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I was tagged by princessofthepen and wiene , thank you my dears! You’re both so lovely.

Answer these questions:  
1. How tall are you? 5’2". Well, technically like 5'1.75", but I round up. I have to round up. Life has no meaning if I can’t round that up.
2. What color and style is your hair? Brunette with a blonde streak on the left side. On the right, I have a sidecut/shave. It’s naturally curly, but I straighten it sometimes.
3. What color are your eyes? Dark brown.
4. Do you wear glasses? Nope! 20/20 baby.
5. Do you wear braces? nah. i paid my dues for a year when I was 13 and that was it.  
6. What is your fashion style? Ummm. I like black a lot. Dark wash jeans, or black tights, I like black lacy tops, open shoulder tops, idk, I like lots of things.

7. What is your name? Lindsey
8. When were you born? July 28th
9. How old are you? 25 (i welcome the sweet embrace of death)
10. Where are you from/where do you live now? Originally from Chattanooga, TN; lived there for 18 years. College in Memphis, TN. Worked in Ohio, then Nashville, then Atlanta, and now I’m living in (and hopefully staying in) Charleston, SC.  
11. Do you have siblings? nah. only child.
12. What school do you go to? I’ve been out of school for a few years now. But I went to college at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN.
13. What kind of student are you? The sciencey kind. I studied neuroscience.
14. Do you like school? yeah, actually. I really enjoyed being a student. I was lucky and had a pretty good middle and high school experience, and I loved my college. I really would like to go on and get my masters or a PhD, but we’ll see.
15. What are your favorite school subjects? Neuroscience, Psychology, Writing/English, and Art.  
16. What are your favorite TV shows? SNK, Sherlock, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, South Park, and Jeopardy (because I’m old, okay?)
17. Favorite movies? Tough one. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The Thing. Aliens. Event Horizon. I could go on for days.
18. Favorite books? House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. If you haven’t read it, please do so immediately. Other faves include the entire Hitchhiker’s Guide series. I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan.
19. Favorite pastime? writing, rowing, reading, drawing (even though it makes me angry)
20. Do you have any regrets? of course.
21. What is your dream job? Kind of already living it, honestly… I work in surgery, in my field (neuroscience). And I love it, it’s great. As a side little thing though, I’d love to get a story or novel of mine published. *shrug* who knows.
22. Would you like to get married one day and where? Yeah. My boyfriend and I weren’t planning on getting married until gay marriage was legal in the United States, and now it is so we can now. We won’t for a while longer though. We’ve been together for almost five years though, so I’m sure that now that gay marriage is legal, our families are going to start pestering us more about it, haha. We’ll probably get married on the beach, since we live here now.
23. Would you like kids one day? How many? Shit no. I’m not a big fan of kids, I’m not particularly good with kids, and I’m in nooooo way maternal. I’m opting out of that one. Zero kids.
24. Girly girl, regular girl or tomboy? A mix of all three, I guess. What exactly is a ‘regular girl’ anyway?
25. Do you like shopping? depends on the store, but yeah.
26. What countries have you visited so far? I live in the U.S. and I’ve traveled to Mexico (and I’ve traveled off the mainland U.S. to Hawaii). I’d love to go to New Zealand.
27. What’s the scariest nightmare you’ve had? This actually goes back a looooong while ago. I was like 8, and this nightmare has stuck with me all through the years. Basically, I was in elementary school and we all got held late past sundown by the principal and when we left, I was walking alone past these groups of figures wearing black hoods and robes and holding like pitchforks and knives and scythes and shit. And I tried to hurry past them, but they chased me. And one guy with a scythe got really close to me, and he swung the scythe, and I woke up right as it hit my neck.
28. Do you have enemies? eh, not really any enemies, but I have people with whom I have bad blood.
29. Do you have a s/o? Yup. The bohfran. Been with him almost 5 years. Sweet thing, he is. Love him. 
30. Do you believe in miracles? nah, man.

Put your music on shuffle and write down the first 15 songs

1. Don’t Leave Me Now - Pink Floyd
2. Ohne Dich - Rammstein
3. Inertia Creeps - Massive Attack
4. Adagio for Strings - New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
5. Play Crack the Sky - Brand New
6. Dragula - Rob Zombie
7. I’ve Got You Under My Skin - Frank Sinatra
8. Ole Black and Blue Eyes - The Fratellis
9. Million Dollar Man - Lana Del Rey
10. Upward Over the Mountain - Iron & Wine
11. Camisa Negra - Juanes
12. Secret - The Pierces
13. For Real - Okkervil River
14. Becoming Insane - Infected Mushroom
15. Rox in the Box - The Decemberists

Alrighty, looks like that’s it! I’m only gunna tag a couple cause I’m sleepy and gotta hit the hay. But I’ll tag: only-an-entity saucysasusaku surveycaptainlevi booksimonseesmorphine sociallyanxious-jeankirschtein zjofierose ereminions and keep-calm-and-ks if you guys want to! You certainly don’t have to though!

Just poppin’ in for a sec to remind everyone that i’m not dead. 

Things are going on as usual except i’ve got a job now, sort of. It’s a traineeship that will hopefully lead to a job with some sort of income… It’s at a huge foodstore and kids keep telling me all day that i look weird, and old people compliment my hair or ask me to help them to find things i’ve never heard of before, and that’s a lot of fun! :>

like obviously i don’t wear my usual clothing when i work, i get to wear fancy looking shit and having to pull my shirt down my pants, it’s a whole new experience i tell ya!