worth it!

- Ange

Vincent Price is remembered for starring in such genre favorites as House of Wax, The Fly, House on Haunted Hill, The Last Man on Earth, The Pit and the Pendulum, and Edward Scissorhands - but did you know he was also a noted gourmet chef?

Yes, the distinguished actor was a foodie before the term existed, publishing several cookbooks throughout his career. One such book was Cooking Price-Wise, a collection of Price’s favorite international cuisine recipes, based on the same-named cooking show he hosted in the 1970s.

You can eat like a horror icon on October 18, when the out-of-print cookbook is reissued via Calla Editions. Cooking Price-Wise is currently available for pre-order for $19.95.

This expanded hardcover edition features a preface by Price’s daughter, Victoria; a foreword by his son, V.B; a bonus section with baking recipes from Vincent’s grandfather, the inventor of baking powder; journal entries from Price’s trip to Europe as a 17-year-old; and a selection of family favorites from Victoria Price’s childhood.

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College!AU Seokjin
  • major: broadcasting 
  • minor: hospitality and tourism management 
  • sports: tennis team 
  • clubs: cooking club, on campus news channel + interns at the actual city news channel 
  • it is important to point out that the only person out of his crew of friends aka bts he is the only one with a car and all the members keep fighting over who seokjin is going to let borrow his car for the weekend and most of the time seokjin is like this is a Headache and gives it to hoseok because hoseok is nice and also jungkook can’t double park and namjoon drives at a snails pace
  • but yeah he has a car mostly because he has to drive to get to the city news headquarters that is like way too far from campus and the cars like a hand-me-down from his family so it’s kinda old but seokjin always keeps it clean and freshly painted and he has those cute like air fresheners that hang from his mirror because god only knows what the members do in this poor car when he’s not around
  • but seokjin’s car is not the point of this au moving on he’s a broadcasting major and hopes to have a job in news when he’s older, preferably as an anchor at a news station even (a famous one would be even better) and everyone thinks that honestly he’s a perfect fit for the job
  • a) because he’s handsome b) because he has a good voice and c) did i mention he’s drop dead handsome? like imagine waking up, turning on the tv, and there’s seokjin telling you it’s gonna be a sunny day and that the government royally screwed up again. wow. a Dream
  • seokjin’s original major was hospitality and tourism management because he had wanted to go to culinary school but thought that that was way too much of a stretch so maybe working in at a hotel or as an event planner was kind of similar to cooking for many people in a restaurant, but after a while he made it his minor because someone had suggested he should be on TV with those good looks
  • and being an actor was just as a far off as being a chef so he was like what else is on TV? the news
  • and seokjin’s like pretty well informed too, like he enjoys reading the paper and listening to political podcasts (which jungkook and taehyung always whine about in the car if seokjin is driving them all into the city they’re always like “hyUNG this is so sad and the words are so boring let’s listen to something more funnnn” and seokjin’s like “how does radio disney sound for you kids?” and they’re like h Y U N g and seokjin’s like no we’re not listening to any of those songs w swear words in them and yoongi in the passenger seat beside jin is like oh my god seokjin we are all in C O L L E G E 
  • but yeah he like does the weather reporting and reads of the news that goes on on campus but he’s also fascinated by journalism and when he’s at his internship he’s always mingling w the interns that aren’t doing broadcasting but the ones who’re working under the journalists and sources because they’re so cool and know so much and ok some of the stuff they tell him he’s not supposed to know but seokjin is so charming that he could get mr. krabs to tell him the secret to the krabby patty. 
  • not interested in sports broadcasting even though every season the baseball coach sends over half the team to get jin to show up and broadcast live through the university’s athletic channel stream and seokjin’s like no thanks but the coach is like bribe him. tell him he’s pretty. and the team tries but seokjin is like listen i know your coach just wants more people to watch the show for my great face and not the game so im not gonna do it. and the teams like sigh ok but also seokjin is right that’s exactly why the coach wants him to broadcast
  • seokjin is also on the tennis team and everytime he practices the court is full of girls and boys pressed against the fence around the net trying to take photos of him and he’s like flattered but also like !!! be careful you guys i have a very strong swing i dont want any balls going over the fence and hurting anyone!!! 
  • when they play doubles seokjin’s teammate sandeul is always whining about how another fan of seokjins had asked him to get her seokjin’s signature and he’s like seokjin pls im so tired of this someone stole my racket last week thinking it was yours
  • and seokjin’s like im sorry buddy but im cursed with this Beautiful Face what can i do…..
  • sandeuls like let me whack you with this ra- and jin’s like i will end you 
  • and so one day you’re actually featured on the campus new channel because you won an award in your major and it’s nothing hUGE but it’s something so you get an invite to be on the morning segment and you kinda want to turn it down because cameras,,,the whole student body watching you,,,ahhhhhhh no
  • but like your friends are like what nO do  i  t and also they’re like “you’ll get to do it with seokjin, and you know everyone loves seokjin!!! you can’t let this chance go!!!!”
  • and you’re like well like you know who seokjin is but you’re like even if i do this interview it’s not like he’s going to magically fall in love w me or something (Lmao little do you know)
  • so you’re just like fine whatever and you try to wear something nice and you show up and it’s obvious you’re worried because you keep fiddling with your phone
  • until you hear a sweet voice go; “don’t worry. it’s not like this is cable television or anything.”
  • and you look up to see THE seokjin standing beside you with a kind smile on his face and his signature pink tie on and ok wow he’s super handsome up close are his eyes sparkling?? ok wait not the point
  • and you’re like ahHA it’s easy for you you do this every morning and seokjin’s like chuckling like you’re not wrong but seriously don’t sweat it
  • and he like ruffles your hair and goes to sit in front of the camera and you’re like 
  • well one your heart is beating because ok,,,,ruffling your hair?? what is this some romance comic but two; holy shit you’re on in two minutes
  • and the minute seokjin is introducing your name and the award you’ve won you can feel your palms getting sweaty but it’s like somehow you catch a gentle, encouraging smile that seokjin passes on to you and suddenly your throats just a little less dry and you manage to stutter out a little speech about the award and not make a fool out of yourself
  • and all in all the segment with you is only 7 minutes long, but you can’t leave the set till seokjin is done talking and right at the end you notice that seokjin’s sweating a lot and that he keeps trying to move his fingers casually toward the cue cards that are beside you but are too far away and if he just grabs them everyone will see it in the shot
  • and you’re like wait shit did he forget the headlines??? and you can hear seokjin’s lines wavering a bit and he clears his throat right after the weather report and you’re like oh no and seokijn is like “now for more headlines, the real information about campus life and activities, the headlines…”
  • like it’s obvious he’s stalling and the crew is panicking and so you casually put your award down on the table and slip the cue cards into your lap so the camera cant see and without looking at him, you drop the cards in jin’s lap under the table you two are sitting on and like
  • he just needs one glance down to remember the first couple of words and BAM everything comes back to him and he’s making the announcements smoothly and the crew is like thANK GOD the main cameraman even needs someone to like dab the sweat off his forehead for him because that was close
  • can you believe this drama at the on campus news channel like wOW 
  • but yes everything ends and the seokjin turns to you and you’re like !!! good job and he’s like,,,,,,,,,,,,,listen i owe you my life
  • and you’re like ok chill not your life it’s just a show but seokjin is like no no ive never messed up on a broadcast and idk whats happening with me today maybe i was too distracted but really you saved me
  • and you blush like oh,,,,it was nothing quick thinking you know!! and you like get your award and jump off your chair like well!!!! this was interesting and nerve wracking!!! thanks for having me
  • and you do a bow to all the film + broadcasting students and you’re like oh no class is in fifteen
  • and you run off before seokjin can flag you down and give you his number because hey you wanna know why he was distracted?
  • because you were so damn cute
  • ALSO because you see him the next day in the pharmacy off campus buying flu medicine and he’s got tissues sticking out of his pockets and like a neck warmer on and you’re like
  • …….. he forgot his lines because he was also getting sick……..
  • and you walk over like hey!! and he’s like o H and hides behind the cap he’s wearing because he’s like  don’t look at me im usually a 10 but today im an 8 because i look horrible
  • and you’re like no no you’re still like above a 10 don’t worry
  • and seokjin peeks from under his baseball cap like ,,,,,,why thank you *commence a long string of sneezes*
  • and you’re like hey, you should try this tea my mom gave me when she was helping me pack for this semester. whenever i get a cold it always works and im good the next day! and seokjin is like a one day cure for the cold? ill take it i have the morning news to do tomorrow
  • and you’re like cool!!! ill bring some over to your dorm and seokjin’s like ok!! thank you ill pay you back with some good food and you’re like no no you’re sick and he’s like yEs im sick im not dying i can still make some kimchi fried rice.
  • and so you show up to the dorm with your tea bags and seokjin still has his messy hair under his baseball cap and a big sweater on and some sweats and it’s kind of a shock because you’re used to him being all spiffy and well kept when you see him on the campus channel
  • but now he looks like you know,,,,,,like every other sick and stressed kid in college
  • and like seokjin has got his ricecooker on and he’s got all these containers of sidedishes that he’s made and you’re like making him tea
  • and like you barely know each other but somehow it’s very serene and domestic
  • and when you’re done and seokjin drinks like 3 cups of your tea and you eat like 3 portions of his rice 
  • seokjin is seeing you to the door and he’s like
  • *cough* “is it ok *sneeze* *blow nose* if one day when im *cough again* better i can take you out for *blow nose and cough at same time, apologize* dinner as a thank you?”
  • and you’re like a thank you for??? and he’s like for that time you saved me and you’re putting your hands up like wAH no no it’s fine
  • but seokjin is like no i must i must and even though he sounds like he’s dying and he’s sneezing all over the place, he’s stubborn till the end until you agree
  • as you’re walking to your own dorm though you’re like
  • wait………….
  • did i just score a date with the handsomest guy on campus????
  • and yes. yes you did
  • when you text your friends about it they nearly sprints their way down to your dorm like W H  A T WE NEED TO GO SHOPPING FOR A DATe outFiT and you’re like i can just wear that- and they’re like nO this is SEOKJIn the FACE OF Our schoOL you are going to have to look GUD
  • and you’re like oh my
  • so the date turns out to be at this pretty fancy place in the city that you’ve heard about and you’re like is seokjin,,,,,the son of some guy with a company or something how can he afford this place
  • and like you see him coming down the street and he’s in like a suit and looking like a+ like yall about to attend a wedding or something and hes got his hair back and you’re like oh,,,,,,,this is so,,,,,,Fancy
  • and you’re like hi!! and seokjin’s like “you look amazing.” and you’re like “you look even better!!” and seokjin laughs like “for the first time, i have to disagree - you’re stunning.”
  • and he offers you his elbow like we’re back in the fifties or something and you go inside and like ,,,, you get this nice table and you’re the youngest ones there and you’re like um seokjin how did you,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,get us seats here? Are you rich? Are you the prime ministers secret son you can tell me i will keep it a secre-
  • but seokjin is like no no i know the chef of this place, he gave a talk on campus for one of the classes in my minor. we kind of clicked you know and he’s always calling me over to have a taste of his food. his names kidoh.
  • and you’re like ……kidoh? and seokjin’s like “interesting, right? he’s seoul’s youngest chef.”
  • and you’re like looking at seokjin like this guys life is just…..full of surprises isn’t it
  • but over dinner like you and seokjin end up bonding so much over the things you guys like and care about and seokjin always seems to unapproachable because he looks like he’s so far above others, but in reality he’s just a dude who loves to cook and make corny jokes and in a lot of ways he’s really just……normal
  • he does admit that he’s really careful about his appearance but he’s like how can i not be when that’s all people see me for
  • and you get a hint of the sadness behind that statement, the fact that people forget that there’s a person with feelings under his breathtaking smiles
  • and you don’t expect it but seokjin’s like let me drive you home and you’re like you have a car??
  • and seokjin’s like yes i just didn’t want to park it out here because it’s pretty old and i thought it might be embarrassing but once you see it you’re like seokjin this car looks new and he’s like that’s because i break my back cleaning it all the time
  • and while he’s driving you he tells you the stories of what jimin, yoongi, and taehyung have all done to his precious car and you’re laughing like nO way and seokjin’s like nO Im telling the truth it’s like im friends with a bunch of five year olds sometimes
  • and you’re like seokjin i love the way you nag about them it’s hilarious and he’s like heY i do not NAG. i woRRY and you’re like hehe it’s cute!!!!
  • and it is cute he’s concerned for the people he loves. this softie
  • and like when you get dropped off youre like hey seokjin wanna hear a secret
  • and he’s like ooo ok and you’re like leaning over like “i liked your kimchi fried rice more than the food at the restaurant. don’t tell your friend!” and when you lean back giggling into your hand seokjin just
  • he just gently takes your wrist and pulls you back to him and kisses the side of your lips with a whispered thank you
  • and like you sit in the car looking at each other in the like moonlight and it’s cute you wanna kiss him again but like it’s enough for the first date and seokjin watches as you go inside just to make sure you’re safe
  • and ofc he sends you a good night text because like seokjin is the best man on this planet he is so soft and caring and wow ok im getting off topic
  • but yes after that you and seokjin meetup more often on campus, sometimes in the area where the news channel is filmed because seokjin is always studying lines during lunch and you’re honestly just fine watching him all concentrated as you munch on his homemade snacks
  • you also listen to him do a mock announcement and then clap and he’s like the aplause is not necessary and you’re like why not you’re so cool seokjin
  • and he’s like trying to hide the smile but he can’t
  • sometimes you’ll go over to his dorm and you two will look up recipes on youtube or online to try and make
  • most of the time you both end up with the ingredients all over your faces and fingertips and when you reach up to put some avocado paste on seokjin’s cheek he chases you until he gets you in a backhug and kisses at the spot behind your ear that he knows is sensative
  • it’s cute you guys make dinner for his friends and jungkook is like “hyung. i think you two should just get married and adopt us all as your kids so you can both cook for us everynight.” and seokjin is like jungKOOK and you’re like skhfldngseifw and yoongi is like “no no the little twerp is right.” and jungkook’s like im like 5 inches taller than you yoongi i have been for like two years and yoongi with his mouth full of noodles “you’re still a twerp jungkook.”
  • you go to see seokjin play tennis and like it’s not a competition so you come out onto the court and seokjin helps you learn how to hold the racquet and whatnot
  • when he puts his hands around your waist to keep you steady you can literally hear sandeul from the other court whistling like GET IT SEOKJIN and seokjin is “i repeat. everyone im friends with is five.”
  • you and seokjin doing little face masks together because he gets you into them and you’re like “did i put this on right?” the first time and he’s like “no it’s upside down come here.”
  • when you had to go away for couple of days for a trip with your class seokjin sent you videos of him eating for a straight thirty minutes not saying anything until the end. he affectionately called these videos “eat jin”
  • you responded by doing the same and naming them “eating without jin” and seokjin was just like yEAH but you wish i was there
  • seokjin is tall and he owns a lot of like long sleeved shirts that you love wearing because they’re big in the shoulders and seokjin is like “…..hey listen you have your own clothes…..did you get a stain on this sweater? come here i will kill yo-” and you’re like “SORRY but they’re nice and they smell clean like you” and seokjin is like “if you weren’t so cute- i sWEAR.”
  • you start watching the school news everyday now lmao all your friends are like “i thought you didn’t care about campus news?” and you’re like “ofc i do. especially if my cute as heck boyfriend is reporting it to me. btw did you know i got him another pink tie for our anniversary and look he’s wearing it-”
  • and one day seokjin and you come to his dorm after going to his tennis practice together and seokjin is gets a call and he’s listening to the other person for a longtime and you can’t really read his face but you’re like ???? and when he hangs up after saying thank you one hundred times you’re like “what is it??” and seokjin’s like “you know the place i intern at?” and you’re like “the big news channel right?” and he’s like “yeah.” and you’re like taking his hands in yours like “well???? what???” and he looks at you and he’s like “they’re officially hiring me. they’re officially hiring me to help report the news.” and you’re like ……..HOLY SHIt and you jump up and down and just grab his cheeks and kiss him like one hundred times
  • and seokjin is like ,,,,,,,,this is fOR real this isn’t just the free news channel for the uni this is,,,,,actual television and you’re like oh MY GOD im so pROUd and you lean in to kiss him again but this time seokjin kisses back
  • and he’s usually very tender with kisses but this one is full of adrenaline and like you’re both already kinda sweaty because you came back from tennis but like what the frick ever you like go down right there on the floor of the kitchen
  • and like seokjin pulls you ontop and is just like
  • well you know there goes his tennis uniform and all that woooo
  • and you two are lucky yoongi doesn’t walk in on the dorm but like seokjin is just holding you close and his forehead is against yours and he’s like
  • “this is a miracle.” and you’re like whaT no you’re destined to be on the TV screen and he’s like no no well yes the job is a miracle but the real miracle he was talking about is ofc……you
  • and it’s cute you and seokjin are two glowing flowers two sweet and kindhearted for this world
  • afterwords you try to get taehyung, jimin, and namjoon to help you make a special cake for seokjin but like with those three all you get is a bunch of icing everywhere so you’re like baking cookies with seokjin’s face on it instead sounds easier
  • you throw a party for him and seokjin is just so surprised because honestly not a lot of people show him they appreciate him a lot but ever since you’ve been around he actually feels loved like really REALLY loved
  • and it’s cute he spins you around in a hug while jungkook is trying to sneak one of the seokjin cookies off your tray and you’re like heY don’t those are seokjin’s present 
  • and yoongi wiggling his eyebrows @ you 2 like “i think seokjin already got his present~~~” and taehyung’s like GOOD ONE BRO
  • and you’re like “seokjin.” and seokjin with his face in your neck like “hmm?” you’re like “i think you were right. your friends are all five year olds.”
  • lmaO you excitedly gather everyone in the study hall to crowd around your laptop to watch seokjin’s first day on the job and you’re like lOOK At him. my professional baby 

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Best mac ‘n cheese ever

You need:
Pasta, cooked (I used pepe rigate)

1 onion, diced
4 slices bacon
½ head cauliflower, grated/sliced thinly (so the kids can’t tell)

Fry onion, bacon and cauli together till cooked through

2 tblsp butter
2 tblsp flour
1C milk
3/4C cream
1C chicken stock
2 large handfuls cheese
Salt and pepper

Melt butter, add flour and whisk till combined. Add all the liquids and whisk. Allow to thicken before adding the cheese.

Combine the pasta, onion and bacon mixture and sauce. Top with breadcrumbs and extra cheese and grill for 5 mins.

Made four huge portions!


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Hannidinner: Pasta with Prosciutto and Gorgonozola Cream Sauce

This is one of those dishes that is so rich and delicious that it’s a crime that it’s so easy to make. Just a few ingredients, less than half an hour from start to finish. It’s ridiculous. And it made such a great choice to follow my first two courses which were full of bright, sharp flavors. This is so wonderfully rich and creamy. Especially with the added bonus of the prosciutto on top.


Half a small onion, diced fine.

3-4 cloves of garlic finely minced

two cups of heavy cream (don’t skimp. I said this was delicious and easy, not healthy.)

8oz gorgonzola dolce cheese cut into chunks, plus a few more crumbles to garnish with (you can use regular gorgonzola or another mild, creamy bleu cheese, but stay away from the really strong stuff like Stilton.)

Salt and white pepper to taste (you can use regular pepper, but I’m prissy.)

6-8 strips of prosciutto ham, shredded.

One box of curly pasta (fusilli, cavitappi, radiatori)

Walnuts or pinenuts to garnish (optional)


Cook pasta according to package directions. Drain and set aside.

In a large deep skillet with a heavy bottom, saute onion over medium heat until soft. Add garlic and cook for one minute more. Lower the heat to medium low/medium and add cream. When cream begins to bubble, add the cheese and allow to melt. Taste for seasoning and add salt/pepper if needed. Toss with the pasta and serve topped with shredded prosciutto, nuts, and extra cheese.

A note: if you want, you can turn this sidedish into a full meal. Add mushrooms, steamed broccoli, or asparagus with the onions. Add spinach with the cream. You could even add something like grilled chicken or steak to the final dish. 

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Super easy side dish that can be made with any vegetable!

*2 Cups Broccoli
*½ Cup Parmesan Cheese, Grated
*Olive Oil
*Minced Garlic, to taste
*Salt and Pepper

*Preheat Oven to 350F.
*Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and drizzle olive oil on the pan.
*Drop Broccoli on the pan and drizzle more olive oil on top.
*Cover with Cheese, Garlic, salt and pepper.
*Bake for 20 minutes or until the florets get crispy on the edges.

I first made this in my last post with asparagus and it was so good!

Thanks for reading and please send me pics of your side dishes!


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this is my first follow forever, and i had a lot of fun making it! it really made me appreciate the amazing people i’ve gotten to know through the skam fandom. this show makes me so happy, and you guys makes me even happier! can’t wait to dive into s4 with all of you! xoxoxo

Smut to Fluff (Modern Harringrove Playlist)

Ghosted: Get Some

K.Flay: Blood In The Cut

Meg Myers: Desire

Rachael Yamagata: Sidedish Friend

P!ATD: LA Devotee

P!ATD: The Good, The Bad And The Dirty 

The Bravery: HATEF–K

Two Feet: Go F*ck Yourself

TV On The Radio: Wolf Like Me

Marina and the diamonds: Teen Idle

Nothing But Thieves: Honey Whiskey

Daughter: Numbers

Halsey: Gasoline

Halsey: Trouble

Joyce Manor: Constant Headache

The 1975: Somebody Else

The 1975: You

The Neighbourhood: Daddy Issues

Troye Sivan: Wild

Troye Sivan: Fools

Troye Sivan: Talk Me Down

Troye Sivan: Youth

Tracy Chapman: Fast Car